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Chinese Zodiac Horse

Horse Zodiac, What Is The Personality Of A Horse, Chinese Zodiac Horse, Horse Personality, Horse Characteristics, Personality Of The Horse, Horse Strengths, Horse Weakness, Year Of Horse, Next Year Of The Horse, Horse In Chinese Zodiac, Horses Horoscope, Year Of The Horse, Horse In Love, Horse Love Compatibility, Horse Health And Fitness, Horse Male, Horse Female, Horse Destiny By Birth Date, Horse Destiny By Birth Month

Chinese Zodiac Horse, Horse Zodiac
Years of Horse

The horse is the seventh in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Horse include 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026…
The Five Elements of Horse is Fire (Huo), which symbolizes enthusiasm and energy. The animal gives people an impression of independence and integrity. Its spirit is recognized as the Chinese people’s ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves with passion and diligence.
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Wu
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Huo (Fire)
Yin Yang: Yang

Horse Overview 

The horse has an indomitable spirit and is always moving toward a goal. It ranks seventh in the Chinese Zodiac. People born under the Horse sign are clever, active, energetic, quick-witted, fashionable, agile, popular, and can persuade others. However, on the other side, they might be selfish, arrogant, and over-confident.
Chinese: 马 (Mǎ)
Earthly Branches: Wu (午)
Energy: Yang
Five Elements: Fire (Huo)
Lucky Flowers: calla lily, jasmine, marigold
Lucky Gemstone: Topaz
Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9
Lucky Colors: green, red, purple
Lucky Directions: Northeast, Southwest, and Northwest
Best Match: Tiger, Sheep, Dog
Unlucky Numbers: 1, 5, 6
Unlucky Colors: Blue, White, Golden
Unlucky Direction: North, Northwest
Worst Match: Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Horse

Years of Horse

People born in a year of the Horse are called “Horses” in China. If you were born in 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, or 2014, then you’re a Horse.
Horse Years Start, End and Element

  • 1930 – January 30, 1930 to February 16, 1931 , Element – Metal Horse
  • 1942 – February 15, 1942, to February 4, 1943, Element – Water Horse
  • 1954 – February 4, 1954, to January 23, 1955, Element – Wood Horse
  • 1966 – January 21, 1966, to February 8, 1967, Element – Fire Horse
  • 1978 – February 7, 1978, to January 27, 1979, Element – Earth Horse
  • 1990 – January 27, 1990, to February 14, 1991, Element – Gold Horse
  • 2002 – February 12, 2002, to February 18, 2003, Element – Water Horse
  • 2014 – January 31, 2014, to February 18, 2015, Element – Wood Horse
  • 2026 – February 17, 2026 to February 5, 2027 , Element – Fire Horse

Personality Of The Horse

Male Horse Personality Traits

Male Horses are independent and unrestrained. Courage and confidence are the greatest strength of Horse men who are also easy-going and highly capable of managing. They look fashionable, seek the limelight, move nimbly, and have a swift response, which is inextricable with their habit of participating in physical exercise. Also, they are quick-witted, cheerful, incandescent, sincere, and optimistic. The shortcomings for them are that they are hot-headed, deaf to advise, and short of patience and motivation despite being ambitious.
In daily life, Horse men are energetic but impetuous. Their greatest strength is that they are confident and kind. Male Horses are not routine. Instead, they prefer to dress up to the nines and choose the gorgeous and tacky peculiar style in light colors to join activities or parties. They are also fond of intellectual and physical activities.
As for a love relationship, Male Horses can fall in and get out quickly. Although they adore the feeling of falling in love at first sight, they are suspicious of such a relationship deep inside. For them, the most acceptable approach is developing from friends to lovers. Extremely sensitive to a crisis in love, they may lose everything once they fall in crazily.
Male Horses can take several tasks simultaneously and control the overall situation properly. Once they are determined, they will be devoted to the career without hesitation. They are either running around doing business or lying down exhaustedly. Generally, they act on their intuition.

Male Horse Strengths

Horse men are passionate and cheerful. Whenever you meet them on the road, they would greet you from afar. It is easy to get along with them, and they have the ability to buddy the strangers. You don’t need to have any inhibition since they are casual and have very few rules.
The humorous male Horses can always find fun in the boring life and pass it on, which becomes a special charm making them popular with girls. As a result, they are surrounded by the opposite sex and make other men jealous of them!
Another strength making them popular is that they are generous, not only in money matters but also in life details. For example, when going out for dinner, they will pay the bill generously; when they are stepped on, they will smile and say never mind. Even if you say something and hurt them deliberately, they will forgive you and won’t care about it. Generosity brings them more joy!

Male Horse Weakness

The active Horse men like to go fast and lack patience and persistence. As a result, when things come up, they tend to be impulsive, short-tempered, and deaf to others’ advice. Sometimes, this attitude hurts both others and themselves.
Vain and Philistine
Male Horses are not good at money management and have an awareness of increasing income other than reducing expenditure. Meanwhile, they are face-saving, vain, and tufthunting and always like to make friends with those who can bring them benefits. Therefore, the philistine people, especially men, will lose a lot of joys and friends.
Male Horses won’t be conscious of those who are really good to them, including their parents, until old enough. They often need some time to realize their responsibility for parents. From this point, you can see they are somewhat late-maturing.

Female Horse Personality Traits

Female Horses are energetic, fashionable, pretty, lively, and light-headed. Some of them are gentle, while some are unruly. However, they can always earn admiration from others.
Full of energy and motivation, Horse women dare to struggle in life. In their spare time, they are active and like taking exercise. Also, they love fresh plants, outdoor scenery, and nature, are full of positive energy, and pass their joys to people around to make everyone happier.
Female Horses are always vibrant and lively in life. Even if they are frustrated, they can remain even-tempered and confident to tide over difficulties. The optimistic and confident Horse women are full of hope for future life.
Quite sensitive to love and relationship, they fall for someone easily and tend to take love as an important part of life. If their lovers propose a breakup, Female Horses may lose everything yet can get out of it quickly.
In their work, they are positive, diligent, studious, sincere, talented, and passionate. Even boring work can be creative and fun for them because they have the ability to revive and create a relaxed and natural atmosphere. Moreover, skilled in extrapolation and quite amiable, they are adept in communication with wisdom. Therefore, they can be a good partner for colleagues and the right hand for superiors.

Female Horse Strengths 

The motivated and vigorous female Horses can work under great pressure and won’t stop for a long time, thus quite energetic. As a result, they are always in high spirits and won’t appear tired even when they are ill.
Efficient and Conscientious
Female Horses are efficient and conscientious at work and don’t like to work sloppily. Whenever they are assigned some tasks, they will act immediately and never put off till tomorrow what should be done today. Moreover, they are good at drawing inferences from one another, and their sharp thinking makes it easy to get things done. They hate other people’s interference at work and can be very serious until they finish the work.
Frank and Clear about What to Love or Hate
In daily life, female Horses are clear about what to love or hate. They are matter-of-fact, frank, upright, and straightforward and never cover-up. In the eyes of family and friends, they are very reliable. In addition, they hold a direct attitude towards love and never pretend.

Female Horse Weakness

Seemingly enthusiastic and optimistic, Horse women are actually helpless inside. They find it hard to draw a blueprint for life and often move without direction, trust luck, and hate the routine work. You will find they can work passionately with them but give up easily, showing the pessimistic side.
The highly dependent Horse women like the feeling of being protected. However, life is cruel, and no one can protect them for a lifetime; they need to be independent. Therefore, female Horses are suggested to train independence more.
The face-saving female Horses are materialistic, which is mainly illustrated by the way they make friends. When they interact with others, they consciously approach the strong and ignore the weak. Once you check their circle of friends, you will find everyone who is beneficial to them. If they find a friend useless, they may break off relations.

Horse Best Birth Dates Months And Times

Horse’s Fate by Birth Time
The birth time of people plays a significant role in terms of whether destiny is auspicious or not. People under the Horse sign born in different time periods will have different characters and fates. Those who were born and will be born between 01:00-03:00, 11:00-13:00, and 13:00-15:00 are the most auspicious.
Horse’s Fate by Birth Date
The Horse people born on the 2nd, 6th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th, 29th, or the 30th day in the Chinese lunar calendar are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during the whole life.
Horse’s Fate by Birth Month
Best Birth Months: In general, January, February, March, July, and August are auspicious birth months for the Horse people.
January: Although silent and speak little, the Horses born during January are popular among friends. This is usually because they are men of good character, and their deeds could accord with words. Therefore, life for them is full of joy and happiness.
February: The Horse people born in February are honest, upright, and extraordinarily bright. They could usually enjoy a free and simple life.
March: The Horses born in March are quite spunky and usually could achieve things before anyone else. Besides, they are usually praised by neighbors and receive great respect from others.
July: Tender, gentle, and full of vigor, the Horses born during July can usually get benefactor assistance during their life. Everything falls into their lap. As a result, they have less worry and could live peacefully and happily.
August: For those Horses born in August, they are endowed with civil and martial virtues. Their technical ability is exceptional. Also, they are quick-witted and bold to get success in their career.

Horse In Love

The horse is ranked in the top four zodiac signs blessed in a love relationship. People born in the Horse year are good at dressing up, good-looking, charming, and very popular with the opposite sex. In a love relationship, Horse people are frank and less likely to get caught up in dilemmas. When they find the relationship is impossible, they will change and find another one.

The Male Horse In Love

Male Horses are free men living in freedom, and it seems that nothing can defeat them, and they are always worry-free. In love relationships, they are big-hearted and sincere and treat their loved ones in an optimistic and sincere attitude, which drives their lovers to be more optimistic about love and life. Generally, they would bear the feeling of loss alone and bring joy to the other side.
Male Horses’ Attitude Towards Love
Driven by the domineering temperament, the cheerful and vigorous Horse men wish their women can submit to them. Anyhow, they tend to spoil their wives in marriage. Sometimes, they can be childish. For example, they may plan a long-distance backpacking trip with their partners when they are old. However, this kind of young mind often rejoices their love. Besides, they enjoy freedom and passion in love, value the private space and dislike clingy girlfriends. They hope to get on like friends with their girlfriends.
How Should Male Horses Maintain Love Relationship?
Men born in Horse years demand the opposite sex and longing for beautiful, talented, and sociable women. Such perfectionism is actually full of desires – Horse men are so face-saving that they hope to shine in every aspect. As a matter of fact, love is not a show but something true, and it cannot be made into a film to steal the spotlight. Horse men are suggested to love with sincerity and spend the quiet and warm time belonging to lovers. Many wonderful moments come from mutual affinity, which doesn’t need to be completely told or displayed to others.
How To Know How Much A Male Horse Loves You
Men under the Horse sign would not say ”I love you” in public. When your Horse man really falls for you, he would stay late to chat with you on Facebook or Twitter and then visit your page to check any information about you. The next day, he would say ”morning” early. When he falls for you, he would get confident, reach out to you with an optimistic attitude and ask you to hang out frequently. On your birthday or special occasions, he would prepare for the gift elaborately several days in advance.

What Kind Of Women Do Horse Men Like?

1) Gentle and Virtuous Women
Male Horses are childish and incapable of looking after themselves well despite their excellent working competence. Therefore, they are easily attracted by gentle and virtuous women who can take good care of them and dislike the careless iron ladies.
2) Cheerful Women
The optimistic and cheerful Horse men are well disposed towards women who are also optimistic and always smile daily but have no knowledge about how to get on with the introverted and shy girls.
3) Women Adoring Them
Generous and caring as they are, Horsemen are chauvinistic and enjoy the adoration of others. As a result, they are usually touched by women who admire, praise, and depend on them in daily life despite appreciating independent women.

The Female Horse In Love

Female Horses are energetic, active, and open to challenges, yearning for freedom like kids and looking forward to responsive hearts. But, cheerful, quick-witted, and proud as they are, Horse women sometimes would bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich. But, once they fall in love, they would never admit defeat. Even if their men are not the right ones or do not love them, they insist on making a good showing.
Female Horses’ Attitude Towards Love
Women born in Horse years pursue both love and liberty. For them, the material is not the top priority. If you want to win the love of a Horse girl, you need to be moderate and give her both love and freedom because she is just like a wild steed and unable to bear the loneliness and dull life. Horse women are susceptible to the crisis of love, and it is said that once they fall in love, they would easily lose everything.
How Should Female Horses Maintain Love Relationship?
The proud Horse women tend to dominate in love relationships, and they are used to being domineering and making fun of their men’s success. Perhaps this is not intentional, but in the eyes of men, it is the trample on their pride. There is neither lowliness nor nobleness in love. Therefore, it is wrong for them to hold a superior attitude like a princess, which will be nothing good but ruin the relationship. Female Horses need to know that love is equal and they should not ignore their men.
How To Know How Much A Female Horse Loves You
In the eyes of the proud Horse girls, only the mighty men can bring them a better life and are qualified to marry them. So, if your Horse girl takes the initiative to take you to her family and introduces you to her friends and relatives, it means she has taken you as her fiancé and wants more people to know you. So, be nice and try to leave a good impression on her friends and family.

What Kind Of Men Do Horse Women Like?

1) Mature and Considerate Men
Horse women, though broad-minded and caring for everyone around, are actually sensitive inside. In daily life, they prefer mature and considerate men who can give them shelter and a sense of security, take care of them thoughtfully, and dislike the immature men who deal with affairs jejunely.
2) Warm and Outgoing Men
Female Horses are warm, cheerful, and spirited in daily life, and they seek active and optimistic men who always smile warmly. Generally, they are attracted by enthusiastic and optimistic men rather than the pessimistic.
3) Dedicated Men
Seemingly careless in life, Horse women would be extremely devoted to love once they start a relationship and hope their boyfriends can do the same. Therefore, they are easily attracted by faithful men constant in love and dislike those who are two-timing and unfaithful.

Love Compatibility of the Horse

Perfect Matches: Tiger, Sheep, Rabbit, They are born to be a well-matched couple, sharing a lot in common.
Acceptable Matches: Dragon, Dog, Monkey, Their life will be sweet and happy as long as one of them learns to be considerate, tolerant, and understanding.
Complimentary Match: Pig, a complementary couple in characteristic and capability, and good partners in housework/business.
Intimate Friend: Snake, They are not so much a couple as intimate friends, enjoying the same value for fashion and art.
Avoid Rat, Ox, Rooster, Horse; They cannot understand and support each other.

Careers For Horse

The people under the Horse animal sign are fit for efficient works instead of simple and monotonous ones. E.g., Journalists, translators, sales associates, and securities traders would be perfect. Also, the Horse people have their qualities to be an artist. The ability to adjust to the changing circumstances also enables them to be good statesmen or critics. The Horses could do some active and positive jobs like an athlete. To those naturally confident Horses, they are suitable to be an adventurer, architect or entertainer and in those works, they could get great achievements.
● Best Working Partners: Tiger, Sheep, and Dog
● Best Age to Start a Business for Horse: Age 30 – 50
● Best Career Field for Horse: Tourism
● Best Business to Do: Gallery
● Best Direction for Career: East, South, Northeast, Southeast
Of excellent reasoning capacity, people born in the Horse years are quick-minded, sharp-witted, bold, active, frank, and eloquent. Therefore, despite the setbacks in their career, they can consolidate the foundation and make remarkable achievements. On the other hand, career-minded Horses have an innovative spirit but lack patience and persistence. At the same time, they are impulsive, willful, and often go to extremes. Therefore, they are suggested to train their perseverance and patience and avoid giving up halfway.
● Suitable Jobs for Horse: journalists, translators, salesmen, securities traders, politicians, critics, athletes, adventurers, architects, entertainers, authors, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc.
● Work Partners for Horse
→ Best Working Partners: Tiger, Sheep, and Dog
→ Good Working Partners: Snake and Sheep
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Rabbit and Dragon
→ Bad Working Partners: Rat and Ox
● Best Age to Start a Business for Horse: Age 30 – 50
● Best Career Field for Horse: Tourism
● Best Business to Do: Gallery
● Best Direction for Career: East, South, Northeast, and Southeast

Suitable And Ideal Jobs, Unsuitable Work For Horse

Suitable And Ideal Jobs
Work Requiring High Efficiency
Generally speaking, Horses should give full play to their strengths and do more efficient work than engage in simple and monotonous work. Jobs like journalist, interpreter, salesman, and bond trader are perfect for them. Such work requiring strong mobility and an alert response: for example, a journalist has to pick up the camera and go once something happens; an interpreter has to interpret simultaneously when the speaker delivers his speeches; a bond trader has to act immediately when something happens in the stock market full of changes. Horse people are qualified in these industries out of their efficient style.
Work Full of Changes
With a dual personality, Horse people often make others feel complicated and mysterious. However, this kind of personality makes them better adapt to the work full of changes. Besides, they are adaptable and quick-witted and often figure out something ahead of others, thus being good politicians and critics.
Independent Work
Horses can do some active work and become excellent athletes if they love sports and get certain training. Then, with innate confidence, they may choose unconstrained jobs that can give play to their talents, such as adventurers, architects, and entertainers, which are very suitable for them. In these fields, Horse people tend to make remarkable achievements.
Best Field: Tourism
Agile, playful, and most importantly energetic, Horse people are born for the tourism industry. They like to travel and will show the greatest enthusiasm once engage in the industry. However, tourism development and management are about interest and require a delicate mind and excellent coordinating and organizing ability, which happens to be the merits of Horse people.
Best Business To Do: Gallery
First of all, Horses have a great ability and gift of artistic appreciation and an excellent intuition and illative sense; even if they cannot paint, they will find good works. Moreover, they are eloquent and have a clear advantage in making a deal. If they don’t have enough money, they may consider selling others’ paintings to get a commission.
Unsuitable Work For Horse
In general, Horses of positive personality and changeable mood are not suitable for monotonous and repetitive mechanical work, which seldom changes. For them, such work cannot give their talents into full play and make them suffer.

Famous Horse Year People

  • Isaac Newton was born on 25 December 1642, Water Horse
  • Neil Armstrong was born on August 5, 1930, Gold Horse
  • Stephen Hawking was born on 8 January 1942, Water Horse
  • Jackie Chan was born on 7 April 1954, Wood Horse
  • James Cameron was born on August 16, 1954, Wood Horse

Health and lifestyle

Horses are always moving. Once they reach one goal, they set off to the next destination without rest. Because of their personality, Horses often disrupt their biological clock. This can cause various problems, such as liver and kidney diseases. They should be alert if a cold leads to chest pains. To prevent health problems, Horses must calm down their fast-paced rhythm. Do not ignore minor symptoms, as they can worsen into serious illnesses.
Overall, Horses are naturally healthy. But it can be worrisome if they force themselves on without proper rest. Pulling all-nighters is a habit, and they continue working even during holidays. Therefore, horses must create and stick to a more manageable routine if they wish to maintain their health.
Health Tips for Horses
Basically, Horses are very healthy, most likely because they hold a positive attitude towards life. However, heavy responsibility or pressure from their jobs may make them weak. Therefore, Horses shouldn’t do overtime very often and go home too late. Also, Horses should refuse some invitations to parties at night.

Horse’s Personality by Blood Types

Horse with Blood Type O Personality Traits: Sentimental and Romantic
Strong Points: They are quite sentimental, and they can capture every subtle change of nature and relationships. A romantic love affair is what they seek in their lifetime. Most people born in the Year of the Horse with blood type O are outgoing and popular. They do not like to be lonely and love to make friends. When handling a task, they emphasize efficiency and utility, so the task can be accomplished as expected. O-type people are inclined to adopt a casual and relaxed lifestyle, and they seldom feel much stress. Far-sighted in career and business, they seldom fight for benefits upfront, so they get along well with both partners and rivals. In addition, they are shrewd, sophisticated, and decently dressed. Born with brilliant leadership, they can inspire others to achieve great goals.
Weak Points: Although they have many friends, very few of them are sincere and reliable. Doing poorly in financing and loving spending, O types cannot make ends meet. As cheerful as they look, they will fall into depression and lose heart once they meet a great crisis or obstacle.
Love: People with blood type O are enthusiastic and passionate in love, and they can be wholeheartedly devoted in a relationship. In marital life, respect and personal space are the key factors to keep love fresh. Meanwhile, they can be easily attracted by pursuers and throw themselves into another relationship too soon.
Suggestion: They should be more positive, stable, and industrious to make something for the future. Set clearer goals, make more detailed plans, and strive harder. Make some reliable and faithful friends. Be loyal and responsible for the family.

Horse with Blood Type A Personality Traits

Horse with Blood Type A Personality Traits: Enduring and Hot-tempered
Strong Points: They usually possess super endurance. Facing challenging and time-consuming tasks, they can finish them silently and behave like a real achiever. With courage and wit, they can march forward in adversity. Their acute insights enable them to seize every possible chance to realize ambitions. Born to be kind, easygoing, humorous, and frank, they are regarded as reliable friends. They are likely to have dual characters: when everything goes smoothly, they can share the high time with friends with abandon, but when frustrated by reality, they tend to be desperately depressed.
Weak Points: They can keep working hard on one task, but skill and experience are ignored, so the outcome is not as perfect as expected. In addition, they are hot-tempered. When irritated by someone, they will immediately be quite aggressive. They are also over-confident, turning a deaf ear to others when making great decisions. Finally, stubbornness makes them miss opportunities.
Love: People with blood type A and the Chinese Zodiac sign of Horse are emotional, but they are loyal and faithful to lovers, even with many pursuers around. If failing in a relationship, they can hardly get over it. The reason they fall in love with another may be that something in the one reminds them of the beloved ex.
Suggestion: When they are in a state of blues, anxiety, and anger, they expect to find friends to pour out their bitterness. When falling in love, they like to control and cling to the other, making them go away. Therefore, personal space should be well maintained in a relationship.

Horse with Blood Type B Personality Traits

Horse with Blood Type B Personality Traits: Honest and Kind-hearted
Strong Points: People having blood type B and born in the Year of Horse are kind-hearted and honest. They love to grant others favors within their capability as long as people are in need, and they never play dirty tricks surreptitiously. In all circumstances, they can keep a positive attitude and learn virtues from friends, even rivals. They are masters at livening up the atmosphere, making everyone feel relaxed and happy. Because they often help others, they also receive help in individual development from leaders, seniors, and friends. Seldom frustrated by setbacks, they will always receive help.
Weak Points: Due to so many nice people around them, they are inclined to rely on others’ power. Trying to succeed through others’ help, they gradually become a bit lazy. What’s more, they are not loyal to relationships, easily hopping between several lovers. As a result, it’s hard for them to find true love in their lifetime.
Love: People with the Chinese zodiac Horse sign and blood type B tend to be unfaithful to their lovers, for they often shift their affection to another charmer after the passion fades away. They do little to build up a stable and lasting relationship but chase the one attracting them. They never feel the pain of being out of love, for they never devote themselves fully to a relationship. After a long time of chasing and selecting, finally, they fail to find the one who can stand by them to the end. A lonely and regretful old age may await them.
Suggestion: In love, they should take a serious and responsible attitude instead of playing a game. Time may take away their youth, so does love. Independence is the most important skill they need to learn, while families and friends just function as backups. They need to struggle hard and show their talent.

Horse with Blood Type AB Personality Traits

Horse with Blood Type AB Personality Traits: Complicated and Adventurous
Strong Points: Characteristics of people with AB blood type and born in the Horse Year are complicated and adventurous. They are fond of sports and outdoor activities, such as bicycle riding, martial arts, and skiing. Longing for freedom, they cannot bear any clinging from family and friends. Meanwhile, they are full of heroism and imagination. Utilizing their talents, they can shape a wonderful blueprint. With acute observation, they can suddenly accomplish tasks. They are willing to help others and are sick of dirty schemes. In addition, they have strong willpower, for they can try to realize a dream with a life-long struggle. Every day, they require themselves to do better than the day before. Driven by this spirit, they usually can achieve admirable gains at an early age.
Weak Points: In their pursuit of freedom, they will feel restricted by social principles. In reality, they usually feel bored with their lives and eager to explore the world. They like to be in the limelight and aggressively express themselves. Their ambitions are far from reality, so they get used to complaining about the current situation. They tend to look down upon those who are inferior in capability.
Love: Rich in imagination, they look forward to romance and taste in relationships. Once they fall in love, they will find out that the present is not the ideal one. Although their lovers are perfect in every aspect, they would dump them resolutely.
Suggestion: They should be more pragmatic and abide by the rules. Having big ambitions is good, but it is suggested to divide a big plan into small goals and realize them one by one. In this way, they can gradually get closer to success.

Which Type of ‘Horse’ Are You?
Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements

Wood Horse (1954, 2014)

Personality: Seeing from the Chinese zodiac and Five Elements (Wu Xing) aspect, freedom is what Wood Horses always seek, as they dislike being strained and bounded. They are diligent, passionate, and careful in character, but they are also hot-tempered, impulsive, and impatient. Their enthusiasm for new things cannot last long, so that they may give up easily. If they spend more time cultivating their willpower and patience, they could become more capable.
Career: With the Wood element, people born in the Year of the Horse get favorable career choices. No matter what kind of work they are occupied with, they could accomplish something through effort. Some of them even start from nothing and become brilliant entrepreneurs. This is because they are born to be leaders and decision-makers, leading employees to promote in the same direction. Besides, they are reliable business partners.
Wealth: Their fortune in wealth is average on the whole. Without rich family background, they need to strive hard to make a fortune. As their luck in easy money is poor, the only way to increase income is to work harder. With accumulated wealth, they should avoid rash investments but purchase some real estate instead.
Love: Being popular among the opposite sex, they may get involved in complex relationships. If they make a false choice, they may lose their true love forever. Trust issues may happen to them, but loyalty and faithfulness could save their love.
Health: They should never ignore some chronic disease, and they may go through several small operations in a lifetime.

Fire Horse (1966, 2026)

Personality: Fire Horses are smart, energetic, acute, and cautious. They have a strong sense of self-egoism, and they wouldn’t like to take suggestions from others. In addition, they are sunny and outgoing, with popularity among peers. Meanwhile, they are filial to parents and caring to siblings.
Career: With a brain for business, they are shrewd and sophisticated in their career. Thanks to helping from friends and partners, they could get over most adversities in work. If they can be more modest and thriving, they would open up the path leading to success. If they dig deeper on one thing, they would be brilliant people.
Wealth: Horse people with the Five Elements sign of Fire get a flourishing fortune in wealth. Although obstacles are blocking their way, they could earn a big amount of money through their endeavors. They are not good at financing, but purchasing real estate with income is a wise choice. If trying some small amount investment, they could get an unexpected harvest.
Love: Having a nice personality, they get a favorable fortune in love and relationship. The charm a lot of pursuers with their romantic nature. They seem to be fickle in love but very faithful indeed. They are not suitable to get married early. For married people, they should become more thoughtful and tolerant.
Health: They should pay special attention to the diseases at the head and eyes, and females need to give care to gynecological diseases.

Earth Horse (1918, 1978)

Personality: Earth Horses have a pure and kind heart. They always concern about others’ trouble first and willing to sacrifice their own benefits to help achieve others’ aims. Meanwhile, they are soft, outgoing, generous, frank, and outspoken to friends, so they are experts in socializing. Although a bit hot-tempered, they are careful and responsible, so they are reliable partners.
Career: They get a flat fortune at a young age, and they need to put much effort into accomplishing something. At work, they will be given advice and promotion from leaders. Besides, they are born to be talented businessmen, risky and adventurous. Even in trouble, they could obtain assistance from, Therefore, males. Males have chances to do work related to civil service.
Wealth: They have a balanced fortune in wealth. With adequate effort and sweat, they can get satisfying results. In middle age, they could get a chance to make a fortune by buying stock or winning the lottery. However, they should avoid taking part in gambling activities.
Love: It is unwise for them to marry early, as they can hardly go a long way with their first love. If they meet the well-matched one, they will gain a harmonious and everlasting marriage relationship. Once they feel uncomfortable in love, they could solve the problem by communication.
Health: After 40, they need to find their own way of keeping good health. A balanced diet and regular exercise could help them stay in shape.

Metal Horse (1930, 1990)

Personality: Metal Horse people are full of affection, with bold, open, and outgoing characters. They are frank, kind, and positive, so others may feel relaxed when getting along with them. They seek freedom and hate quarrels. Towards people who have helped them, they would like to show gratitude by rewarding in their way. The shortcoming is that they are quite outspoken, so that they may offend others unconsciously.
Career: Being dynamic, they cannot withstand tedious and repetitive work, and they are also not good at managing jobs. They get used to finishing tasks independently, so the most suitable job for them is a freelancer. They are responsible and careful in work so that they could get a promotion soon. However, being a bit aggressive, they can hardly accept others’ advice on work.
Wealth: Their good and bad luck in wealth are half to half. Although their income is handsome, money flows out soon. With age, they can accumulate a certain amount of money, but speculative investments should be avoided.
Love: They are very devoted in a relationship. They also demand freedom and space in love, so they usually find life partners who tolerate and care for them. It might be hard for them to make compromises when opinions diverge. Males like to take a dominant position in family issues.
Health: Regarding health conditions, they should concern more about their mental stress. It is better to arrange some trips to release pressure.

Water Horse (1942, 2002)

Personality: Water Horses are most kind, mild, and helpful. They can view things in others’ shoes and sacrifice their own interest for friends and family. They are a little sensitive, hot-tempered, and emotional but still have many faithful friends. They are generous and sympathetic, ready to help people in need without hesitation.
Career: With the zodiac sign of Horse and the Five Elements sign of Water, they are talented in starting a business and good at maintenance and promotion. They seek a high standard in work and desire to occupy a stand in the industry. They could bear heavy stress at work. If they make more friends with the Chinese zodiac sign of Tiger or Dog, they could get assistance in difficulties.
Wealth: They get very prosperous luck in money and are seldom troubled by money issues. Being brilliant businessmen, they have fair chances to make a big fortune. Even when they come across adversity, their friends would come for help. However, they should avoid cooperating with partners with the Rat sign. Otherwise, they may get cheated on money.
Love: With nice characters, they can discover their soul mates easily, and most of their married life is full of ease and sweetness. However, when meeting pursuers, they seem hesitant and irresponsible so that they may rush into tangled relationships.
Health: They will go through many sicknesses before adulthood, but their good luck comes after that.

Horse – Destiny by Birth Date

Best Birth Dates for Horse -2nd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th, 29th, 30th days of a month

  1. Horse Born on 1st day of a month –People with Chinese zodiac Horse born on these days may meet some difficulties and disasters in their lifetime, especially in love and marriage life. So be sensible and deal with them reasonably!
  2. Horse Born on the 2nd day of a month –This group of people is predicted to get help from dignified persons and achieve success in their career step by step.
  3. Horse Born on the 3rd day of a month –They are nice, kind-hearted, and always ready to help others, but maybe misunderstood, so be nice in proper ways.
  4. Horse Born on the 4th day of a month –Their life generally is plain, except the love life, which may be quite “colorful” but bring them troubles.
  5. Horse Born on the 5th day of a month –People born on these days in the year of the Horse are predicted to be skillful and talented. If working hard, they may achieve both fame and fortune.
  6. Horse Born on the 6th day of a month -Born with good financial luck, they may live a rich life. But be careful of taking care of their fortune.
  7. Horse Born on the 7th day of a month –They may not have the intelligence to be an official, but there is a great possibility of being successful businessmen. However, they may live a lonely life as their partner may not be so good.
  8. Horse Born on the 8th day of a month -Horses born these days may live a busy life rushing around. Fortunately, they may get help from others to enable a smooth life.
  9. Horse Born on 9th day of a month -Being clever, skillful, and intelligent, they may live a rich and glorious life.
  10. Horse Born on 10th day of a month -Famous for good skills in many areas, they may develop the career smoothly and make a great achievement.
  11. Horse Born on the 11th day of a month -During their lifetime, they may meet some troubles causing them financial losses. For example, it is predicted to be difficult for them to make a fortune if doing business.
  12. Horse Born on the 12th day of a month -Horses born these days may meet some bad guys, who probably take them into court. Not good at doing business, they may live a life full of ups and downs financially.
  13. Horse Born on the 13th day of a month -Born on these days with Chinese zodiac Horse, they are honest and trustworthy. They never do things by halves.
  14. Horse Born on the 14th day of a month -This group of Horses is predicted to be healthy, gentle, polite, and trustworthy. There is a great possibility for them to achieve power or a high position in the government.
  15. Horse Born on the 15th day of a month -They are generous but kind of vain and addicted to alcohol and flattery. In general, their life is full of both bitterness and happiness.
  16. Horse Born on the 16th day of a month -People born on these days in the year of the Horse are predicted to live a plain life with ups and downs. About personalities, they may be brave but ill-tempered.
  17. Horse Born on the 17th day of a month -There may be some setbacks in their marriage life, and they may live a wandering life with bitterness more than happiness.
  18. Horse Born on the 18th day of a month -They are tough and may contribute a lot to their country and people. But they may meet some difficulties and failures along their life path.
  19. Horse Born on the 19th day of a month -Being smart and talented can achieve a successful career and great fame. According to the fate prediction, the destiny of females born these days is even better than that of males.
  20. Horse Born on the 20th day of a month -This group of people is predicted to live a rich and powerful life with many offspring and a prosperous family business.
  21. Horse Born on the 21st day of a month -They may pay a lot for their continuous love affairs and live a poor life financially and mentally.
  22. Horse Born 22nd day of a month -The destiny prediction says their life is not so good with setbacks showing up now and then. Their sons and daughters may not be nice to them.
  23. Horse Born on the 23rd day of a month -They are not trustworthy and quarrelsome. Their life before the middle ages is plain but turns good since after and they may live a rich late life. Their offspring may live a good life based on their accumulations.
  24. Horse Born on 24th day of a month -Addicted to alcohol and somehow dissolute, they may waste their whole lifetime achieving nothing. However, if the birth hour is auspicious, the destiny can be different.
  25. Horse Born on 25th day of a month -Good at doing business, they may make many money and rich friends. But their family life may not be so happy.
  26. Horse Born on the 26th day of a month -They may live a rich life with good financial luck and talents in doing business. However, they may meet some bitterness in other aspects.
  27. Horse Born on the 27th day of a month -Working hard, they can make a small fortune and live an abundant life, but it is difficult for them to make a big fortune.
  28. Horse Born on the 28th day of a month -They may be involved in lawsuits several times during their lifetime. Fortunately, they are not threatened with dangers.
  29. Horse Born on the 29th day of a month -Born with auspicious destiny, they are predicted to live a smooth life in career and marriage.
  30. Horse Born on 30th day of a month -People born on these days in the year of the Horse will live a happy and safe life. This is because they are very likely to be clever, skillful, and good-looking.
  31. Horse Born on the 31st day of a month –They are kind and born with good luck. The males can have a great wife, and the females can be a perfect wives. Their middle and late-life are perfect.

Horse – Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Horse –January, February, March, May, August, December

  1. Horse Born in January –Born in January, people with the Chinese zodiac Horse are honest, broad-minded, knowledgeable, and very interested in making friends. They may be born in a rich family and get lots of help from the last generations to live a wealthy life. However, they may not be ambitious for any change in the status quo.
  2. Horse Born in February –People born in February in the Horse year are clever, smart, and graceful. They like to be clean and tidy, so they are always well dressed. On the other hand, they do not like to be strained, so they lack discipline awareness. Although there are difficulties and disasters in their lives, they can get through safely with help from kin and others.
  3. Horse Born in March –Horse people with the birth month in March are born lucky, smart, and wise. They are knowledgeable, honest, and friendly. They have had great ambitions since childhood, which they can realize with the help from the last generation and others. Therefore, their life has little disasters as a whole.
  4. Horse Born in April –Their life goes up and downs a lot. Although Horse people born in April do not lack food and clothing, it is hard for them to succeed. They are good at making money but better at spending it, so they may not have much savings. To achieve success in a career, they should set up life goals and not be intimidated by difficulties.
  5. Horse Born in May –Horse people born in May may get little help from relatives. But relying on their wisdom and hard-working, they can succeed in career and live a happy late life. They may fall in love very early but get married late.
  6. Horse Born in June –They may inherit a little from ancestors and live a difficult early life. In their 30’s, they may start their own business totally relying on themselves. In the ’40s, the career develops fast and smoothly, and in their 50’s, the career turns stable, and they may live a happy life after.
  7. Horse Born in July –Horse people are born in July; their life as a whole is happy and peaceful without big disasters and serious illness. They are clever, elegant, attractive, and energetic. Although the ancestral industry withered, they can thrive based on their wisdom and useful support from others. However, they may have disputes even lawsuits with others.
  8. Horse Born in August –People with the Chinese zodiac Horse born in August are clever, honest, noble, brave, and talented in both literal and military fields. They may develop their own business relying on their hard-working and help from others, and finally succeed. They are blessed by God and suffer no serious disasters and dangers the whole lifetime.
  9. Horse Born in September –Most of them may live a plain life. Their talent is not bad, but they do not have a magnificent life goal or work for progress; they only want to have a stable and not busy job. They may have weak wills and feel frustrated or depressed once meeting setbacks. However, if making efforts, they can also have a bright future.
  10. Horse Born in October –Born in October in the year of the Horse, happiness, and difficulties fall in their life half and half. Due to a thin ancestral foundation and lack of help from others, they may live a rather difficult early life and, at the same time, meet many disasters. However, they are smart, capable, and have strong wills, based on which they can become rich in the middle ages and their life since then turns good.
  11. Horse Born in November –Horse people with the birth month in November may be born into a declining family and live a hard early life. But good luck falls in their 20’s; in their 30’s, they may get a steady job in the government; in their late life, the family may start to prosper again.
  12. Horse Born in December –As a whole, people born in December in the year of the Horse may live a peaceful and carefree life. They may get married early and need to support the family difficultly. However, the wealth comes in their middle ages, and life starts to turn better. Their late-life can be rich and glorious.

How to Build Relationships with Horses

People born in a year of the Horse have a pleasant, amiable, easy-going disposition. With good humor and geniality, they are extremely comfortable getting along with as they can put people at ease instantly.
Horses are very quick-witted and are right in there with you before you have had the chance to finish what you are saying; they know what you are thinking even before you’ve said it. All these traits guarantee their popularity and a large following of friends.

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