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Sheep Goat Ram Zodiac

Sheep Goat Ram Zodiac, What Is The Personality Of A Sheep, Chinese Zodiac Sheep, Sheep Personality, Sheep Characteristics, Personality Of The Sheep, Sheep Strengths, Sheep Weakness, Year Of Sheep, Next Year Of The Sheep, Sheep In Chinese Zodiac, Sheeps Horoscope, Year Of The Sheep, Sheep In Love, Sheep Love Compatibility, Sheep Health And Fitness, Sheep Male, Sheep Female, Sheep Destiny By Birth Date, Sheep Destiny By Birth Month

Year of the Sheep or Year of the Goat or Year of the Ram

Sheep / Goat is the eighth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. The Years of the Sheep include 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, 2039, 2051…
Sheep (goat or ram) is among the animals that people like most. It is gentle and calm. Since ancient times, people have learned to use its fleece to write brushes and fur to keep warm. In addition, the white cute creature often reminds people of beautiful things.
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Wei
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Tu (Earth)
Yin Yang: Yin

Sheep/Goat/Ram Zodiac Overview

Sheep Zodiac Overview, Goat Zodiac Overview, Ram Zodiac Overview 
Ranking the eighth position of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac, Sheep (also Goat or Ram) represents solidarity, harmony, and calmness. People born in the year of the Sheep are polite, mild-mannered, shy, imaginative, determined, and have good taste. However, they are sometimes pessimistic, unrealistic, short-sighted, and slow in behavior on the negative side.
Chinese: 羊 (Yánɡ)
Earthly Branches: Wei (未)
Energy: Yin
Five Elements: Earth (Tu)
Lucky Flowers: Carnation, Primrose, Alice Flower
Lucky Gemstone: Emerald
Lucky Numbers: 2, 7
Lucky Colors: Green, Red, Purple
Lucky Directions: east, southeast, south
Best Match: Rabbit, Horse, Pig
Unlucky Numbers: 3, 8
Unlucky Colors: Golden, Coffee
Unlucky Direction: Southwest
Worst Match: Rat, Ox, Dog, Dragon

Years of Sheep/Goat/Ram

Years of Sheep, Years of Goat, Years of Ram
People born in a year of the Goat are called “Goats” in China. If you were born in 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, or 2015, then you’re a Goat.

  • 1931 – February 17, 1931 to  February 5, 1932 , Element – Metal
  • 1943 – February 5, 1943 to January 24, 1944 , Element – Water
  • 1955 – January 24, 1955 to February 11, 1956 , Element – Wood
  • 1967 – February 9, 1967 to January 30, 1968 , Element – Fire
  • 1979 – January 28, 1979 to February 15, 1980 , Element – Earth
  • 1991 – February 15, 1991 to February 3, 1992 , Element – Metal
  • 2003 – February 1, 2003 to January 21, 2004 , Element – Water
  • 2015 – February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016 , Element – Wood
  • 2027 – February 6, 2027 to January 25, 2028 , Element – Fire

Personality Of The Sheep/Goat/Ram

Personality Of The Sheep, Personality Of The Goat, Personality Of The Ram

Male Sheep Personality Traits

Male Sheep are kind-hearted, meek, peace-loving, gentle, and benevolent. Also, they are family-oriented, frugal, cordial, nature-loving, and generous both in time and money. When their friends come down in the world, they usually offer help generously with money. Sometimes, they are too pessimistic, shilly-shally, and anxious to see the positive side and often submit to the will of Heaven.
In life, Sheep men are meek, kind-hearted, sentimental, and even a little shy. In the face of life, they are elegant artists or creative workers who create a romantic atmosphere. However, they are introverted, always stay in a small circle, and can’t separate from family and favorite food.
When it comes to love relationships, male Sheep tend to take on a bumpy other than flat road and hold a compassionate attitude towards life. The sympathy Sheep men are often moved by delicate and touching girls. In fact, they love those virtuous girls who can be their strong backing and are trustable. As for career, male Sheep prefer a relaxed and pleasant working environment rather than a tense atmosphere.

Male Sheep Strengths, Male Goat Strengths 

Introverted and Mature
Male Sheep don’t like to show off. Instead, they are not boastful and often keep a low-key. Compared with their peers, they are more mature, insightful, considerate, and understanding, and they can behave properly rather than extremely. In a word, male Sheep are introverted, calm, elegant, and profound.
Generally, they won’t make noise in public as they think it will influence others and is inelegant. But, on the other hand, they usually speak elegantly. They are good listeners who can listen to you quietly, give advice or comfort warmly; they can teach you sincerely like and eider and make you suddenly enlightened so that you will feel they are really nice friends!
Male Sheep don’t like to argue with others, and they give priority to harmony rather than personal gains or losses. They wish to see peace and consider disputes meaningless nut harmful to peace. In their eyes, it is meaningless to figure out who is right, who is wrong, or who gets more because they think ”giving up something you will get more from other things”. So when they see others quarrel, Sheep men will mediate and persuade them to live in peace. Only mature and open-minded people can get such kind of insight!

Male Sheep Weakness, Male Goat Weakness

Ignorant, Fragile, and Hesitant
Among the diversity of character traits, being ignorant is quite typical. For example, they often offend people without realizing it and think they are innocent when listed on the blocklist of others. In fact, male Sheep feel wronged, and no one wants to be hated without reason. What’s more, they are too fragile to stand great pressure from the interpersonal relationship. Therefore, the gentle Sheep men are subject to others’ influence and can collapse completely once they meet minor hardships. Therefore, if you have a male friend under the Sheep sign, remember to offer him more help and space.
Besides, the ”Herd Effect” is a prominent flaw of male Sheep who often follow the trend and hardly show their personal characteristics and strengths. Also, they tend to be pessimistic, pause and ponder in considering making a decision, and finally trust to luck unconsciously.

Female Sheep/Goat Personality Traits

Female Sheep are thoughtful, initiative, sociable, tender, easy-going, and sacrificing, and they can deal with everything properly. Introverted and diligent, they worry about their family and work hard as an iron fist in a velvet glove. Their prudent attitude makes others feel quite reliable. Also, Sheep women are sentimental, delicate, considerate, filial, enduring, and motivated, and they can bear hardships and stand hard work. At the same time, they are subjective, stubborn, mysterious, and most devout believers in ghosts.
In daily life, female Sheep are capable wives shrewd in money matters, and they would spend a lot of time making up and dressing up to show their beauty. They do things slowly like a china doll and behave dignifiedly. Every day, they would put a bunch of flowers in their rooms to enhance youthful vitality. With a morbid fear of getting dirty, they make everywhere clean and tidy.
In a relationship, female Sheep are quite dependent due to the inherent sense of insecurity and cannot live a better life without the tolerance and help of their partners. Also, they show the utmost solicitude and are pretty demanding of their partners. But, on the other hand, the gentle and graceful female Sheep are never in lack of pursuers. They would show their love to their loved ones openly and frankly, stay with each other all day and take their lovers as the most reliable people.
When it comes to careers, they are beloved and supported by the people and can seize the opportunities to develop business. But, sometimes, they are pessimistic and irresolute, trust luck, and hate the donkey work.

Female Sheep Strengths, Goat Sheep Strengths 

This is the most intuitive strength of female Sheep. Though it is not unique to Sheep women, no other zodiac signs can be more meticulous than them. Delicate women can be good partners for men to give gentle care, soft words, and the most intimate comfort to their husbands. Meanwhile, meticulous women are good subordinates who can work carefully without any mistake or omission. As a result, female Sheep are good partners and employees, and they can get along with everyone. Once you stay with a Sheep woman, she will always remind you of life details and help you stay away from many losses.
Steady and Generous
Female Sheep are steady and persistent. They never give up readily at any time and can make people feel at ease. Also, they value the affection of friends and relatives and treat the latter generously.
Tender and Dignified
Just like the meek sheep, they are tender and considerate. Most of them are dignified and keep the environment clean and tidy. Sheep women are usually well-dressed and meticulous in designing their clothing matching. They would spend a lot of time on makeup to look young forever.

Female Sheep Weakness, Goat Sheep Weakness

Female Sheep tend to focus on the emotional level, and they are always short of love as if their lovers are not so in them. The sentimental Sheep women, full of feminine charm, are attractive to every man as they can arouse male chauvinism. Once you stay with them for a long time, however, you will find their sensibility a burden.
Female Sheep are insatiable despite their good aptitude and opportunity. They just think they are not happy, and no one knows why they are so insatiable.
Sheep Best Birth Dates Months And Times, Sheep Best Birth Dates Months And Times
Sheep’s Fate by Birth Time, Goat’s Fate by Birth Time 
The birth time of people plays a significant role in terms of whether destiny is auspicious or not. People under the Sheep sign born in different time periods will have different characters and fates. Those who were born and will be born between 01:00-03:00, 05:00-07:00, and 11:00-13:00 are the most auspicious.
Sheep’s Fate by Birth Date, Goat’s Fate by Birth Date, 
The Sheep people born on the 4th, 7th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 28th, 29th, or the 30th day in the Chinese lunar calendar are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during the whole life.

Sheep’s Fate by Birth Month, Goat’s Fate by Birth Month

Best Birth Months: The Sheep people born in March, May, June, or July could enjoy good fortune and luck in various aspects.
March: The Sheep people born in March are knowledgeable. They are lucky in finance, good in health, and almost everything is auspicious for them. Therefore, they could get both fame and gain in life.
May: The Sheep born during the Chinese lunar month of May usually enjoys good wealth and strong power. They are down-to-earth kind of people and mostly strong-willed. For every affair they promise to do for others, they will try their best to achieve. Thus, they are respected by others and have the ability to command a large of people. Almost everything turns out as they wish.
June: Enthusiastic, loyal, and honest, the Sheep born in June usually have a prosperous and flourishing family. In life, they are faithful in their word and could cherish the same ideals and follow the same path with their coworkers. Especially during the later life, they could enjoy a happy life.
July: The Sheep born in July are examples of bravery and wisdom. They have a sharp will and good luck. Everything is as their wishes. They usually could keep their feet on the ground and can accomplish the big undertaking.

Sheep In Love, Goat In Love

The sheep is a calm and plain sign. In love, they tend to listen to each other’s inner voices and opinions and are not self-centered. In daily life, they would obey their lovers and discuss big issues together.

The Male Sheep In Love, The Male Goat In Love

Male Sheep are careful, patient, mild, and considerate in love, and they have the ability to make their loved ones happy and sweet with warmth. The gentle and family-oriented Sheep men would try every possible effort to offer their partners the big house, and they are generous to their family in terms of money. Generally, they would buy everything their wives want, and they are only responsible for making money and satisfying the needs of their lovers.
Male Sheep’s Attitude Towards Love
Men under the Sheep sign are upright, warm, kind, and generous, and they are tolerant to people around, not to mention their loved ones. Sometimes, they are as tender and shy as kids, while others are considerate and refined as mature men. Attaching great importance to family life, they enjoy the feeling of being with family and would do all they can to make their women happy. Also, male Sheep take their wives as the only dependence in life.
How Should Male Sheep Maintain Love Relationship?
Gentle and considerate as they are, men born in Sheep years are weak in psychological endurance and lack security though they are willing to spend more time with their girlfriends. Love is quite complicated, and it requires both sides’ work to overcome difficulties. Therefore, sheep men are suggested to be braver and stronger to maintain the relationship better.
How To Know How Much A Male Sheep Loves You
A simple way to tell whether your Sheepman takes you as the true love is whether he has taken you to his family. If yes, he hopes you learn everything about him and mix with his family. But, at the same time, he wants to mix with your family. Therefore, if your boyfriend under the sheep sign took you to his family, he is actually testing you and wants you to get used to it as quickly as possible. If you can adapt to it quickly, he will feel you are wholehearted, and then he will be an opener to you and give you everything he has.

What Kind Of Women Do Sheep Men Like?

1) Gentle and Frugal Women
Male Sheep are gentlemen who take good care of women in daily life yet cannot accept the unruly and wayward women who spend money like water. Instead, the gentle and frugal women, inclusive of all of their flaws and shrewdness in money matters, are more attractive to Sheep men.
2) Filial and Family-oriented Women
For men under the Sheep sign, family is of great importance, and they are filial to their parents and care about their families. Because of this, they hope to marry women who can also be filial to their parents, diligent and thrifty in running the household, and share weal and woe with them.
3) Independent and Elegant Women
Though Sheep men can undertake the due obligations, they are indecisive. They have no backbone, are easily attracted by the independent, decisive, and graceful women, and are immune to weak and irresolute.

The Female Sheep/Goat In Love

Highly patient and tender, female Sheep give top priority to security, and they yearn for love. Once start a relationship, girls born in Sheep years would get extremely patient, and their wooers have to start from dribs and drabs of life and payout gradually to win their devoted love. In terms of personality, Sheep women are very similar to Scorpions, who are persistent in love and indifferent to the outsiders’ views. In their opinion, this is a kind of respect for love.
Female Sheep’s Attitude Towards Love
Female sheep are rich in emotion and particularly longing for good family life. Therefore, they would put their heart and soul into each relationship and devote affection unconditionally since they go after the marriage. The weak character, however, often makes them disillusioned. What’s more, they are so persistent that they won’t let it go even if they see the true features, thus finally get hurt.
How Should Female Sheep Maintain Love Relationship?
Bothered about personal gains or losses, women under the Sheep sign focus too much on time together, and they need the company of their boyfriends all the time due to the lack of security. Only in this way can they be free from other worries. The clingy mentality cannot drive away their loneliness but make their boyfriends fed up with them and become stressed and weighed down. Think about it, who can stay together all day without separation? No one can. Life is real, and everyone has to be running for it. Sheep girls are suggested to give each other space because love does not mean company at any moment.
How To Know How Much A Female Sheep Loves You
The indecisive and sensitive female Sheep can become irritable and confused and lose judgment when problems crop up. If you find your Sheep girl is no longer bound by subjective fantasy and become unprecedentedly independent and strong rather than escape from and turn a blind eye to the problems or hardships in love, it means she has taken you as the sweetheart and the one she wants to marry.

What Kind Of Men Do Sheep Women Like?

1) Decisive Men
The elegant, kind, and generous women born in Sheep years often help people in daily life yet sometimes can be timid and incapable of saying ”no”. Therefore, they hope to marry men who are decisive and give them advice when they hesitate. Hence, Sheep girls prefer decisive men who can insist on their own ideas to childish and irresponsible ones.
2) Melancholy Men
The melancholy men can inspire their motherhood and open their hearts for the kind-hearted and helpful Sheep women. This is why they have no immunity to melancholy men and dislike rigid and inflexible men.
3) Passionate and Warm Men
Female Sheep like sports and challenges, and they like the enthusiastic and optimistic men who like smiles and sports and dislike those who are pessimistic and serious in speech and manner.

Love Compatibility of the Sheep

Best Matches: Horse, Rabbit, Pig
Sheep could make a perfect couple with Horse, Rabbit, or Pig. The harmonious bond between them would bring prosperity to both their career and families. In addition, the couple will win respect from others.
Bad Matches: Ox, Tiger, Dog
If Goat people get married to Ox, Tiger, or Dog people, they may hardly live happy lives. Throughout their life, they might encounter considerable difficulties and setbacks. They might spend life in tough work or even experience the pain of losing family members.

Careers For Sheep, Careers For Goat

Nice and considerate, the Sheep people are fit to do some service works. So, to be a nurse or household management service person is a good choice. Engage in artistic works, e.g., to be an actor, a painter, a musician, a dancer, etc., are also good choices. Besides, typists and teachers are usually favored works by the Sheep. But, lack the spirit of adventure, the people under the Sheep sign are not fit to do those highly competitive works such as investing in stocks, commodities trading, journalism, and more.
● Best Working Partners: Horse, Rabbit, Pig
● Best Age to Start a Business for Sheep: Age 30 – 50
● Best Career Field for Sheep: Publication
● Best Business to Do: Beauty Salon
● Best Direction for Career: East, Northwest
People under the Sheep sign are usually shy, weak, and girlish. However, most of them are elegant and charming and tend to choose stable and mild work. Moreover, with a special gift in art and creativity, they are talented in art and music and may choose to develop in these domains. Also, they boast outstanding talents in medicine and philanthropy and cannot get used to staying alone and playing the leading role rather than working with others.
● Suitable Jobs for Sheep: artists, writers, advertising staff, philosophers, dancers, entertainers, nurses, housekeepers, typists, teachers, etc.
● Work Partners for Sheep
→ Best Working Partners: Horse, Rabbit, Pig
→ Good Working Partners: Snake, Horse
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Monkey and Rooster
→ Bad Working Partners: Rat, Ox, and Dog
● Best Age to Start a Business for Sheep: Age 30 – 50
● Best Career Field for Sheep: Publication
● Best Business to Do: Beauty Salon
● Best Direction for Career: East, Northwest

Suitable And Ideal Jobs for Sheep/Goat

Suitable And Ideal Jobs for Sheep, Suitable And Ideal Jobs for Goat Service Work
Sheep are suitable for mild occupations of service nature, such as nurse and service staff, because they are more considerate than the average and often take care and think about others. Moreover, sheep people can finish their own work meticulously and satisfactorily with a serious attitude towards work. Therefore, colleagues are generally trusted by colleagues, recognized and appreciated by the boss in this job, bringing them a happy life.
Art Work
Blessed with excellent comprehension, Sheep people are intelligent and sensitive, and they may choose the artwork. It is in their nature to comprehend by analogy, so they never lack inspiration. The stable environment of artwork makes them feel secure and better devote to the work, thus can achieve great success.
Stable Jobs
Jobs like typist and teacher, which are simple in nature and steady, are also good choices for Sheep. This kind of work means a quiet and peaceful life with no great ups and downs, thus quite suitable for Sheep people.
Best Career Field: Publishing Circles
Sheep are full of sensibility for the life of fine sentiments and deep feelings. They are patient and artistic, thus suitable for publishing circles, whether editing, writing, typesetting, or illustrating. In addition, they have a tender heart and are destined to experience a lot of hardships. Sometimes, writing can best arouse inner feelings, so they may try to explore the field of publishing.

Unsuitable Work For Sheep/Goat/Ram

In terms of the physiological structure, Sheep are meek creatures and have no deadly weapon compared to other Chinese zodiac animals. The horns, though a weapon, are nothing when compared with the Tigers! The running speed is also nothing when compared with Horses. Their aggressiveness is insignificant if compared with Dogs of a similar size. As a result, Sheepish is not suitable for highly opposing jobs, such as soldiers, athletes, and security guards.
Sheep people are not pioneering and competitive occupations like stock trading, futures trading, news, book, and newspapers, contrary to their nature with the limited spirit of adventure. Generally, Sheep are eager to live a comfortable life and cannot cope with the fierce confrontation; the high pressure of competition will only make them feel suffocated and at a loss, waste time in confusion and helplessness, and fail to show their strengths. Hence, Sheep seldom succeed in this kind of work.
Career Advice
Sheep people tend to huddle together, often get along well with some individuals, and neglect others. Therefore, they are suggested to develop an approachable style and chat more with colleagues in their spare time to build good interpersonal relationships and get more popular at work.

Famous Goat Year People

  • Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, a Wood Goat
  • Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, a Wood Goat
  • Tim Berners was born in Lee 8 June 1955 a Wood Goat
  • Jason Statham was born on 26 July 1967 a Fire Goat

Sheep Health and Lifestyle 

Goats are not the healthiest of zodiac animals. They are weaker, and their health is influenced by the changes of the seasons. However, their mindset is the biggest influence. They are often frustrated and stressed. Because of their detailed characteristic, the smallest problems catch their attention too. This makes them constantly high-strung and worried. It will inevitably lead to illnesses.
Goats often suffer from colds. Sore throats, headaches, and a runny nose are common symptoms. They are also at high risk of heart problems. During cold weather, Goats must make sure to dress warmly. In the summer, they’re prone to catching contagious diseases. Eating cold food then is not recommended. Regular exercise is never a bad idea either.
Health Tips for Sheep, Health Tips for Goats
They should get out among nature and commune with the great outdoors. Fresh air, trees, and sunshine will all do wonders for their health. In addition, goats should have a regular meal schedule and keep their sleep and waking times consistent.

Sheep’s Personality by Blood Types

Sheep with Blood Type O Personality Traits: Conservative & Popular
Strengths: People under the Chinese zodiac Sheep sign and who have blood type O have a stable character and always play on the safe side. They do not like to break the rules or make decisions. Having interests in a wide range of subjects, they are fond of imagining unrealistic things. Thanks to their considerate personality, they maintain close relations with others and seldom quarrel with others. They show esteem to the elders and are nice to their peers. They are very prudent; therefore, it is hard to cheat them. They make great efforts in their career, though often turning out in vain. Nevertheless, they will ultimately reach success later in life.
Weaknesses: Due to their reserved nature, it is difficult for them to open up. They are frequently bothered by trivial things. Sometimes they pretend to be happy while they are quite blue. They are truly not used to revealing their true feelings to others. Moreover, they are too cautious about trusting their partners, which may cause them to miss many opportunities. They are not strong-minded and may be downhearted when met with setbacks. They actually do want to change their living conditions, but they seldom take action.
Relationship: Goat people with blood type O are compassionate when getting along with their lovers. They may feel touched by the affection while easily get depressed by their lovers’ indifference. They are willing to sacrifice for their lovers, even when they are required to give up jobs and careers. No matter what their lovers say, they will follow them. Once they are married, they will be loyal spouses. When in love, they take care of their lovers very carefully. However, excessive care may result in antipathy. Male Sheep people under blood type O match perfectly with outgoing and optimistic females. Female Sheep people should marry a modest and tough man to make a happy couple.
Suggestions: They should trust their colleagues and be open-minded. The assistance from partners will benefit them a lot.

Sheep with Blood Type A Personality Traits: Peace-loving & Modest
Strengths: With blood A, people born in the Year of the Sheep love peace and never do things detrimental to others’ interests. They are careful not to offend or upset another person and keep harmony with the rest of the world. They hate to take adventures, so they often lead a settled life. Before they act, they will make out a detailed plan. They are renowned for their amazing patience and guts, which forms a foundation for their successful career. Though being prosperous, they are polite and unassuming. They have a practical aim in life and hold a down-to-earth attitude to achieve it.
Weaknesses: They are heavily dependent on others and seek out stability. Emphasizing appearance and grooming, they are sort of superficial. As they lack the spirit of enterprise, they are prone to restrict themselves to a relatively small circle. To pursue the so-called harmony, they do not hesitate to sacrifice their own interests. As time goes by, the unfair treatment will make them angry and despised. They are suitable to be engaged in traditional jobs. However, once they come across new work demanding creativity, they may become anxious. Being too self-effacing, their talents will be undervalued, which has a substantial negative influence on their promotion and pay rise.
Relationship: They cannot bear ambiguous relationships with the opposite sex. They are ready to help their sweethearts at any cost. It seems that they show respect to their lovers, but they are afraid of being betrayed in their hearts. Female Goat people with blood type A make a typical good wife and wise mother. They are suggested to marry an honest and humorous husband. Male Goat people with this blood type are adept at developing schedules. The simple and sincere character will attract innocent and romantic ladies. Their match will be excellent.
Suggestions: They should make some changes, especially changes in the low-profile personality. Make friends with energetic and smart people to improve and diversify their mode of thinking.

Sheep with Blood Type B Personality Traits: Upright & Impartial
Strengths: People with Blood type B and the Chinese zodiac sign of Sheep are emotionally stable and do not like to show off their achievements before others. Being honest and kindhearted, they hate to speak ill of others. In addition, they never flatter or grovel towards their bosses, neither blow the whistle at them. Though they are silent under most circumstances, they are very talkative and delightful when communicating with familiar friends.
Weaknesses: Due to their inflexible character, they will leave others unaware of being unsocial towards others. When everyone feels in the best of spirits, they are abstaining from speaking. It is no good for them to act like this. Besides, they cannot adjust their mood very well. The bad mood will have adverse effects on their relations with others. When they lose their temper, even their best friends cannot stand them. Therefore, they are likely to suffer autism and social inferiority.
Relationship: They stand in a passive position when falling in love with someone. They will not initially approach the one they crush on, thus always missing a romantic relationship. After they get married, they will try hard to get accustomed to the married life. Now and then, their marriage experiences some challenges. However, they will not be errant. For male people born in the Year of the Sheep with blood type B, witty and meek ladies are the first choice. Female Sheep people of blood B are adorable among young men before they get married. Enterprising males are the most suitable husbands for them.
Suggestions: They should join some organizations to enhance their interaction capabilities. Meanwhile, try to control your temper by listening to light music and practicing yoga, calligraphy, or painting.

Sheep with Blood Type AB Personality Traits: Self-effacing & Clear-minded
Strengths: Being meek and quiet, Sheep with Blood Type AB is rather modest when teaming up with others. Even though they are mistreated, they do not quarrel about it. As they are tidy and organized, they will often be entrusted with trivial but important tasks by their leaders. Therefore, promotion opportunities are possible. In addition, they manage money affairs well to have a considerable amount of money at hand. Finally, they only care about their own matters so that others do not easily influence them.
Weaknesses: They pay attention to their own moral uplift without thought of others and do not volunteer to talk about their feelings and viewpoints with others; this makes them appear indifferent to others. Though they are easygoing and often bear unfair treatment, it is not because they are broad-minded but due to their endurance capacity. Once the breakthrough point is reached, they will suffer severe consequences. They are longing for an orderly life and will manage to realize it. However, ordinary life robs them of their fun in experiencing exciting moments.
Relationship: As they are introverted, their range for selecting spouses is very restricted. Though they clearly know what the right person is for them, they cannot find it in the early days. Day after day, the situation does not change at all. Finally, they have to marry the one they do not really love. Fortunately, they will not complain about the unpleasant married life and undertake their duties. Female Sheep/Ram people with blood type AB are gentle but stubborn, so an outgoing and amusing man will match her best. On the other hand, the cheerful and pure ladies will appeal to male Goat people with blood type AB most.
Suggestions: It is advised that they make more friends and learn to share feelings with others. Explore interesting things in daily life so that they will not feel so bored. If possible, expand their social circle; maybe new opportunities are just around the corner.

Which Type of ‘Sheep’ Are You?
Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements

Wood Sheep (1955, 2015)

Personality: With Wood sign according to Chinese Five Elements (Wu Xing), Sheep/Goat/Ram people are tender, outgoing, outspoken, and polite. Due to their uptightness, they hate to be cheated, and they are a bit jealous. They are dynamic, talented, and like thinking. They get used to being independent and dislike relying on others. With sympathy for people in need, they would like to join the volunteer activities.
Career: They always strive hard in work, as they wish to have a leading position in their career. They are over-cautious, finishing everything in person, so sometimes they would waste time. However, when meeting difficulties, they could deal with them on their own. Their capability helps them win recognition and promotion in career.
Wealth: Their luck of wealth is really nice, and it would be good for them to seek fortune in a foreign land, where they could gain assistance from some investors. However, they are not apt at financing, so they can hardly accumulate wealth. They need to take precautions against the later fall on the fortune in wealth, so it is advised to purchase real estate.
Love: Wood-Sheep/Goat/Ram are very jealous in a relationship, and they hate being cheated much, so they cannot withstand betrayal behaviors in love. If people are faithful and loyal to them, they will also be very tender and caring. They are stable in a relationship and seldom get involved in a love triangle.
Health: They are usually in poor physical condition because of anxiety and worry, and they need listeners and travel more.

Fire Sheep (1907, 1967)

Personality: Fire-Sheep is honest, upright, and frank. Facing adversities, they would never give in easily. They are capable and decisive, but also careless and a bit reckless. On the other hand, they are unstrained and rebellious at a young age. Besides, stubbornness makes them hard to listen to others’ advice. Anyway, they are kind of reliable partners and friends.
Career: As they are emotional and stubborn, it is improper for them to cooperate in business with others. Most of the time, they need to cope with difficulties on their own. As long as they persist in their career, they could achieve something. As for work, they should expand their horizon and make more friends with elites of the same field. Even when they grow old, their experience in work or business will make them brilliant advisors.
Wealth: According to the Chinese zodiac and Five Elements analysis, their wealth is flat, and there is no big rise and fall. With a strong desire for money, they always aspire to explore channels to make a fortune. When their financial status rises, they would like to live a luxurious life. If they make a budget and purchase some real estate, their economy will be maintained in good condition.
Love: Their love life is quite rich, and the relationship is enjoyable. There are many pursuers around them, and they need to deal with them carefully, especially for married people. It is unwise to get married early. Female Fire-Sheep usually can give support to their husbands.
Health: They may easily get sick in winter, and they need to care more about diet problems.

Earth Sheep (1919, 1979)

Personality: Earth-Sheep loves thinking and learning; they are knowledgeable and experienced. As they are quite outspoken, they speak without much consideration. They are filial to parents and seniors. With great sympathy, they are glad to assist people in need. However, they are a bit hesitant when making decisions.
Career: Their fortune is weak in their career when they are young, as there would be many challenges in their progress. After middle age, their career takes a turn for the better, and they may get promotions with the leader’s recognition. A stable career could support them to live a well-off life.
Wealth: The fortune of wealth fluctuates a lot throughout their life. Therefore, they need to make a detailed and doable plan before making investments. Besides, they should avoid being too greedy; once getting the profit, they should not invest more. Too much investment in stock is not a sensible choice.
Love: Being faithful, they can always make smooth progress in a relationship. Males have good luck in love, as they can easily find soul mates among their friends. Most of them would like to compromise in marriage life, so their love is usually sweet and harmonious.
Health: At middle age, their physical condition would be poor because they are tensed and stressed at work.

Metal Sheep (1931, 1991)

Personality: People born in the Year of the Sheep with the Five Elements sign of Metal seem shy, but actually, they are ambitious, responsible, faithful, and farsighted. They are people of principles and treat everything fairly and justly. Stubbornness makes them lack communication ability. However, they are alert and sensitive, with awareness of potential dangers in advance.
Career: They usually finish their work following the prescribed order and lack flexibility. Therefore, they are suitable to be occupied in a profession related to certain skills or techniques and make achievements. However, when making choices or decisions, they are hesitant to take away some valuable chances.
Wealth: They are quite lucky in wealth throughout their life, but people born in the last lunar month will be poor when they are young, and things take a turn for the better after 30. The major income is usually from their hard-working, and the remedy to increase wealth is to speak less and do more. For technicians, if they dig deeper in their field, they could create a chance to make a fortune.
Love: They are hesitant when falling in love, and the relationship promotes slowly. Although they may feel incompatible with lovers, they are loath to part with others. If they really want to gain a true love relationship, they should maintain their feelings for each other.
Health: They are supposed to control their weight; otherwise, they may suffer from some potential diseases related to obesity.

Water Sheep (1943, 2003)

Personality: Friendly and frank, Water Goat are peace lovers and seldom squabble with others. Being careful, diligent, prudent, and responsible, they win popularity among peers. In their friends’ eyes, they are warm-hearted and modest. They never steal others’ thunder and care little about their gain and loss when helping others.
Career: They are a bit introverted, so they like to think and work independently. Jobs related to literature or art are fit for them, especially for those with unrivaled talents. If they keep cultivating their talent and dig deeper, they would finally make outstanding accomplishments. In the early stage of their career, they would come across many obstacles, but they could handle them step by step.
Wealth: Their chance to make money is kind of prosperous, but luck always fluctuates. Therefore, they should strive hard, care more about reasonable financing, and avoid speculative investment. Besides, they should never show off when they are rich; otherwise, they would suffer some unexpected losses such as getting stolen.
Love: Considering the Chinese zodiac Sheep sign and the Five Elements sign of Water, they are very emotional and sensitive in love, so when problems happen, they would not like to face them willingly. Sometimes the relationship would become tense if they lack communication. However, their marriage life is admiring. Especially for males, they will marry wives who can support their career and care of the family.
Health: Most of them could live a long life if they adopt a healthy lifestyle, and they do not need to worry about severe diseases.

Sheep – Destiny by Birth Date

Best Birth Dates for Sheep/ Goat/ Ram – 4th, 7th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 20th, 24th, 28th, 29th, 30th days of a month

  1. Sheep / Goat Born on 1st day of a month – People with Chinese zodiac Sheep born these days may meet some setbacks during their lifetime. However, they are strong-willed, self-motivated, tough, and talented, so that they can overcome them.
  2. Sheep / Goat Born on the 2nd day of a month –According to the fate prediction, they may live a busy and hard early life. But things turn good since the middle ages, and they may finally achieve career success.
  3. Sheep / Goat Born on the 3rd day of a month –They may meet some difficulties and disasters along the life path. Be mentally purified; otherwise, they may go to jail.
  4. Sheep / Goat Born on the 4th day of a month –This group of people born in the year of the Sheep may develop their career smoothly and easily. If born a male, there is a great possibility for them to marry a great wife who helps them both at home and in their career.
  5. Sheep / Goat Born on the 5th day of a month –Happiness and sadness along their life path. As a whole, their childhood is happy, teenage life is busy, destiny in middle ages starts to turn good, but the career may still go up and down.
  6. Sheep / Goat Born on the 6th day of a month –Being self-motivated, there is a possibility for them to be successful. According to fate prediction, they may live a happy middle and late-life.
  7. Sheep / Goat Born on the 7th day of a month –They are born with good financial luck. Getting along well with the neighbors, they have a great reputation for being mild and tolerant.
  8. Sheep / Goat Born on the 8th day of a month –If born a male, they may be tough, impulsive, and self-important, making them not an easy-going person. If born a female, they may be gentle, mild, and nice to others.
  9. Sheep / Goat Born on the 9th day of a month –Their IQ is at a general level, and they themselves are not self-motivated, so that they may live a plain early life. But good luck falls upon them since the middle ages, and they may live a good life after.
  10. Sheep / Goat Born on 10th day of a month –Born intelligent, they are quick at learning things. If working hard, they may live a life as they expect.
  11. Sheep / Goat Born on the 11th day of a month –They are chivalrous, fair-minded, and always ready to offer a helping hand, hence respected by many.
  12. Sheep / Goat Born on the 12th day of a month –Being ambitious and talented, they can be a great leader and develop a successful career.
  13. Sheep / Goat Born on the 13th day of a month –Born on these days in the year of the Goat, they are good-looking and skillful in artistic fields, hence living a fruitful and glorious life.
  14. Sheep / Goat Born on the 14th day of a month –Their early life may be busy and hard, with setbacks popping up now and then. However, destiny changes in the middle ages, and they will live a good life after.
  15. Sheep / Goat Born on the 15th day of a month –There is a possibility for them to be a powerful officer, but their work may bring them some enemies and lead them to a bumpy life path.
  16. Sheep / Goat Born on the 16th day of a month –People with the Chinese zodiac Goat born on these days are smart and rational with strong judging abilities. But being arrogant, they may live a lonely and plain life.
  17. Sheep / Goat Born on the 17th day of a month –Being intelligent, they may achieve fortune, fame, and respect. However, they may be too much indulged in a life of pleasure and comfort.
  18. Sheep / Goat Born on the 18th day of a month –With Chinese zodiac Sheep born these days, they are gifted in many fields. But being impatient, they may be proficient in nothing. As a result, their life may change a lot, so does their personalities.
  19. Sheep / Goat Born on the 19th day of a month –Males born these days are vain and seem to be rich, while females born these days are honest and optimistic.
  20. Sheep / Goat Born on the 20th day of a month –According to destiny prediction, males born these days are clever, and females born these days are kind-hearted. Both of them are ambitious and grateful for others’ help.
  21. Sheep / Goat Born on the 21st day of a month –Although knowledgeable, there is no place to use it, and they may complain frequently.
  22. Sheep / Goat Born 22nd day of a month –They may meet some difficulties and get no help from others. However, good luck comes after, and their life path will be smooth.
  23. Sheep / Goat Born on the 23rd day of a month –It is predicted that there is a serious difficulty along their life path. However, if they can overcome it, life will be smooth after.
  24. Sheep / Goat Born on the 24th day of a month –People with the Chinese zodiac Ram born on these days can live an abundant life based on the accumulations from their ancestors. Also, they may meet some dignified persons who help them a lot in their career.
  25. Sheep / Goat Born on the 25th day of a month –This group of Sheep is smart, justice, and sociable. So they may live a happy life.
  26. Sheep / Goat Born on the 26th day of a month –Their career may be successful, but the family life may bother them a lot, as the relationship with their partner may not be so good.
  27. Sheep / Goat Born on the 27th day of a month –Addicted to romantic relationships, they may live a colorful life. However, during their life, they may not make a big fortune but will never lack money.
  28. Sheep / Goat Born on the 28th day of a month –This group of people born in the year of the Ram is energetic, talented, tough, and decisive. They have the ability to set up the career from nothing.
  29. Sheep / Goat Born on the 29th day of a month –The destiny in their early ages is at a general level but turns good in the middle ages, and there is a possibility for them to be super-rich.
  30. Sheep / Goat Born on 30th day of a month –They may live a busy but not tired life, and the busy work brings them a fortune in return, leading to abundant life for them and their families.
  31. Sheep / Goat Born on the 31st day of a month –Born on the 14th day of a month in the year of the Rat, people may have a steady personality. They may live a plain early life and happy and smooth middle and late-life.

Sheep – Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Sheep/ Goat/ Ram -February, March, May, June, October

  1. Sheep Born in January, Goat Born in January – Sheep people born in January are quiet, elegant, smart, and talented. They are the kind of knowledgeable persons. However, they need to totally rely on themselves due to low-income family backgrounds and helpless relatives. They may have a noble job, from which they benefit a lot.
  2. Sheep Born in February, Goat Born in February –People born in February in the year of the Sheep may live an abundant life. They can easily make money with support from families and help from outside. Being gentle, skilled in dealing the relationship with others, they can be a socialist.
  3. Sheep Born in March, Goat Born in March –Born in March, people with Chinese zodiac Sheep are clever, agile, noble, straightforward, and healthy. They may get help from families and friends to live a happy and peaceful life with no disasters. As a result, they can achieve big success in their career and make money from many fields, winning both fame and fortune.
  4. Sheep Born in April, Goat Born in April –As a whole, their early life is hard, but the middle and late-life is happy. With the birth month in April in the year of the Goat, their career may go through lots of ups and downs. But they can overcome the setbacks and finally obtain success depending on their strong wills and indomitable characters. Their partner is good, so the descents, who may inherit their career and make it flourish.
  5. Sheep Born in May, Goat Born in May –This group of persons has strong wills and outstanding talent. They can lead millions of people to do big things and get their admiration and support. Their career is successful, bringing them both reputation and power. Their life has no big disaster. However, they may have a rude temper and irritable character.
  6. Sheep Born in June, Goat Born in June –Born in June with Chinese zodiac Goat, they are straightforward, enthusiastic, brave, and talented. They are very good at dealing the relationship with others, hence get their respect and love. Their career develops very fast and can be successful with help from friends. With money flowing in, their family also prospers.
  7. Sheep Born in July, Goat Born in July –Their life may have several big ups and downs. But they are smart, capable, courageous, determined, and daring, relying on which they can stand up soon in the “downs,” achieve success and get respect from others.
  8. Sheep Born in August, Goat Born in August –Born in August in the Chinese year of the Ram, people are very naughty when little and get poor academic scores. It may not be until 10 years old that they start to pay attention to study and since then their scores get improved gradually, and they themselves finally become a good student and get a high position in work. They may meet lots of disasters and dangers in life, but hardly get hurt as the kind of “lucky” persons.
  9. Sheep Born in September, Goat Born in September –This group of people born in September with Chinese zodiac Ram is knowledgeable but may hardly have a great career lacking a good platform and help from others. Although plain, their life does not lack food, clothes, and other necessities. So pay attention to health and keep working out.
  10. Sheep Born in October, Goat Born in October –Sheep people born in October are smart, intelligent, enthusiastic, and sociable. Although the ancestral accumulation is thin, with the help from others, they can achieve a big success in their career.
  11. Sheep Born in November, Goat Born in November –People with Chinese zodiac Sheep born in November should set a big life goal and work hard for it; otherwise, they may live a plain life, as they inherit little and get little help from kin and friends.
  12. Sheep Born in December, Goat Born in December –They are kind and love to help others but may not get appreciation but grudge, so be careful. It is hard for them to obtain success in early life. But if they have a strong will and never give up, they can get what they want in middle life and live a happy late life.

How to Build Relationships with Goats

Generally speaking, Goats are private. Therefore, it may take time and effort to get to know those who are born in a year of the Goat. Goats seldom share their personal lives. This is the reason why most Goats have few intimate friends. However, once they become friends, their friendship is peaceful and fulfilling. They work hard for those they love.

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