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Dragon Zodiac

Dragon Zodiac, What Is The Personality Of A Dragon, Chinese Zodiac Dragon, Dragon Personality, Dragon Characteristics, Personality Of The Dragon, Dragon Strengths, Dragon Weakness, Year Of Dragon, Next Year Of The Dragon, Dragon In Chinese Zodiac, Dragons Horoscope, Year Of The Dragon, Dragon In Love, Dragon Love Compatibility, Dragon Health And Fitness, Dragon Male, Dragon Female, Dragon Destiny By Birth Date, Dragon Destiny By Birth Month

Chinese Zodiac Dragon, Dragon Zodiac
Year of the Dragon

Dragon is the fifth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Dragon include 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024…
The Dragon enjoys a very high reputation in Chinese culture. Chinese people regard themselves as descendants of the dragon. In ancient China, this imaginary creature was thought to speed across the sky with divine power. It is the token of authority, dignity, honor, success, luck, and capacity. Emperors entitled themselves exclusively as ‘dragons.’
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Chen
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Tu (Earth)
Yin Yang: Yang

Dragon Overview 

As the symbol of the Chinese nation, the dragon represents authority and good fortune. It has the fifth position among the Chinese zodiac animals. People born in the year of the Dragon are powerful, kind-hearted, successful, innovative, brave, healthy, courageous, and enterprising. However, they tend to be conceited, scrutinizing, tactless, quick-tempered, and over-confident.
Chinese: 龙 (Lónɡ)
Earthly Branches: Chen (辰)
Energy: Yang
Five Elements: Earth (Tu)
Lucky Flowers: Bleeding Heart Vine, Larkspur
Lucky Gemstone: Amethyst
Lucky Numbers: 1, 6, 7
Lucky Colors: golden, silver, hoary
Lucky Directions: west, northwest, north
Best Match: Rat, Monkey, Rooster
Unlucky Numbers: 3, 8, 9
Unlucky Colors: Cyan, Green
Unlucky Direction: Southeast
Worst Match: Ox, Dog, Sheep, Rabbit, Dragon

Years of Dragon

People born in a year of the Dragon are called “Dragons” in China. If you were born in 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012,or 2024, then you’re a Dragon. Those born in January or February should take particular note of when Chinese New Year falls to confirm their birth sign. Each Dragon year also has one of five elements associated with it. Each Dragon year also has one of five elements associated with it.
Dragon Years Start, End, and Element

  • 1940 – February 8, 1940, to January 26, 1941, Element – Gold Metal
  • 1952 – January 27, 1952 to February 13, 1953 , Element – Water
  • 1964 – February 13, 1964 to February 1, 1965 ,  Element -Wood
  • 1976 – January 31, 1976 to February 17, 1977 , Element -Fire
  • 1988 – February 17, 1988 to February 5, 1989 , Element -Earth
  • 2000 – February 5, 2000, to January 23, 2001, Element -Gold
  • 2012 – January 23, 2012, to February 9, 2025, Element -Water
  • 2024 – February 10, 2024, to January 28, 2025, Element -Wood

Personality Of The Dragon

Male Dragon Personality Traits

Male Dragons are generally well-built, energetic, and always tireless, and have ambitious goals and grand blueprints for the future. The unyielding Dragon men are sometimes overconfident and face-saving. Open and straightforward, they boast outstanding leadership and management ability, trying to make everything perfect in every aspect. In case of emergency, they can keep a cool head, make decisions quickly and act like a king.
In daily life, male Dragons are neither wasting nor stingy. Instead, they are generous and never mind whether they can make both ends meet. As a result, they are always accompanied by friends or admirers who will never lose faith in them. Vacillation, cowardice, and buck-passing are not in their nature. Even if they are single, they will live a happy life since they live for work and a career!
As for love and relationship, male Dragons either marry early or remain single. If you want to be the girlfriend of a Dragon man, you have to be his confidant first and always support and assist him in his career. Since he wants a like-minded partner, you don’t have to pretend to be a little fool – as long as you share the like mind, you can win his true heart, respect, and love.
Male Dragons are born to be career-oriented. So if you are bothered by workplace problems, you might as well consult a Dragon man who can offer you his opinion and a good solution. For those with bad days at work, Dragon men can be the best vocational counselor.

Male Dragon Strengths & Weakness

Male Dragon Strengths  
Seemingly quite peremptory, male Dragons are actually very nice. At least, they are loyal to their lovers or friends. On the one hand, they seldom have a new sweetheart; on the other hand, they rarely forget friendship for profit. In a word, Dragon men are faithful and never betray someone.
Male Dragons are so competent and diligent that they can deal with everything properly. Once they start a career, they will probably struggle for it throughout their lives and make great accomplishments with their concentration and capability.
Male Dragon Weakness
The credulous Dragon men have no guard consciousness at all. Although they look smart, they are actually with low IQ. If someone expresses in a fast and assured manner, they cannot figure out the doubtful points and choose to believe blindly. They’d better stay with those under the Tiger sign, or they will be easily deceived.
With seemingly strong personalities, male Dragons are afraid of being alone or missed out on a group. Therefore, they are blind and try to follow others.

Female Dragon Personality Traits

Female Dragons, with lofty ideals and a strong sense of responsibility, can work consciously for the benefit of others and do everything boldly and resolutely. They like to fight fiercely and indomitably and choose to go right to the end with what they have begun. With leaders’ glamour, Dragon women always attract others to abide by them. Since they are always treated with smiles, they tend to stand high above the masses, behave in an opinionated way, and even take their own course.
In daily life, they prefer natural beauty to dress up excessively. With a strong sense of pride, they are condescending yet unwilling to be treated like a sage. What they want is only the proper respect. Through their clothing, you can find that they are serious and love sensible clothes best. Female Dragons advocate women’s political participation and equality between men and women, and they would fly into a rage on the discrimination against women.
Dragon women tend to be in a passive position as for love and relationship. Fortunately, they are generous and hospitable, set strict demands on themselves, and win the love and pursuit of others with their honesty and enthusiasm. Generally speaking, they lead a nice marriage life.
When it comes to career, female Dragons tend to focus on the creative work and ignore their marriage, thus the typical modern professional women. In general, they would get married late since they are career-oriented.

Female Dragon Strengths 

Open and Bighearted
Female Dragons are open and bighearted. For example, they forgive, never quibble over trifle things in life, and forgive rather than hold grudges about other people’s mistakes. In this way, they can calmly face life and rarely feel depressed about the hardships in life.
Energetic and Able-bodied
In sound health, the energetic Dragon women can always stay in a vigorous spirit at work and seldom express the exhaust side when working with others. Therefore, they are often regarded as energetic people.
Generous and Considerate
The generous and considerate side of female Dragons lies in being friendly and caring for their families and friends and are usually the most popular ones due to their frank, enthusiastic and generous personalities. Since they often think from others’ perspectives, they are regarded as considerate yet sometimes a little stubborn and opinionated.

Female Dragon Weaknesses

Sometimes, the careless personality of Dragon women can be a flaw. For example, they always make no explanation because they just have no awareness of it. When you stay with them, you will find they are so dazed that they often need others to remind.
The emotional female Dragons are good at hiding away their real side yet cannot control their mood. Whenever they encounter hardships or failures hard to face, they unpredictably lose their temper. Because of this, they are always marginalized by others.
Proud and Grandiose
Dragon women, always in a high rack, are proud and grandiose. However, they can hardly stand the test and would flee when defeated. That means they are less indomitable. In daily life, Dragon women, though talented and capable, are usually in a passive position due to their proud and grandiose side.

Dragon’s Best Birth Dates Months And Times

Dragon’s Fate by Birth Time
Best Birth Time: The birth time of people plays a significant role in terms of whether destiny is auspicious or not. People under the Dragon sign born in different time periods will have different characters and fates. Those who were born and will be born between 11:00 PM – 01:00 AM and 07:00 AM – 09:00 AM are the most auspicious.
Dragon’s Fate by Birth Date
Best Birth Dates: The Dragon people born on the 1st, 3rd, 9th, 12th, 13th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, 24th, 25th, 28th, or the 30th day in the Chinese lunar calendar are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during the whole life.
Dragon’s Best Birth Months 
Best Birth Months: The Dragon people born in February, March, April, July, or August are usually lucky.
February: The Dragon people born in February could have a prosperous fortune and great success in their careers. Owning a great power and high position, they are well-respected by people.
March: Blessed with great talent, the Dragons born in March are usually important in work. Also, they are strong-willed and perseverant. Therefore, most of them could achieve a high official position.
April: Full of vigor, wise, and highly regarded by others, the Dragon people with the birth month of April are winners in fame and profit.
July: Blessed with extraordinary talent and courage, the Dragons born in July could get success in every aspect. They could keep good health and are regarded as venerable.
August: The dragons with the birth month of August are always outstanding figures. They are also popular among friends and enjoy a free life by traveling around the world.

Dragon In Love

Dragons are unpredictable, subtle, and adventurous dreamers. The extraordinary courage, talent, and generosity are great tools making them attractive to the opposite sex.

The Male Dragon In Love

The intelligent, gifted, and elegant male Dragons attach great importance to women’s look, soul, and talent while choosing a partner. They appreciate independent and excellent women of insightful view. Since they are aggressive and domineering and can hardly consider how others feel, their partners must be tolerant enough to maintain a long relationship. Meanwhile, men born in Dragon years are family-oriented and care about their parents, so they would treat their parents-in-law well if their partners are kind to theirs.
Male Dragons’ Attitude Towards Love
Male Dragons are trustworthy, responsible, practical, and passionate. Possessive in love, they care about their girlfriends and hope to know their whereabouts inside out. They take love so seriously that they would do everything in their power to create a happy environment for their loved ones.
How Should Male Dragons Maintain Love Relationship?
Self-centered and proud, Dragon men lay emphasis on their own feelings and sometimes unconsciously ignore their girlfriends’, leading to arguments in love. If they want to maintain the relationship well, they’d better restrain the pride, learn to make appropriate concessions, and listen more to each other to get along better and better.
How To Know How Much A Male Dragon Loves You
If a Dragon man is in you, he would become childish and imitate you like a kid. He would try to develop the same hobbies as you and follow your dressing style, even living habits.
Besides, settling down is more important than love for male Dragons. If your Dragon man has not settled down, he might not change for you even if you are the true love. So keep waiting firmly, or you may end up with a break-up. Once he is settled down, he would think about “our families have to live in harmony,” take you to his home to ask his parents for advice and then visit your parents to do the same. Finally, he would coordinate to the best possible state before marrying you. Therefore, if you want to figure out how much your boyfriend under the Dragon sign loves you, you may check from this.

What Kind Of Women Do Dragon Men Like?

1) Tender and Tolerant Women
Competent and considerate as they are, male Dragons can be short-tempered and chauvinistic and easily hurt others with words. As a result, they need to marry women who can take care of them and be inclusive of their flaws in daily life.
2) Considerate and Family-oriented Women
The able male Dragons can establish a successful career. For them, family is quite important, but they are weak in housekeeping. Therefore, they need considerate and family-oriented women to take care of the family to move forward and make achievements in a career without their worries.
3) Like-minded Women
Generally speaking, Dragon men boast good conditions and ability, and they hope to find like-minded partners. In this way, they can share common interests and topics and get close to each other.

The Female Dragon In Love

Broad-minded and forthright in character, female Dragons are considerate and loved by many men. They like to play tricks in a love relationship yet act as if they are very tender and behaved. In their eyes, love, at first, sight, is the best. However, once they fall in love, they would be completely in, tell all the thoughts or things, whether good or bad for them, to their boyfriends and almost do not know of self-protection.
Female Dragons’ Attitude Towards Love
Love is not the top priority for Dragon girls, and much courage and patience are required to pursue them. Many a time, love is inferior to work for female Dragons. If you want to pursue a girl under the Dragon sign, you’d better assist her in her career in addition to speaking sugared words and make her feel you are the most powerful. Also, you have to be more accomplished than her, or she will think you are just a little man.
How Should Female Dragons Maintain Love Relationship?
Women born in Dragon years long for the good love and hope their partners can be the perfect men. Sometimes, they may lose their heads in a relationship and blindly glorify all the faults of their boyfriends, creating the false impression of “he is my perfect man.” They hope to win the affirmation of others on their love and on their taste of choosing boyfriends. Although this is a kind of white lie that can comfort their perfectionism somehow, the true features will be hidden away if they indulge in it. Therefore, Dragon girls are suggested not to glorify their love blindly.
How To Know How Much A Female Dragon Loves You
The gentle, kindly, and sociable Dragon women are always the focus at parties, and they enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by a lot of people. That’s why they have a well-connected social circle in life. If you find your Dragon girl becomes less interested in social activities, only wants to be with you, and cares about every of your eye contact and word, it means she wants to settle down and enjoy the sweet times together with you. She may want to spend more time with you or marry you after getting inner peace.

What Kind Of Men Do Dragon Women Like?

1) Handsome Men
Smart, capable, and mighty as they are in daily life, female Dragons are senior face-judgers. Men can have no money but must be handsome to match Dragon women. In life, they prefer handsome men to those of average look and even would refuse the latter directly.
2) Men Respecting Women
As feminists, female Dragons advocate equality between men and women and fight against discrimination. In their opinion, women can accomplish everything the same with, even better than men, and deserve equal rights. But, unfortunately, they tend to be attracted by men who respect women and dislike those who are average in ability and show no respect for women.
3) Mature and Steady Men
In general, girls under the Dragon sign are pretty and competent, thus always pursued by boys. But they are quite demanding in choosing partners and prefer handsome and gifted men. Hence, they show no resistance to mature and handsome men.

Love Compatibility of the Dragon

Best Matches: Rooster, Rat, Monkey
They are born to be a couple, and they can build a good and happy family. Dragons give Roosters and Rats a lot of support and guidance, and they get tenderness and care in return. Sharing similar interests and hobbies, they can be best partners in travel.
Bad Matches: Ox, Sheep, Dog
Quarrels and conflicts take turns to show up in their life, and they even become enemies at last. The reason for their split is that they cannot tolerate each other’s flaws, and they always put themselves first.

Careers For Dragon

The Dragon people are not fit for those manual and mechanical jobs. They should choose those works from which they could display their creative and thinking talents well. Therefore, working as an office man is not fit for a Dragon. Suitable jobs for them include politicians, conductors, artists, critics, athletes, and explorers.

● Best Working Partners: Rat, Monkey, Rooster
● Best Age to Start a Business for Dragon: Age 25 – 45
● Best Career Field for Dragon: Architecture
● Best Business to Do: Bar, Hardware Store
● Best Direction for Career: North, West, and Southwest

Dragon people can adapt to almost any job. It seems that they do every work with high proficiency and can succeed in every career they choose. If they give up utilitarianism and pursue a kind of lofty ideal or abstract science and artwork, they will also succeed. If they risk danger in desperation and do something illegal or harmful, they will also make it, thus very destructive. In any case, Dragons are a model of success. Dragon people usually work in their own unique way and seldom care about what others think or view; instead, they insist on their own way to complete the work. With an acute sense and a unique personality, they often reject the opinions of others while choosing their career.

● Suitable Jobs for Dragon: Lawyers, health care workers, architects, artists, company executives, entertainers, politicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, psychologists, public relations executives, writers, photographers, etc.

● Work Partners for Dragon
→ Best Working Partners: Rat, Monkey, Rooster
→ Good Working Partners: Rabbit, Tiger
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Snake, Horse
→ Bad Working Partners: Dog, Rabbit, Dragon
● Best Age to Start a Business for Dragon: Age 25 – 45
● Best Career Field for Dragon: Architecture
● Best Business to Do: Bar, Hardware Store
● Best Direction for Career: North, West, and Southwest

Suitable And Ideal Jobs

Dragons are suitable for jobs involving creativity and thinking. They would like to engage in artistic, political, and academic activities of a certain spiritual level and enjoy the activities. In terms of the literary field, they will achieve something in the direction of surrealism.
While choosing a career, they’d better prioritize intellectual jobs, such as politician, teacher, entrepreneur, psychologist, and PR practitioner.
People under the Dragon sign are suitable for diversified work, and they’d better choose the competent based on their talents. To improve the chances of success, they are suggested to choose the complementary jobs that they are interested in, such as writer, traveler, and photographer. Also, they will have a bright future in academic work as long as they make great efforts.
Besides, the freelancer is also suitable for Dragons because they are tenacious, adventurous, lazy, and unwilling to sit still in an office.
Best Field: Architecture
Dragons are so confident that they enjoy standing at the peak. Architecture, an action of creating dreams, allows everyone to see the hope of the future in the course of building. This is the feeling needed by the Dragon people. Since they lack cooperation, they often work out of feelings, and they can always consider the situation to make a decision. These traits are essential to the field of architecture.
Best Business: Bar and Hardware
In pursuit of passion and excitement by nature, Dragons clearly know how to play high. Moreover, they are warm-hearted and have a lot of friends. Also, Dragon people are quick-witted, bold, and resolute, handling emergencies properly and never afraid of troubles. Therefore, they can run a bar with high proficiency.
In addition, they are also suitable for some trades related to metal. For example, if they run a watch shop or hardware store, they will do excellent business. However, they are suggested to control their temper in running the business because harmony brings wealth.

Unsuitable Work For Dragon

Born with a meticulous mind, Dragon people are not suitable for those jobs which require no thinking other than labor work and mechanical operation.
Career Advice
Since they can hardly stay interested in something for a long time, they may choose occupations full of changes and rich rhythms. However, every profession needs persistent efforts, and Dragons should pay more attention to details to get more results.

Famous Dragon Year People

  • Charles Darwin: born on February 12, 1809, an Earth Dragon
  • Bruce Lee: born on November 27, 1940, a Gold Dragon
  • John Lennon: born on October 9, 1940, a Gold Dragon
  • Vladimir Putin: born on October 7, 1952, a Water Dragon

Health and lifestyle

Dragons have a healthy appearance and truly are healthy as well. They don’t usually get sick, but when they do, it becomes severe. This is because they are too busy with work to pay attention to their health. They might also think it’s no big deal and brush it off. Due to this, minor colds can turn into much more serious illnesses.
Areas of concern are the circulatory, urinary and digestive systems. Most Dragons have stressful careers and are overly sensitive to small details. As a result, they can become fatigued but also suffer from insomnia. In addition, disturbances in social and family relations will heavily affect their mental health.
For better health, Dragons must remember to keep calm and relaxed. Don’t overthink and obsess over small problems. Instead, Dragons should take some time out for themselves. Exercise in nature will help with physical and emotional fatigue.
Health Tips for Dragons
Taking the hardworking nature of Dragons into consideration, they are healthy in general. However, they may be stressed and suffer from periodic tension, as they like to embrace challenges and take risks.
Older people born in a Dragon year should pay more attention to the liver and gall bladder, blood, intestines, and stomach, while middle-aged and young Dragons should take care of their skin. Yoga or taking a walk is an effective way to keep healthy, as these activities can be good for the mind and the bodies of Dragons.

Dragon’s Personality by Blood Types

Blood Type O: They are talkative and confident and are good at leadership. With strong willpower, they will endeavor to realize their dreams. But, sometimes, stubbornness will cause their failures.
Blood Type A: Upright, delicate, and sensitive; they are strict with themselves and the people around them. They are ambitious in politics, economy, and art but passive in relationships.
Blood Type B: They are imaginative and creative, and they are always the people who put forward ideas. In addition, their style of humor can make people feel relaxed.
Blood Type AB: They have a strong sense of principle, responsibility, and justice, so they can always finish tasks perfectly. They are also generous in helping people in need and keep a positive attitude towards life and work.

Which Type of ‘Dragon’ Are You?
Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements

Wood Dragon (1904, 1964)

Personality: According to an analysis by the Chinese zodiac and Five Elements (Wu Xing), they are not apt at expressing themselves, and most of the time, they are introverted and silent. They are talented, with unrivaled logic and imagination. Although not good at socializing, they have many true friends because of their honesty, uprightness, and integrity. Meanwhile, they are hungry for knowledge and challenge.
Career: Wood-Dragon people have the strong working capability. They are adventurous and thriving in work. It is wise for them to seek a career in a foreign land. Nine-to-five work is not suitable for them, as they could start their own business with courage and intelligence.
Wealth: The fortune in finance is favorable for people born in the Year of the Dragon and having Wood sign of Chinese Five Elements. If they put a small amount of money in some speculative business, they may gain unexpected wealth. Meanwhile, they also get luck in fast money, such as stock and lottery. Therefore, they are advised to set aside a certain amount of money as deposits.
Love: They are silent and shy, but their charm attracts a lot of pursuers. Most of them choose to get married at a young age, and a harmonious family is good for their career. If they can become more romantic, their love and relationship would be sweeter and longer.
Health: They may suffer gastrointestinal disease, so they should pay special attention to dietetic hygiene. Besides, they’d better learn to alternate work with rest.

Fire Dragon (1916, 1976)

Personality: They are very keen, honest, and faithful to others, so their nice character helps them win popularity among friends. They are always self-motivated and persistent in fulfilling their goals. They are generous and kind-hearted, always ready to help people in need. Meanwhile, some of them are noble and artistic, seeking a high spiritual level.
Career: They are good at managing people, as they know well about others’ shinning points and weaknesses. They maintain a serious and careful attitude towards work, so their outcome is also satisfying. If given chances, they can always make brilliant performances.
Wealth: Their fortune in wealth is really prosperous. Given many chances to make a fortune, some would become millionaires at a very young age. However, their luck comes rapidly but also fades in potential danger. Therefore, they should dig deeper into finance management and make full preparation for a possible economic crisis.
Love: Fire Dragons are responsible for love and relationship. Their outgoing and honest personality traits attract a lot of pursuers. Thus, males can marry diligent and thrift life partners, while females could get reliable husbands. Besides, they need to take good control of their temper so that their marriage life could be harmonious and everlasting.
Health: There is no big health problem, but they need to refine their eating habit.

Earth Dragon (1928, 1988)

Personality: As for character, their shining points are honesty, generosity, and uprightness. They are selfless and kind-hearted to people they care about and could protect them at any cost. However, considering their stubbornness, they can hardly make compromises. They seem dictatorial with self-ego, so they are suggested to listen to others’ advice now and then.
Career: They have insight and foresight in chances in career and are always deliberate and thoughtful before making decisions. They stay alert, acute, stable, and flexible at work so they could be brilliant leaders. If they could open heart to others’ suggestions, they could get every task done perfectly.
Wealth: Earth Dragons’ financial condition is worry-free in destiny. They are good at making money and could also make safe investments. They are far-sighted, so they have the habit of depositing money. If they could take advantage of their interpersonal relationship, they could make a bigger fortune.
Love: They are selfless and generous, and their sincerity and loyalty could always touch people’s hearts. If they fall in love with someone, they will be fully devoted to caring and loving. Their tolerance and thoughtful heart are key factors to maintain the relationship.
Health: It is suggested to avoid taking some high-risk outdoor activities, like rock climbing, roller skating, and bungee jumping.

Metal Dragon (1940, 2000)

Personality: Metal Dragons are simple, direct, virtuous, and friendly to people. They are also tough and enduring when accomplishing a task. They change minds dramatically, so others can hardly guess their real thoughts. They are innovative and open-minded but lack patience and perseverance.
Career: People with the Chinese zodiac Dragon sign and the Five Elements sign of Metal have a unique thinking mode to put forward neoteric ideas in work. They are outstanding in designing and planning but not suitable to carry out the work plans. If they want to succeed, they should stand down to earth to make progress. Most of them are capable of hard work and keep a serious attitude.
Wealth: Their luck with wealth is not bad. Although they have few chances to make a big fortune, they could earn a small amount constantly. They are lucky in easy money, but it is better to restrain the greed. If they deposit the extra income, it will help them a lot someday.
Love: They are open-minded and attractive to the opposite sex. They may have several relationships with different people simultaneously, but actually, they are not really happy. If they learn to treasure those who really care about them, they will harvest a stable marriage.
Health: They and their family members may suffer sickness now and then, and it is better to create some jubilant occasions like house moving and weddings to eliminate the bad luck.

Water Dragon (1952, 2012)

Personality: Water Dragons are witty, so people around them always feel happy. They are positive, viable, and dynamic most time, so common difficulties will not daunt them. When they succeed, they like to share the experience with others. With a high sense of justice, they always keep a rational and sensible mind.
Career: With the Water sign, people born in the Dragon Years of 1952 and 2012 usually take advantage of their social network to promote their careers. They are far-sighted and ambitious when depicting their career blueprint. If they try to be more broad-minded and generous, they could get a higher level in their career. As they work hard, usually they could obtain salary increases and promotions.
Wealth: Their fortune in wealth becomes better and better with age. Whether they work for others or start their own business, their income increases steadily year by year. Besides, they may also get some windfall profit, and it would be wise to purchase some real estate.
Love: Although they are open-minded, they would not easily get into a love triangle. Males may marry thoughtful and smart wives, while females may find loyal and loving husbands.
Health: They may suffer the rheumatic condition of the joints after middle age.

Dragon – Destiny by Birth Date

Best Birth Dates for Dragon -1st, 3rd, 9th, 12th, 13th, 16th, 17th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 28th, 30th days of a month

  1. Dragon Born on 1st day of a month –Dragon people born these days are predicted to have a very smooth life without setbacks. There is also a big opportunity for them to be high-ranking officials.
  2. Dragon Born on the 2nd day of a month –They need to set up their career totally on their own. The prediction says if they leave their hometown to make a living, the possibility of success increase greatly. Also, if born a female, they are likely to spend a lot of shopping.
  3. Dragon Born on 3rd day of a month –This group of people with Chinese zodiac dragon is born lucky. They are generally good-looking and can achieve success at an early age.
  4. Dragon Born on the 4th day of a month –They are generally skillful, but there are a few chances to show their skills. Also, they need to care more about their health than others and keep working out.
  5. Dragon Born on 5th day of a month –Born these days, people are clever, sociable, and like to learn new things; hence, they can succeed. However, be cautious of disasters.
  6. Dragon Born on the 6th day of a month –It is more difficult for them to achieve the goals than others, so work harder. The annoyances also appear in their life now and then; be patient in dealing with them.
  7. Dragon Born on the 7th day of a month –Their life is more of happiness than bitterness due to the help from families and friends. Their marriage life is happy and harmonious.
  8. Dragon Born on the 8th day of a month –Born on these days in the year of the Dragon, people are clever and like to learn. Their life is more of successes than failures. If born females, they can be perfect wives and moms.
  9. Dragon Born on the 9th day of a month –This group of people can be good leaders, and their goals can be achieved as planned and expected, which bring them lots of wealth.
  10. Dragon Born on the 10th day of a month –Their life is colorful, but wealth luck is just so. As the small money comes continuously, they can generally live a care-free life.
  11. Dragon Born on the 11th day of a month –They spend as much as they earn, so seldom have savings. About personality, they are sociable and like to make friends.
  12. Dragon Born on 12th day of a month –People born these days are predicted to have a great wife or husband, whose help they can make lots of money.
  13. Dragon Born on the 13th day of a month –Being outstanding in many aspects can make their family business booming and bring great fame for the family and themselves.
  14. Dragon Born on 14th day of a month –They may inherit a lot from ancestors and get lots of help from families. According to fate prediction, their early life is plain, but it turns good since the middle ages.
  15. Dragon Born on 15th day of a month –Males born on these days may live a busy life and tend to make a living somewhere away from their hometowns. Females born on these days have a happy marriage and can live an abundant life.
  16. Dragon Born on the 16th day of a month –With the Chinese zodiac Dragon, this group of people is clever, hard-working, and likes to learn. Their family business also develops prosperously and brings them great wealth.
  17. Dragon Born on 17th day of a month –According to fate prediction, their life is stable and peaceful. With the help from elegant people, they can achieve success in career. Their marriage life is happy, too.
  18. Dragon Born on 18th day of a month –Their parents are dependable, but they themselves do not work hard, leading to the wealth come just in a small flow, but enough for life necessities.
  19. Dragon Born on 19th day of a month –They may meet many failures, leading to a difficult life. Also, families seldom offer a helping hand, so they can only rely on themselves.
  20. Dragon Born on the 20th day of a month –They are kind-hearted, tough, and like to be the center of people. Their career develops steadily till success.
  21. Dragon Born on the 21st day of a month –People born on these days in the year of the Dragon are kind-hearted and nice to their parents. Their marriage life is happy with a great wife or husband.
  22. Dragon Born 22nd day of a month –They may have many love relationships, enjoying a romantic life happily. But be careful as they may bring “disasters.”
  23. Dragon Born on the 23rd day of a month –As the tie with families is not tight, they may live a “lonely” life. About career, they need to set it up on their own.
  24. Dragon Born on the 24th day of a month –They are born with good luck and can live a satisfying life. They can achieve success in their career as well as life goals.
  25. Dragon Born on the 25th day of a month –Being clever, talented, flexible, and skillful can achieve fame and become popular.
  26. Dragon Born on the 26th day of a month –This group of people is not magnanimous and too particular about trifles, because of which they may not realize the goals. The destiny of females born these days is better than that of males.
  27. Dragon Born on the 27th day of a month –Although they work hard, the result is not so good, and the payment may only satisfy their necessities.
  28. Dragon Born on 28th day of a month –Blessed by God and endowed with good luck, they can make their family career prosper and live a rich life. The relationship with the wife or husband is also harmonious.
  29. Dragon Born on the 29th day of a month –It is difficult to fulfill wishes for this group of people. Their luck in a love relationship is too “good,” so be careful as it may bring disasters.
  30. Dragon Born on 30th day of a month –Born talented, they can be good leaders and become popular. They can live a rich and abundant life.
  31. Dragon Born on 31st day of a month –Born into a low-income family, they may live a hard early life. But destiny starts to turn good since middle ages and their late-life can be happy. However, if born a male, he may be a playboy.

Dragon – Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Dragon –February, March, April, May, July, August, September

  1. Dragon Born in January –January is not a good birth month for people with the Chinese zodiac Dragon. Born in this month, they may have a big goal and talents to achieve it. However, with no help and support from relatives and others and no platform to use their talents, the goal can hardly become a reality. Moreover, they do not care about marriage, so most of them may get married very late.
  2. Dragon Born in February –Dragon people with the birth month in February are born blessed. They are talented in both civil and military fields. With effective support from others, their career is like the rising dragon flying higher and higher and brings them much wealth. They live a prosperous life without big disasters and are admired by many.
  3. Dragon Born in March –People born in this month in the year of the Dragon are clever, knowledgeable, brave, persistent, ambitious, and talented with organizing abilities and leadership. Most of them may work in the civil service department and develop well in their official career.
  4. Dragon Born in April –Dragon people born this month, their life is full of fame and fortune. They are ambitious, talented, healthy, energetic, and honest. If they are male, there is a great possibility they would attend the army and make great contributions in protecting their country.
  5. Dragon Born in May –Born in May, Dragon people are talented and have good interpersonal relationships. They may succeed in their official career and are easy to become the national “pillars.” The path to earning money is also smooth so that they can live a rich life. However, they have a bad temper and are likely to do things in their own way without caring about others. If they ignore their temper and leadership methods, they may encounter many setbacks.
  6. Dragon Born in June –They are clever, knowledgeable but always miss the opportunities to get successful. If operating their own business, good and bad luck appear in turn, and their life may also go through lots of ups and downs. Although food and clothing are abundant, they may not have much development. If having, it may not last long.
  7. Dragon Born in July –People born in July in the year of the Dragon may live a happy and glorious life. They are smart, capable, courageous, and talented. They can easily get help from blood hood and others and achieve success in career or other life goals.
  8. Dragon Born in August –People with the Chinese zodiac Dragon born in August may have good-looking and outstanding talents. They are gentle, elegant, and loved and respected by many. They like nature and touring around to be closer to nature. They have great goals; with help from others, they can achieve any of them and obtain money simultaneously. In general, their life is happy and peaceful.
  9. Dragon Born in September –Dragon people with the birth month in September are gentle and honest. But sometimes, they have a tantrum, being domineering and shocking people around. But, in the cause of helpful support from others and their persistent personalities, they can make their dreams come true. Even there is a failure and setback; they recover soon. So they live a happy and rich life.
  10. Dragon Born in October -They are narcissistic and do not like to live with the masses but alone. They may be knowledgeable but too lazy to pursuit a better future. They think one’s destiny has been decided when born, and it is useless to struggle for something. In general, they can live a peaceful and plain life.
  11. Dragon Born in November –Born in this month, Dragon people have great talents and ambitions. But it may be difficult for them to achieve the goals, either missing the best timing or getting interrupted by villains. To achieve success, they need to make more friends and do things step by step at the appropriate time points based on the detailed plan.
  12. Dragon Born in December –December is not a good birth month for people with the Chinese zodiac Dragon. They have big life goals but can hardly achieve them. Their career may start late, and they may get a little from work. It is suggested to have a perseverance spirit to fight against difficulties, make friends with talented people, and get rid of lofty characteristics; only in this way, their career may be successful.

How to Build Relationships with Dragons

In the search for the ideal partner, Dragons might find themselves often hesitating to move forward in a relationship and/or unwilling to make a permanent commitment. When they do, however, it is their intention for it to last. Dragons are likely to have warm, giving personalities. They can be very generous to their loved ones.

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