Venus In 8th House, Venus In Eighth House Meaning, Venus In 8th House Past Life, Woman, Man, Personality, Spouse, Marriage, Appearance, Natal Chart, Synastry, Composite, Transit, Navamsa Chart, Vedic Astrology, Spirituality, Ascendant

Venus In 8th House

Venus In 8th House, Venus In Eighth House Meaning, Venus In 8th House Past Life, Woman, Man, Personality, Spouse, Marriage, Appearance, Natal Chart, Synastry, Composite, Transit, Navamsa Chart, Vedic Astrology, Spirituality, Ascendant

Venus In 8th House Overview

Venus In 8th House Overview, Venus In Eighth House Overview
Venus In 8th House Positive Aspects – Gregarious, Leader, Charitable, Encouraging, Committed, Generous
Venus In 8th House Negative Aspects – Dominating, Forbidden, Obsessed, Overbearing, Jealous
8th House Also Known As – House Of Sex
Ruling Planet – Mars, Pluto
Ruling Zodiac Sign – Scorpio
Venus in The 8th House
You crave intensity in your love connections, so casual encounters are not your style. You get bored with routine companion interactions and prefer drama to anything ordinary or shallow. Your youth may allow you to regulate your feelings in love. Fear of betrayal may be at the root of your possessive and jealous nature in love. When you give yourself over to love, you expect absolute commitment and attention in return. You find the passion for being a healing force. Your charm is buried deep. You discover beauty in the broken, dissatisfied, obsessed, and passionate. Some persons in this position may turn love, passion, and sexuality into a business. Others can sense your intensity. Either they flee, or they are intrigued!

Venus In Eighth House Personality Traits

Venus In Eighth House Personality Traits, Venus In 8th House Personality Characteristics
You take love and commitment very seriously when Venus is in the ninth house. You’re a very emotional and intense individual who needs a great deal of stimulus to keep you coming back for more. So you don’t want to let someone go after you’ve found it in them. Venus is the goddess of love, passion, seduction, beauty, and aesthetics. Venus rules the 8th house and attracts you to everything intriguing or taboo, making you desire to see and learn more. Here are some more Venus meanings. Because you aren’t one for casual hookups, this is also true of individuals. Before committing to someone, you get to know them thoroughly. This isn’t tough for you to accomplish. You have tremendous intuition and can read people like a book.

Venus In 8th House – Positive Traits & Negative Traits

Venus In 8th House – Positive Traits
The meaning of Venus in the 8th house is that while you keep your innermost thoughts and feelings buried, other individuals are as transparent to you as glass. This is crucial for you since you need to be with someone sincere who despises superficial things and people just as much as you do. What’s the sense of living if you don’t have passion, genuine emotion, and actual conflict with a dramatic resolution? This is expected, given that Scorpio is your ruling zodiac sign and Mars is your ruling planet.
Venus In 8th House – Negative Traits
Venus in the 8th house personality indicates that all forms of intensity drive their wants and desires. However, it may obstruct their quest for a healthy connection. Not everyone is as preoccupied with discovering the truth in love and lust as you are. After a while, your demand for everything to have a more profound significance can become overwhelming and stressful, and not everyone can keep up with you. While some people want to relax and have an excellent time, your enthusiasm can sometimes get the best of you. Slow down now and again and remember that certain things are fine just the way they are, both on the surface and beneath the surface. It doesn’t have to be one way or the other all of the time. The grey area can sometimes just be that, with no puzzle to unravel.

Venus In 8th House, Venus In The Eighth House

Those with Venus in the 8th House have an inner torrent of emotion and passion that tries to reach a deeper level of communion with others. The Goddess of Love is completely overwhelmed in the murky waters of the 8th House, where our deepest and most closely guarded secrets are revealed, triggering deep, emotionally charged relationships and the need to merge physically, sexually, financially, and emotionally. Venus in this sign demands complete dedication from their friends, partners, and business associates, and they are known for having abundant resources of insight, intuition, and sympathy. Venus in the 8th House represents creativity and enjoys delving into life’s mysteries and hidden laws. They have a mystical and enigmatic expression and are more reserved in social situations. Venus has the zodiac’s most profound insight into the unconscious side of relationships and has an incredible ability to submerge beyond the given depths in their relationships.

Venus In 8th House Synastry

Favors business and marital relationships. At the same time, family ties are significant in material wealth: partners will likely inherit a large sum of money or receive a similar “gift” from relatives and friends. Therefore, material interests are frequently prioritized in marriages. If Venus is in a negative sign, one should expect high feelings to manifest in marital relationships. Partners with Venus in the Eighth House synastry may feel a strong physical attraction to each other, resulting in the expression of passionate-sensual emotions. It’s also possible to develop a strong intuitive connection on an emotional and mental level. The “Venusian” personality aids the person under the Eighth House in mastering some diplomacy lessons in financial and business operations. The other party provides material support to help the “Venusian” personality express themselves more effectively. If Venus is in a negative sign, there will be issues with jealousy and possessive behavior. On the other hand, with Venus’s positivity, one can confidently speak about the successful development of business relationships in various fields: art, banking, and business.

Natal Venus In The 8th House, Venus In 8th House Transit

Natal Venus In The 8th House, Venus In 8th House Natal
Your natal Venus is in your 8th house, so your relationships must be intense. You have no patience for superficial people and are uninterested in casual relationships. To be truly satisfied, you need depth, passion, and a passionate connection. As a result of your fear of being hurt, you may become possessive of your partner. You have a strong sense of love and give your all for it, so there’s a lot on the line for you. It’s possible to have passionate love affairs that become obsessive, stalker-like, and unhealthy. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with others is something you should work on.
Venus In 8th House Transit, Transit Venus In The 8th House
When transit Venus is in your 8th house, you’re drawn to people who are intense and provocative, as well as mysterious. You don’t mind sifting through a lot of people about someone you’re interested in. Anyone who appears to be superficial is quickly dismissed. Instead, someone may request to be near you. Your attention is drawn to the person who has a piercing gaze. Someone who can deeply touch you and help you heal or transform for the better may be the best fit for you. Your sexual desire is heightened, and you can be more intimate now. Someone who works in forensics, psychology, criminology, or research might be someone you meet. Digging beneath the surface, investigating subjects, and having more intimacy give you more satisfaction.

Composite & Progressed Venus In 8th House

Composite Venus In 8th House
You can have an intense connection with Composite Venus in the 8th house, and a romantic relationship can be physically and emotionally passionate. However, it can be challenging to have a casual relationship with this placement, and you take the relationship very seriously. With this position, it’s easy to become a little obsessed with one another, and you need to make sure you’re not getting lost in the relationship. You may find it easier to maintain a healthy balance of power in your relationship, but you may also enjoy fighting a little too much at times.
Progressed Venus In The 8th House
When your progressed Venus enters your 8th house, you can make financial progress, especially with a partner. This is because you’re more capable of managing joint finances. However, you might find it challenging to open your heart to others because you want first to make sure they’re trustworthy. Read about progressed Venus in the 8th house for more information, similar to progressed Venus in Scorpio.

Venus In 8th House Karma

Venus In 8th House Karma, Venus In 8th House Past Life
Your past life can reveal a lot of trauma, power plays, and dark times if Venus is in the 8th House. You may have died as a result of torture or a painful death due to a shady lifestyle. With Venus in the 8th House, you may feel as if you have no dark side at all. This dark side of you is repressed unconsciously. However, without light, there is no darkness. Just as the light must be embraced, so must the darkness. You might be interested in occult subjects or study psychology. You may be afraid of being wholly seen and vulnerable if you express these interests. You must embrace the darkness of Venus in the 8th House to become consciously aware of this and understand that you are not the only one who has secrets or is unconsciously dealing with demons. Some people are prepared to deal with them. Venus in the 8th House may be oblivious to the fact that it has monsters. To help with this, becoming a Psychologist and assisting clients in identifying their psychological issues will teach you about your own. Your Pluto’s house placement can help you figure out what subject matter you can specialize in.

Venus In 8th House Man

Venus is in the 8th House. Man is willing to let down his guard and reveal his innermost feelings, but only to someone, they have determined to be completely trustworthy, appreciative, and loyal. They should work together to define their relationship’s boundaries, followed by what seems natural, the bonding of their souls. It’s important to note that this man will be far more cautious than many others in his situation, and he will not readily reveal his motivations or inner desires. You might start to wonder if he’s serious about this relationship as his partner, but Venus’s influence on him makes you realize how much he loves you with all those small gestures of affection. This native will eventually fully express his feelings, thoughts, ideas, and plans.

Venus In 8th House Woman

When it comes to the limits of their romantic lives, Venus in the 8th House women has an advantage over their male counterparts. As a result, Venus imbues them with a depth of emotion never seen before, as well as a power of comprehension equal to their feminine allure. As a result, these natives will now cope with disappointments quickly and will not hold grudges for as long. Venus is sensual, kinky, and highly inventive when bringing out unimaginable pleasures in their partners. Women under the 8th House are masters of the art of making love, with their libido extending to the point of frenzy at times. They will ensure that the man they have carefully chosen for themselves fully recognizes the sheer potential of their relationship by being flexible, tender, perverted, and affectionate. They are meticulous in pursuing happiness and will not be satisfied until their partner is completely satisfied, with nothing more to ask for.

Venus In 8th House Marriage Love

This house’s natives will have a thrilling and exciting love life. However, they will face difficulties in their love lives, but they will eventually overcome and resolve these issues. Natives will have both positive and negative approaches to their love lives. On the plus side, they will be extremely loyal, passionate, and cooperative to their partners; however, on the negative side, they may be sloppy in relationships and fail to maintain them, resulting in heartbreak and sadness among the natives. As a result, natives are advised to treat their relationships with care.
​The natives of this house are most likely to have a wonderful spouse who will bring joy, fortune, and care into their lives. The spouses will be charming and attractive. They will have a unique personality that will allow natives to form emotional bonds with them. According to married life predictions, the natives have a fantastic positive side to them for marriage. They try their hardest to make their spouses happy and love them unconditionally. Still, they may lack understanding in them, causing some minor issues. However, with the help of their partners, these natives will triumph over all obstacles.

​Venus In 8th House Compatibility & Navamsa Chart

​Venus In 8th House Compatibility
Please don’t be alarmed if your Venus is in the 8th House; it isn’t the end of the world! Venus in the 8th House denotes a mysterious and seductive romantic side. You show your love in grand gestures, but this makes you more prone to jealousy and suspicion. Your love life will be tumultuous, but it will be fulfilling nonetheless. As a result, having it in the 8th house opens you to psychic connections and the supernatural. Others’ feelings influence you, so make sure you aren’t falling prey to your partner’s or friends’ toxicity. People with Mars in Taurus, Capricorn, or Scorpio are the most compatible with you.
Venus In 8th House In Navamsa Chart
Venus in the eighth House natives will most likely express their sociability and romanticism in the way they make love, form friendships, or establish business relationships. They want someone intelligent and mysterious to be next to them for the rest of their lives, appealing to the opposite sex. These natives, who despise vulgarity and poverty, will go to great lengths to amass wealth and success. It’s natural for them to surround themselves with high-quality items, so be prepared to see them blow through their entire savings account in one shopping spree. They become easily bored with everyday issues and require a little drama to feel happy.

Venus In 8th House Spirituality & Health

Venus In 8th House Spirituality
Venus in the eighth house denotes material gain from marriage or other forms of partnership. It frequently refers to a legacy. It can also refer to a marriage that has been ended due to a desire for financial security. These people are often possessive and jealous. In any case, Venus in the eighth house indicates that these people’s financial resources will be of common origin rather than the result of their efforts. Because their lives are so simple, it can lead to laziness or inertia.
Venus In 8th House Health
Venus in the eighth house brings overall good health, energy, and vitality, but there may be some issues with the private parts or sexual organs. Still, these will be temporary, and the native will recover from any dysfunction. Skin disease can also be bothersome, but only for a short time. On the head, natives may have less hair or light hair. Overall, the native’s immunity will be high, and they will be free of chronic illnesses in most situations. Nerve problems may develop in old age, but the native will live a long life.

Venus In 8th House Career

The natives with Venus in the 8th house will have a successful career. With their expert knowledge and creativity, they will see rapid advancement in their careers. They are constantly striving to learn new things and bring something new to their respective fields. According to career reports, these natives will be enthusiastic about their work and will work tirelessly to achieve their objectives; however, they must be wary of their carefree attitude, which may cause them to become lazy in their work. Therefore, these natives must maintain a high level of enthusiasm and enthusiasm in their chosen profession.

Effects of Venus in 8th House

1- In astrology, the 8th house denotes marriage, corporate resources, and inherited property or money. It’s also the home of the occult, mysticism, death, and rebirth, among other things.
2- This sign implies that the native will have a well-versed companion in financial affairs and will offer the native wealth and comforts in life.
3- In the afflicted Venus, though, it may cause the native to become sluggish and careless. Moreover, the native’s romantic life may also be a source of disappointment.
4- Planet Venus’s presence in this house attracts the native to persons with a dark side. They are always drawn to those who have mysterious and dark energy.
5- Native is more likely to fall in love with someone secretive, sexual, and wealthy. On the other hand, others find the local charming and enthralling without being able to explain why.

Venus in 8th House Remedies

Venus in 8th House Remedies, Venus Remedies For All Natives
1- Pay a visit to a religious place in the hopes of receiving Venus’s blessings of knowledge and expansion.
2- Provide selfless service to the poor or volunteer at a religious institution. You can also help anyone in need or society as a whole.
3- Treat animals with respect. This is also known to benefit the planet Venus.
4- Make it a habit to help your siblings. Be respectful to your sisters and aunts, and be nurturing towards your daughter or other little girls.
5- You must give some part of the food to the cow, crow, and dog before your meal; by these actions, Venus becomes kind in the person’s life. Engage in bird feeding. Empower weak Venus in the horoscope by feeding soaked green gram to birds and other feathered creatures.
6- Natives with a weak Venus may consider practicing physical remedies such as breathing and relaxation routines. The knowledge and practice of Yoga can also increase the strength of Venus. Spiritual teachings, clear expression, accurate perception, and description enhance the power of your Venus. One can also practice religious philosophies.
7- When you buy new clothes, make sure you wash them before wearing them the first time. Wear clothes which are bright white. Attire in all shades of pink is also favorable.
8- Use Venus’s favorite white-colored objects on Friday. For example, try to wear white clothes on this day or keep a white handkerchief in your pocket.
9- Respect your partner or spouse. You should keep a good relationship with your wife. With this, you should not indulge in any misconduct; otherwise, you may be face defamatory.
10- Offer sweets to little girls or women. This is a powerful remedy.
11- Maintain good character to achieve favorable results from Venus.
12- Fasting is another way to appease the planets. To seek blessings from Venus, you should fast on Fridays.
13- By donating white things on Friday, the grace of Venus starts in your life. Vedic astrology suggests donation as one of the best remedies to get rid of the malefic effects of a planet. So donating on Fridays will get good results from Venus. White color is related to both Venus and Moon. In such a situation, by using and donating white-colored things, the auspiciousness of Venus increases, and adverse effects are removed.
14- Wear silver ornaments and perfumes. Silver attracts Venus in metals the most. Yes, Venus is stronger by wearing silver. In this case, platinum also benefits. Wearing silver removes skin problems. The skin glows. Wearing a silver ring on the thumb is very beneficial.
15- Wear gemstones such as diamonds, opal, white topaz, etc., to get positive results from Venus.
16- Do business of articles related to planet. Like: Silk material, silver, gold, rice, perfumes, milk products, etc.
17- If you do not keep your body or house clean, one has to face the harmful effects of Venus, so to please Venus, keep yourself and the house clean and always wear clean clothes.
18- Avoid getting brown or beige color on the walls of the house. Due to this, the negative effect of the planet Venus starts increasing.

Venus in the 8th House Celebrities

1- Miley Cyrus, Born – Monday, November 23, 1992, Nashville (TN) (United States)
2- Sharon Tate, Born – Sunday, January 24, 1943, Dallas (TX) (United States)
3- Kylie Jenner, Born – Sunday, August 10, 1997, Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital (CA) (United States)
4- Chris Evans (Actor), Born – Saturday, June 13, 1981, Boston (MA) (United States)
5- Natalie Portman, Born – Tuesday, June 9, 1981, Jerusalem (Israel)
6- Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Born – Saturday, September 15, 1984, Paddington, London (United Kingdom)
7- Catherine Zeta-Jones, Born – Thursday, September 25, 1969, Swansea (United Kingdom)
8- John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Born – Tuesday, May 29, 1917, Brookline (MA) (United States)
9- Jennifer Lawrence, Born – Wednesday, August 15, 1990, Louisville (KY) (United States)
10- Kendall Jenner, Born – Friday, November 3, 1995, Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital (CA) (United States)
11- Demi Moore, Born – Sunday, November 11, 1962, Roswell (NM) (United States)

Venus In 8th House Summary

You want your love relationships to be intense, so casual encounters aren’t necessarily your game. You are quickly bored by mechanical interactions between partners, and you may prefer drama to anything mundane or superficial in your relationships. However, you are afraid of being vulnerable in love, and you may control your emotions in love when you are young. Fears of being betrayed could be at the root of your possessive and jealous nature in love.
When you give yourself over to love, you give yourself entirely to it and expect complete devotion and attention in return. In your life, you find the passion for being a healing force. Your allure is hidden just beneath the surface. You’re drawn to everything taboo, hidden, and forbidden, and you admire the broken, disenchanted, obsessed, and passionate. In some cases, people in this position may live out love, romance, and eroticism. You have an intensity about you that others can sense. Either they flee, or they become enthralled!

Venus In 8th House, Venus In Eighth House Meaning, Venus In 8th House Past Life, Woman, Man, Personality, Spouse, Marriage, Appearance, Natal Chart, Synastry, Composite, Transit, Navamsa Chart, Vedic Astrology, Spirituality, Ascendant

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