The Hermit Tarot Card, The Hermit Yes Or No, The Hermit Tarot Love, The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning Reversed, Love, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

The Hermit Tarot Card

The Hermit Tarot Card, The Hermit Yes Or No, The Hermit Tarot Love, The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning Reversed, Love, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

There are times in every life when one has to step back and take a careful look at their situations and decisions. Finding the Hermit in your spread suggests that this is just such a time for you. You need a period of inner reflection, away from the current demands of your position. This may be a physical retreat or a search within. However, only a deep and honest introspection will lead to a solution.
Tarot Card: The Hermit
Planet: Pluto
Keywords: Transformation, Isolation, Soul’s Path, Conception, Occult
Affirmation: My Wounds And Shadows Make Me Complete
Element: Earth
Astrology: Virgo
As A Yes Or No Question: Yes
Upright: Wisdom, Soul Searching, Solitude, Spiritual Enlightenment, Receiving Or Giving Guidance
Reversed: Loneliness, Isolation, Paranoia, Sadness, Being Overcome Or Paralyzed By Fear

The Hermit History

Moving through different roles of the same symbolism, this card represents Cronus, the Shaman, and the older man who holds the Lamp of Truth. Whatever the indication, there has always been a spiritual note that brings contact with Nature in solitude and separation from the world, for religious or spiritual reasons, when answers need to be found in other realms of existence than those found in collective human awareness.

The Hermit Tarot Card Explained

The Hermit is the searcher of the soul and is here to encourage you to reflect on your deepest feelings and needs. The appearance of this Major Arcana card on your tarot card to read heralds a pause. There’s often a significant turning point around the corner.
A new path may be opening up to you that you have been unable to see because of the noise and distractions of the outside world. Sometimes life forces us to retreat, and sometimes it is by choice, but either way, it is from the darkness that we find the light. When the energies of The Hermit are out of balance, they will be in the reversed position in your reading. This may indicate escapism rather than self-reflection or resistance to finding answers within.

The Hermit Tarot Card Past ( Upright )

When we read our past, the Hermit shows how our time spent in pain, loneliness, or even trauma made us strong and led us to new knowledge that we might have felt a little inexperienced in using. It is a profound transformation of the inner world where we have been confronted with our demons and dark sides of life to grow, and it shows how we have to create boundaries and walls towards others to heal and learn so that we can move forward with a different glow, true to our core of personality.

The Hermit Tarot Card Past ( Reversed )

When we resist the call to go inside, the Hermit will be on the other side. Losing touch with our inner voice leads to an authentic life. If we avoid looking at our shadows out of fear, we forego any possibility of integrating them. This Major Arcana tarot card can also appear the other way round when we have been abandoned or betrayed by loved ones. In this position, The Hermit suggests that you have not learned the lessons of self-love and self-protection in the past.

The Hermit Tarot Card Present ( Upright )

You’re currently in a period of retreat and withdrawal. You reflect on your life path and what matters to you. Have you been discarded recently by a loved one? Do you feel lonely and isolated? Are you withdrawing from the world to avoid something negative, or is your retreat feeding your soul?
The Hermit asks you to look inside to find out how you got to this place. If something painful has happened to you, what can you do to prevent it from happening again in the future? We sometimes trust the wrong people or fail to set firm boundaries. A time of introspection can lead you to greater self-love and uplift you into a higher vibration.

The Hermit Tarot Card Present ( Reversed )

Do you feel lonely, isolated, or abandoned? Or are you perhaps hiding away from society to avoid dealing with difficult situations? On the other hand, The Hermit indicates that the reflective qualities of this card are out of balance. Don’t resist honest self-reflection, and don’t hide from the world either! Give yourself the space to hear your inner voice and then take action based on what you discover.

The Hermit Tarot Card Future ( Upright )

It looks like you’re going to spend some time looking for a deep soul shortly. You may be choosing to get rid of a toxic situation that requires you to disconnect from your life as you know it. Or perhaps you will realize that your current life path is not fulfilling you on the level of your soul. You may need to retreat to plan and strategize the way forward.
The Hermit in the future position is about the end of a chapter in your life and the beginning of something new. You will be guided by your inner wisdom to solve problems effectively and come out with a new sense of freedom and purpose.

The Hermit Tarot Card Future ( Reversed )

Have you been to a long period of introspection and contemplation? The Hermit, on the other hand, indicates in the future placement that this time may finally come to an end. This can also indicate relief from a difficult situation where you find the peace and solitude you need to be self-healed.

The Hermit Tarot Card Love and Romance ( Upright )

It doesn’t seem promising to see the Hermit reading in love, a card of isolation and solitude. Still, it doesn’t necessarily ruin our chance of being together, and depending on the level of awareness and the entangled roles of the souls involved, we can see that it points to the importance of personal space and boundaries in a bond that allows us to understand what we want with the person standing in front of us.
It is a card of high goals and aspirations that requires one more “hermit” to stand in opposition to us to communicate on similar levels of spiritual development or that we may be driven away by burdensome emotions that belong to our ancestors. It is the card of brutal truth that needs to be connected and could lead to the conception of a new life if it is managed in pure honesty and devotion to the independent growth of each individual.

The Hermit Tarot Card Love and Romance ( Reversed )

If you’re single, The Hermit indicates that you need to spend more time developing your sense of self before you can fully commit to a romantic partnership. Take the time to work on your self-love and make it clear what your needs and expectations are.

The Hermit Tarot Card Career ( Upright )

Would you like to be able to work alone or run your own business? The Hermit’s reading career suggests that you’ve been thinking about what you’re not doing at work right now. You spent time contemplating what you’d like to change and what direction you’d instead take. It might be that working for money alone is no longer enough, or some challenges in the workplace need some actual digging into.

The Hermit Tarot Card Career ( Reversed )

On the other hand, this card can also suggest that you get out of your isolation and are ready to do more networking and collaboration. Perhaps you have succeeded in finding clarity about your desires and direction, and now you are prepared to put it into action.

The Hermit Tarot Card Friends ( Upright )

You don’t feel particularly social at the moment, and you might opt for some time alone. The Hermit brings the energy of contemplation so that you can evaluate all your relationships, whether platonic or romantic. The good news is that the messages you receive during your introspection will bring you out on the other side with renewed passion and clarity.

The Hermit Tarot Card Friends ( Reversed )

If your social life has been short-lived, The Hermit, on the other hand, suggests that your period of isolation is coming to an end. And if that doesn’t resonate with you, the message might be the opposite. It could be that your relationships have been drifting apart, but you have been resisting people’s desire for space. Try to remember that an unsanitary relationship dynamic does not lead to happiness.

The Hermit Tarot Card Money ( Upright )

Money is becoming less important as you contemplate what brings you true happiness. Materialism has its limits, and you are eager for something more profound. You may be reassessing the amount of energy you’re investing in making money about other aspects of your life. Whatever you do, you’ll find clarity about the money and the role it plays in your life. You may also face a financial challenge, but your withdrawal from the problem-solving process will result in a positive outcome.

The Hermit Tarot Card Money ( Reversed )

Have you been evaluating your finances for a while now? The Hermit, on the other hand, indicates that you will be able to start putting your newfound insight into action. Alternatively, you might want to seek guidance from someone outside. Consider talking to a financial advisor.

The Hermit Tarot Card Health ( Upright )

If you’re suffering from a health problem, rest may be in order, especially if you’ve been running ragged. Give your body a break and a chance to recharge your body. In some cases, this tarot card may indicate the need for isolation due to a health problem.

The Hermit Tarot Card Health ( Reversed )

Are you avoiding a sickening health issue? When The Hermit presents the other way around, it indicates that you either hide from reality or refuse to reflect on yourself. Separately, if you’ve been dealing with a health issue that required you to self-isolate, this card, on the other hand, tells you this is about to change!

The Hermit Tarot Card Spirituality ( Upright )

An honest and profound self-reflection is the first step towards spiritual ascension. To be connected with the divine, we must release the negative aspects of the ego and disable the unconscious programming. The Hermit is not afraid to go deep inside to explore the side of his shadow. It is through this spiritual journey that he attains enlightenment and ascension.

The Hermit Tarot Card Spirituality ( Reversed )

Have you lost touch with your inner world, huh? Do you feel disconnected from your spiritual self? Of course, contemplation and introspection are essential, but there is also a connection. Consider spending time with like-minded people who can share their spiritual experiences with you. This may be just what you need to re-establish your connection to the divine.

The Hermit Tarot Card Symbology 

The Hermit is depicted standing alone on the top of the mountain. This is his proximity to the divine, as well as the achievements and achievements he has made. The solitary nature of this archetype expresses the need to “go alone.” No one can reflect for you; this is a process that must be carried out in true harmony with oneself. The staff of the Hermit is the authority he has over the spiritual realm, and his lamp only lights up a few steps along his path. He must rely on himself on this journey, and no one can predict how things will unfold.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Hermit is a symbolic card for seeking some spiritual enlightenment. Solitary introspection and contemplation are also linked to the Hermit. You may need some soul-searching and reflection on your part. Therefore, the answer to your question is Yes or May Be.

The Hermit Tarot Combinations

The Hermit represents wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and guidance—also in combination with other cards. Below you can find the essential card combinations for the Hermit Tarot card.

The Hermit and The Seven Of Wands

You’ve been born to teach! If you’ve never thought of yourself as a guru of any kind, it’s time to look at your skill sets and find something you can share with others. Do you dance, paint, do yoga? What are you good at when you think of yourself? If you don’t know, the Hermit combined with the Seven of Wands encourages you to take some time to look inside.

The Hermit and The High Priestess

Both the Hermit and the High Priestess are linked to introspection and the search for wisdom from within. When paired, the message is even more apparent. Use this time to nurture your spiritual side. Take a time-out and listen to your intuition. Your higher self always knows what’s best for you. The key is learning to trust this inner wisdom and guidance.

The Hermit and The Moon Or The King Of Cups

Have you got a knack for writing? If you are paired with either the Moon or the King of Cups, the Hermit may be urging you to accept this call. Blogging, journalism, or penning songs/poems can be used as either pastime or a career. It’s really up to you to choose!

The Hermit and The Lovers

Although you like your independence, a partnership is on the horizon if the Lovers card comes along with the Hermit. This may be a friendship, but it may also be a romantic partnership. Either way, it is bound to elevate you to a spiritual level. This will be a positive partnership as long as you both have time to support your own needs alongside your connection.

The Hermit in Reading

That’s it for things to do with Hermit. If you have pulled the Hermit tarot card in your spread, a literal reading of them indicated that the meaning to your situation in life is a clear one. We often forget that the Hermit is less about hiding discomfort and being a hermit but learning to take back your power in the world instead.

The Hermit Tarot Card, The Hermit Yes Or No, The Hermit Tarot Love, The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning Reversed, Love, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

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