Page Of Swords, Page Of Swords Yes Or No, Page Of Swords Tarot Love, Page Of Swords Upright, Page Of Swords Reversed, Page Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

Page Of Swords

Page Of Swords, Page Of Swords Yes Or No, Page Of Swords Tarot Love, Page Of Swords Upright, Page Of Swords Reversed, Page Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

Page Of Swords, Page of Swords Meaning

Your personality may tend to be stubborn and thoughtful if the Page represents you on the spread, but it also indicates solid analytical skills and energetic nature. You have a preference for identifying the core issues and assessing your position on them accurately. This will make it possible for you to become an excellent negotiator. Instead, if the card refers to a situation, prepare yourself to make many important decisions quickly. Trust your reason and judgment to overcome these difficulties.
Tarot Card: Page Of Swords, Princess Of Swords
Planet: Mercury
Keywords: Curiosity, Conversation, Clear Words
Affirmation: I Choose Every Word With Love
Key Dates: Autumn
Element: Air
As A Yes Or No Question: Yes
Upright: Standing Up For Justice, Youthful, Inspiration, Confidence, Fairness
Reversed: Feeling Unproductive, Exhaustion, Defensive, Manipulation, Playing Mind Games

Page Of Swords Guide to Upright Meaning

Page Of Swords Upright Tarot Card Key Meanings
Delayed News, Patience Needed, Ideas, Inspiration, Planning, Vigilance, Protection, Security, Fairness, Thought Before You Speak, Do Not Get Caught Up In Arguments, Mental Agility, Use Of Your Head, Inquisitive, Curious, Quick-witted, Chatty, Communicative, Education, Petty Gossip, Being Truthful/direct, Speaking Out, Fighting Injustice.

General Meaning and Interpretation of (Upright)

In a general context, the Swords Page represents delayed news, ideas, planning, and inspiration. It can also mean being protective, guarded, and vigilant. This Minor Arcana card may tell you to be patient, think before you speak, and not be drawn into unnecessary arguments or conflicts. It can also mean fairness, speaking out, and fighting injustice. The Sword Page can indicate mental agility, learning or learning, quick-witted, curious, and using your head. This card may mean that you are chatty, communicative, truthful, and direct. It may also mean, however, being blunt or abrasive or engaging in petty gossip. As a person, the Page of Swords represents a young person, child, or person who is young in heart, who is chatty, lively, quick-thinking, analytical, logical, and calm, and who has a sharp mind. This person abhors injustice and is a deep thinker, but at the same time, he can sometimes come across as blunt, insensitive, or a little lonely. They may also be gossip or deceitful in the negative, but they do not intentionally cause harm. They like to abide by the rules and could be an air sign like Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra.

Page Of Swords Love and Relationship (Upright)

In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the Swords Page may indicate that there may be some conflict in your relationship, as you allow yourself to be drawn into unnecessary or petty arguments with your partner. Fight your corner on essential things by all means, but do not allow every small disagreement to spiral into a full-blown argument. If you’re waiting for news or developments in your relationship, this card can tell you that it will be delayed or that it’s going to take a little longer than you think. Be patient, please! If you’re single, the Swords Page may tell you that you need to do more to socialize if you want to meet someone. Again, if you’ve been hoping for a relationship, this card can tell you that it will take longer than you think, and you need to be patient.

Page Of Swords Money and Career (Upright)

In a career reading Tarot, the Page of Swords shows that you are brilliant, ambitious, and full of innovative, brilliant ideas. You might be dreaming of an incredibly successful career when it appears. Just bear in mind that you need to be able to put thought into action to succeed. This card may suggest that you need to further your education to reach the high altitudes you’ve planned for yourself. This Minor Arcana card may also indicate that if you’re waiting for news from a job interview, the information is likely to be positive, but it will be delayed, so it may take longer to get the answer you hoped for. In the financial spread of Tarot, the Swords page indicates that the news you’ve been waiting for in terms of finances may be delayed. This Minor Arcana card also suggests that you have many good ideas for making money, but it tells you not to be a know-it-all when it comes to your finances. You would do well to take some sound financial advice on board when it is offered. You may need advice from someone older or wiser to make your ideas a reality.

Page Of Swords Health (Upright)

In the health spread of Tarot, the Swords page shows that you have the opportunity to heal from any past illness or injury as it gives you the mental clarity to overcome any challenges you face. But be careful not to overdo it! Ease yourself back to the stuff.

Page Of Swords Spirituality

The Swords Tarot card in spirituality means that now may be an excellent time to focus more on your neglected spiritual side. If you don’t have a spiritual side, you can still look at it simply as an inspiration for other parts of your life. After all, it might be the thing that you feel is missing from your life. Look at something new, try a new technique. Be open-minded and accept what people believe, even if you don’t think so yourself.

Page Of Swords Guide to Reversed Meaning

Page Of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings
Bad/Disappointing News, Lack Of Ideas Or Planning, Defensive, Playful, Mind-playing, Paranoia, Lack Of Mental Agility, Having Your Head In The Clouds, Scatterbrain, Dim-witted, Nothing To Say, Cold, Sarcastic, Cynical, Malicious Gossip, Blunt/Abrasive, Not Speaking Out, Delinquent, Lack Of Educational/Learning Difficulties.

Page Of Swords General Significance and Interpretation (Reversed)

In a general context, the reversed Page of the Swords may represent bad or disappointing news and a lack of ideas, planning, or inspiration. It can also mean being defensive, cold, vindictive, cynical, or sarcastic. This Reversed Minor Arcana card may tell you to get your head out of the clouds and may represent acting in a scatter-brained or dim-witted manner. It can also be a lack of fairness, not to speak out against injustice, to break the law, or to be a criminal. The reversed Sword Page may suggest that you may have nothing to say or lack communication skills. It could be a warning to you about how you communicate with people in your life. You may think you’re true and direct, but you might come across as blunt and abrasive. It may also indicate a lack of education, a lack of mental agility, or learning difficulties. The reversed Sword Page can also mean being a game player, playing mind games, malicious gossip, and paranoia. The reversed Page of the Swords represents a young person who keeps information to himself. They’re still analytical and logical with a sharp mind. They may, however, use their wit for malicious or vindictive purposes. They may be manipulative, cynical, sarcastic, and considered superior to others, and the rules may not apply to them. They may spread malicious rumors or gossip to cause trouble intentionally.

Page Of Swords Love and Relationship (Reversed)

In a love Tarot reading, if you’re in a relationship, the reversed Swords Page may indicate that your partner can play mind games, be cold or uncaring in their treatment of you, or bring emotional baggage from a previous relationship to your relationship that causes conflict or makes them paranoiac. Would you please not allow your partner to punish you for the treatment they received from a previous partner? If you’re waiting for news or developments in your relationship, this card can tell you that you may be disappointed with the outcome. If you’re single, the reversed Swords Page may indicate that you may be interested in someone who’s a game player and expects you to compete with them, possibly against another lover. If you’ve been hoping for a relationship, this card can tell you that you might be disappointed with the outcome.

Page Of Swords Money and Career (Reversed)

In a career reading Tarot, the reversed Page of Swords may indicate that you cannot make up your mind when it comes to your career. You may find yourself jumping from industry to industry or a project that cannot decide the right career path for you. You can have all the ideas, ambitions, and opportunities in the world, but if you don’t seize them or act on them, you won’t get anywhere. It would help if you balanced your ideas and dreams with some action and some work. This Minor Arcana card reversed may also indicate that if you’ve been waiting for news of a job interview, it’ll come to you now, but it may not be the outcome you’d hoped for. In the financial spread of Tarot, the reversed Page of Swords suggests that you may get the news that you’ve been waiting for in terms of finances, but it won’t be the news that you’ve been hoping for. If you’ve been waiting for a decision on a loan or mortgage or a news item about the pay increase you’ve requested, it’s likely to be negative with this card appearing in your Tarot spread.

Page Of Swords Health (Reversed)

In a health spread of Tarot, the Swords page has reversed that you may suffer from mental health problems or feel mentally dispersed, foggy, or confused. You’re trying to do too much at once. You’re going to have to slow down and give yourself time!

Page Of Swords Spirituality (Reversed)

The Reverse Swords Page warns you to beware of those who may use their sharp wit to manipulate you in a spiritual context. They make it appear in the form of spiritual leaders to act as though they know everything. Take what’s working for you and throw the rest away. Don’t put all your faith in one person to guide you on your spiritual journey; the knowledge you seek is within you!

Page Of Swords Yes/No Key Interpreting

The Swords Page is an intelligent, logical, and vigilant youth who brings some official change news. While the changes may prove challenging, this card shows the pretenses of mental clarity, and the inner demons are settled and ridden away from your life. The most likely answer is yes.

Page Of Swords Timeline 

Page Of Swords Past
The Princess of Swords will show in our past when it is clear that we have learned something new and founded our daily efforts on positive, childlike choices. It stands for the person who inspired us to learn, or for our own talents and motivation before we became too critical of our own way of listening to the feeling of the moment, rather than trying to rationalize it and make things more complicated by trying to do the “adult thing.”
Page Of Swords Present
Representing a thirst for knowledge, this card speaks of an open state of mind when we are advised to discuss all our dilemmas and make sense of things that we have never understood in the past. It brings new information, people into our lives who have something to teach daily, and the right social circle where we are free to be exactly who we are. The level of freedom required may be a little higher than we expected, but setting free will prove to be worth it.
Page Of Swords Future
When its magnificent presence colors our future, we can be sure that there is still a lot to learn before we are ready to act. Our minds are on the path to unite with our bodies, and over time we will understand that what we listen to is to be found within the core of every cell. This card speaks of the importance of the physical world and our body as vessels meant to share all the right energetic information with the rest of the world, aware, honest and clean of toxic and hurtful words. The future holds for clarification and the right people to discuss the current situation.

Page Of Swords Important Combination

The Swords Page serves as a reminder that you have everything you need to push forward and follow your dreams. The card symbolizes youth, inspiration, and trust. In combination with other cards, however, the meaning may slightly change, and it may also be a sign that you need to let go of the past. If you can do that, good things will come your way!
Page Of Swords And Any Other Suits Of Swords Card
When The Page Of Swords Comes Up In A Reading With One or More Swords Cards, It Means Enlightened and Enjoyable Conversation. You’re going to meet someone, or a group of people, who have similar interests as you do. You’re going to enjoy the interactions you have with these people. Discussions may even be philosophic in nature or help you grow spiritually. Use this time to exercise your mind and take other views and opinions out there. You’re going to make important connections and gain valuable insight from Doing So.
Page Of Swords And Any Suit Of Wands Card
If The Page Of Swords Appears In A Reading With Cards From The Suit Of Wands, Get Ready For An Eye-opening Experience Of Artistic Nature. This might come in the form of a music festival that makes you feel empowered and free. Alternatively, you could go to a new museum that awakens something inside of you and changes the way you see the world forever. This Experience Will Be Significant And Will Stick For The Long Run With You. So embrace it when it comes to you – it’s sure to be beautiful!
Page Of Swords And Any Suit Of Cups Card
Page Of Swords Alongside Any Suit Of Cups Stands For Emotional Opening. Have you been harassed in the past? This pain that you have felt may be causing you to be unnecessarily defensive in new relationships. Even though you may feel that this protects you, you are actually doing a disservice to yourself. This person’s actions in your past do not define what new people will bring to your life. If you open your heart to new romances, you will find that what has happened to you is an exception, not a rule. You deserve to live a life of love and intimacy. You can only do that if you open up to someone new to you.
Page Of Swords And Eight Of Pentacles
This card combination with the eight pentacles is here to help you get away from the past. You may have had conflicts with people who have caused you to believe that everyone is against you. You must realize that there are good people left in the world whose intentions are to raise you and support you. Trust Your Intuition And Allow You to Create New Relationships Without Being Biased. You’re going to find fulfillment and happiness as a result.

Page Of Swords in Reading

As with all the pages, this is a curiosity card. The Page of the Swords is an explorer of the mind, of the thoughts, of the ideas, of the plans. This is the person who is going to climb the mountain, for the sake of seeing the view. They want to know where they are, but more importantly, they want to know why. The Swords page is looking for answers. They may be students, particularly academic learners, or people studying books or words. Remember that swords are a communication suit. This is the logic suit, too, and this page likes to figure out what’s going on.
Ever hungry for new perspectives, the Page talks to others, asks questions, gathers a wide range of views. They’re trying to hear it all. As a ‘child,’ a degree of naivety may be present here, as the Page of Swords is like a sponge that soaks up everything around them, perhaps neglecting to work out what their own take on things is. In a lesser sense, this card may indicate paying too much attention to gossip and hearing, but in its best expression, the Page is someone who uses these diverse opinions as a springboard to form their own. They listen and work to understand, but they learn to form their own worldview and, hopefully, express it at the end of the day. Sword held high; the Page grapples with the air element – sharp, heavy, and bold. This is the search for truth and justice, and the journey is just beginning.

Page Of Swords, Page Of Swords Yes Or No, Page Of Swords Tarot Love, Page Of Swords Upright, Page Of Swords Reversed, Page Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

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