Dog Zodiac, What Is The Personality Of A Dog, Chinese Zodiac Dog, Dog Personality, Dog Characteristics, Personality Of The Dog, Dog Strengths, Dog Weakness, Year Of Dog, Next Year Of The Dog, Dog In Chinese Zodiac, Dogs Horoscope, Year Of The Dog, Dog In Love, Dog Love Compatibility, Dog Health And Fitness, Dog Male, Dog Female, Dog Destiny By Birth Date, Dog Destiny By Birth Month

Dog Zodiac

Dog Zodiac, What Is The Personality Of A Dog, Chinese Zodiac Dog, Dog Personality, Dog Characteristics, Personality Of The Dog, Dog Strengths, Dog Weakness, Year Of Dog, Next Year Of The Dog, Dog In Chinese Zodiac, Dogs Horoscope, Year Of The Dog, Dog In Love, Dog Love Compatibility, Dog Health And Fitness, Dog Male, Dog Female, Dog Destiny By Birth Date, Dog Destiny By Birth Month

Chinese Zodiac Dog, Dog Overview

Chinese Zodiac Dog, Dog Zodiac
The dog is the eleventh in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac animals. The recent Years of the Dog include 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, 2042…
The dog is men’s good friend who can understand the human spirit and obey its master, whether he is wealthy or not. Therefore, Chinese people regard it as an auspicious animal. If a dog happens to come to a house, it symbolizes the coming of fortune. In Chinese legend, the invincible God Erlang has a loyal dog partner to help him capture monsters.
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Xu
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Tu (Earth)
Yin Yang: Yang
Dog Overview, Dog Zodiac Overview
Ranking as the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac, Dog is the symbol of loyalty and honesty. People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature. They are honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable, and have a strong sense of responsibility. On the negative side, they are likely to be self-righteous, cold, terribly stubborn, slippery, critical of others, and not good at social activities.
Chinese: 狗 (Gǒu)
Earthly Branches: Xu (戌)
Energy: Yang
Five Elements: Earth (Tu)
Lucky Flowers: Rose, Oncidium, Cymbidium, and Orchids
Lucky Gemstone: Diamond
Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9
Lucky Colors: Green, Red, Purple
Lucky Directions: East, Southeast, South
Best Match: Tiger, Rabbit, Horse
Unlucky Numbers: 1, 6, 7
Unlucky Colors: Blue, White, Golden
Unlucky Direction: Southeast
Worst Match: Ox, Dragon, Sheep, Rooster

Years of Dog

People born in the following date ranges are believed to be born in a year of the Dog and are called Dogs. Those born in January or February should take particular note of when Chinese New Year falls to confirm their birth sign. Each Dragon year also has one of five elements associated with it.

  • 1934 – February 14, 1934, to February 3, 1935, Element -Wood
  • 1946 – February 2, 1946, to January 21, 1947, Element -Fire
  • 1958 – February 18, 1958, to February 7, 1959, Element -Earth
  • 1970 – February 6, 1970, to January 26, 1971, Element -Gold
  • 1982 – January 25, 1982, to February 12, 1983, Element -Water
  • 1994 – February 10, 1994, to January 30, 1995, Element -Wood
  • 2006 – January 29, 2006 to February 17, 2007 , Element -Fire
  • 2018 – February 16, 2018 to February 4, 2019 , Element -Earth
  • 2030 – February 3, 2030, to January 22, 2031, Element -Gold

Personality Of The Dog

Male Dog Personality Traits

Male Dogs are practical in daily life and have tiny bad habits. However, they are good at listening and sharing the unhappiness of others, thus enjoy great popularity. In addition, males under the Dog sign usually boast a strong family concept and the family ties that make forget cares and worries.
As for love relationships, male Dogs won’t fall for someone as crazy as those under the Horse or Tiger sign. Instead, they would stay with those they love and show the greatest care. Usually, they could maintain a stable family and are quite considerate and loving, especially for their children. Partners usually hold a bright attitude.
In career, men under the Pig sign are hard-working, practical, and good at management. Also, they are good working partners who are loyal to the company.

Male Dog Strengths

Men of Dog sign are straightforward, unmannered, lively, and active, and they like to right wrongs and uphold justice, thus highly favored by women. They may look passionate yet sentimental inside.
Honest and Helpful
In general, male Dogs are honest and never act. Also, they often defend the weak, listen to other people’s gripes and moans, and share the pain of others. They know how to get along with people. If you are in trouble, your male friend under the Dog sign will come to your aid without hesitation.
Practical and Secure
The fickle men always make women feel insecure. But you can totally feel secure with the male Dogs who are practical and bring you a sense of security. They all seem to have grown up in strict and impartial families and are almost free from bad habits like smoking and drinking. Everything they do is to strive for a better life. Male Dogs don’t like to take risks and protect people around their loved ones from any possible dangers.
Strong Sense of Right and Wrong
With a strong sense of right and wrong, they cannot condone the equivocal attitude and make others feel too serious. In fact, they are not showing off; out of the inner goodwill; they consider it necessary to tell the right from the wrong and let others face up to themselves and the reality. Once they think they are right, they will never compromise.

Male Dog Weaknesses

Dull and Indecisive
The obvious and biggest flaw of male Dogs lies in that they are indecisive, blind, and one-track-minded. Unable to please women or speak sugared words, they could only comfort girls with a few clumsy and dull words.
Traditional and Stubborn
The upright male Dogs are sometimes unbearably stubborn. They prefer to tradition and are less receptive to new things or the overly fickle and bustling lifestyle, making others feel quite boring.
Lack of Action
Men under the Dog sign emphasize theory yet lack action and judgment. They are suggested not to act arbitrarily, or they will suffer serious setbacks.

Female Dog Personality Traits

Female Dogs, traditional and conservative, tend to wear no make-up while everyone is gorgeously dressed. They don’t like to dress up or wear jewelry. Though less charming, they are undoubtedly good luck for their husbands. In addition, female dogs born in the evening are much more outgoing, positive, brave, and charming than those born in the day.
Women under the Dog sign are plainly dressed in daily life and like the pretty and fluffy hairstyle, making their faces more charming. When they are angry, they would be on tenterhooks, but they are considerate, caring, cooperative, and impartial in most cases. Female Dogs are fond of outdoor activities like dancing, swimming, and tennis, and they are good friends of their husbands and children.
In a love relationship, female Dogs tend to be squeamish and find it hard to establish an intimate relationship with others. When they fall for someone, they seldom say it directly but express it in a reserved manner. Therefore, they are seemingly rather lonely in a relationship. Since they are introverted and lonely, most of their love is not romantic. Even if they start a relationship in full swing, it won’t last long, and they may break up quickly. Though not good girlfriends, female Dogs are good partners in marriage because they are loyal and single-minded. It will be a wise choice to have a woman under the Dog sign as your life partner.
They never hope to have a skyrocketing rise in career but work like a horse and move step by step towards the goal. While choosing an occupation, they give priority to a sense of security and a stable income. Female Dogs are expected to succeed in business, and once they are determined, they will be sure of success.

Female Dog Strengths 

Independent and Not Fashion-oriented
Women of the Dog sign are independent and responsible. Even if they marry those who are not family-oriented, they won’t be seriously affected or frustrated because they always have their own living space and freedom for entertainment. Besides, they are plain and not fashion-oriented.
Simple, Honest, and Friendly
Female Dogs are not used to cheating their family or friends and would treat others with the sincerest side. They would rather suffer losses than trouble others and never do anything against morality out of personal interests.
Passionate and Easy-going
Female Dogs are passionate about life and work, especially the latter. They love their work and are willing to put energy into it. However, their easy-going side mainly lies in that they are willing to offer help to those in need.

Female Dog Weakness
The quiet female Dogs are persistent inside, and they would get to the bottom once they don’t understand something, which is quite time-wasting and makes others impatient. Sometimes, it is unnecessary to persist, but female dogs would not let it go, making you feel it’s hard to communicate and coordinate with them.
The lovely female Dogs are the typical simple-minded guys who love thinking about the superficial rather than deep matters. Sometimes, the overly simple thinking would lead to the omission of certain aspects. Generally, girls under the Dog sign are stupid, and even close friends cannot bear their simplicity.
Inflexible and Ineloquent
It is the quiet character that leads to the ineloquent and inflexible flaw of female Dogs. Loyal as they are, they don’t know how to say kind words or behave tactfully. This causes them a lot of trouble because they could not properly reveal to others their thoughts.

Dogs Best Birth Dates, Months, And Times

Dog’s Fate by Birth Time
Best Birth Time: 09:00AM – 11:00AM, 11:00AM – 01:00PM, and 03:00PM – 05:00PM
Dog’s Fate by Birth Date
Best Birth Dates: the 1st, 6th, 7th, 17th, 21th, 24th, 26th, 28th, and the 30th day in the Chinese lunar calendar
Dog’s Fate by Birth Month
Best Birth Months: The Dog people born in January, February, March, August, or December are lucky to enjoy good fortune in various aspects.
January: The Dog people born in January are honest. They usually could receive love, kindness, and help from their parents, thus enjoy a comfortable, safe and carefree life.
February: The Dogs born in February usually have great courage. Although their life is mingled with both hope and fear, they can get help from others thus spend the whole life without misfortune.
March: Delicate, pretty, versatile, clever, and capable, the Dog people born in March usually could have a good income. They like to juggle ideas when doing things. Also, they have the ability to achieve great success by standing on their own feet.
August: The Dog people with the birth month of August are bright, intelligent, able, and extraordinarily talented. So, they could win recognition from others. Also, careers for them could blossom, and the money rolls in.
December: The Dogs born in December are blessed to enjoy the splendor and joys of family life. They don’t need to tug all the life to make a living.

Dog In Love

The dog is an honest and upstanding sign with a sense of justice. People born in the year of the Dog have a keen intuition, spare no pains at work, and are devoted to the relationship and very loyal to their love.

The Male Dog In Love

When romantically involved, men under the Dog sign would generate a desire to conquer and control their hearts strictly. However, if they really love someone, they would become quite down-to-earth, gentle, and careful. The upright, honest, and understanding male Dogs are very constant in love, and they look forward to compatible family relationships. Dull as they are, male Dogs may not express with sweet words but are quite sincere and wholehearted and show their sincerity from dribs and drabs of life.
Male Dogs’ Attitude Towards Love
The upright and honest male Dogs are generally sincere and constant in love. Once they get married, they would remain faithful and guard their mates forever. Sometimes, their irascibility can appear overbearing, but they are wholehearted to their love and inclusive to the reproach and grumble of their partners, making others envy and admire a lot.
How Should Male Dogs Maintain Love Relationship?
Men born in Dog years actually have many unique merits – they are passionate, decisive, and like to challenge and conquer. The more they love someone, the more inclusive they will be. Sometimes, they can be selfish. For example, they are determined to win every quarrel and like to put on airs and pretend to be grown men; many childish behaviors make girls insecure. If men of Dog sign can be more considerate, steady, gentle, and meticulous, their girlfriends will award them more marks, and many contradictions will be avoided. In this way, they can enjoy a better relationship and stay together for a lifetime.
How To Know How Much A Male Dog Loves You
Seemingly amiable, Dog men are actually sensitive inside and hardly reveal their inner thoughts to others, even the closest ones. When they are asked about the past, they will return a vague answer. If you find your boyfriend under the Dog sign likes to talk about his past and childhood stories, it means he is in you and wants you to know more about him, and he has dropped his guard completely to you. Also, he would put you first and give up his hobbies to company you. If he can do that for you, he must love you very much.

What Kind Of Women Do Dog Men Like?

1) Gentle and Virtuous Women
Candid and straightforward in daily life, male Dogs are traditional and attach great importance to family. Therefore, while choosing partners, they prefer family-oriented women who can take care of every family member and help them work without worrying. As a result, they generally show no resistance to gentle and virtuous women.
2) Women of Excellent Execution
Male Dogs handle things in a mature, practical, and quick manner. Therefore, they are easily attracted by women who work positively with excellent execution but dislike those who merely talk and take no action.
3) Kind and Considerate Women
The just and equitable Dog men don’t like dirty tricks and love the kind women in daily life. Also, they are of high self-esteem and wish their partners could respect them and think the way they do. Because of this, they often fall for the kind and considerate women.

The Female Dog In Love

The introverted girls under the Dog sign are quite passive in a love relationship. They are stable, harmless, serious, and sensitive about their reputation and dignity. When romantically involved, they would be sensitive to any change of their boyfriends and hold a sincere attitude. Female Dogs tend to be faithful to their husbands unto death, and they are firm enough in love, looking forward to men of the same quality. Also, they are sacrificing and constant in love and know how to feel for others.
Female Dogs’ Attitude Towards Love
Women born in Dog years are meticulous and caring in love. When they do something for their men, they hope to be treated the same. They cannot stand any lies or failures to keep a promise in a love relationship and get very angry against lies told by their men. Unless their boyfriends know what they want and spoil them, female Dogs would not marry and spend the rest of life together.
How Should Female Dogs Maintain Love Relationship?
Girls under the Dog sign never hide their feelings: they can be very passionate or bristle up in anger. And most importantly, they would maximize the moodiness in a relationship. With a strong self-awareness, they would lose their temper and become disgruntled once their boyfriends disobey them. It is fine to be self-willed properly but being difficult regardless of occasions would push their men away. Hence, female Dogs are suggested to be moderate in this. Otherwise, it will become a flashpoint of conflicts.
How To Know How Much A Female Dog Loves You
Your girlfriend born in the Dog year can be childish, wayward, even overbearing, and mischievous, making you upset and feel she is making trouble out of nothing. However, if one day you find she is no longer childish or no longer loses temper and acts like a spoiled child on any occasion but behaves like a mature and elegant lady, it means she is indicating to you that she is no longer a little girl and is ready to be a good wife. In this way, she expresses how much she loves you.

What Kind Of Men Do Dog Women Like?

1) Straightforward and Generous Men
The righteous and forthright female Dogs dislike sluggish people. They wish their boyfriends can be decisive, straightforward, and generous and show no interest in foot-dragging men who haggle over every ounce.
2) Honest and Outspoken Men
The candid Dog women follow the rules in life and hate those who are opportunistic. Therefore, they like the honest, outspoken, and just men who often offer help to others rather than the opportunistic men who disobey rules and attain their end by hook or by crook.
3) Optimistic and Motivated Men
Female Dogs are iron ladies who are rarely bothered about trifles. Instead, they are optimistic, motivated, and capable of accomplishing something on their own. In everyday life, they are easily attracted by the enterprising and hardworking men positive in creating their career and dislike the underachievers who live off their parents.

Love Compatibility of the Dog

The Chinese zodiac can tell you about the personality and predict love compatibility in some way. So fill in your partner’s name and birthday, and test if you find your soulmate.
Best Matches: Rabbit
Rabbits have the best love compatibility with Dogs. And Dogs are easily attracted by them as Rabbits are always gentle and considerate. Compared to Dogs, they care more about the details. Dogs and Rabbits just complement each other when they make up a family.
Bad Matches: Dragon, Sheep, Rooster
Different personalities cause many conflicts in their daily life when dogs get along with Dragons, Sheep, or Roosters. As a result, it may be hard for them to have smooth communication and share inner true feelings when dating people of these three signs.

Careers For Dog

The people under the Dog sign are good at doing ordinary yet noble, simple yet valuable work. They can always be diligent, conscientious, devoted, make the best efforts, and win respect and high opinion. Therefore, they are suitable for jobs, including politicians, philosophers, doctors, teachers, judges, writers, nurses, actors, counselors, priests, psychologists, and more.
● Best Working Partners: Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse
● Best Age to Start a Business for Dog: Age 20 – 40
● Best Career Field for Dog: Iron and steel industry
● Best Business to Do: Home Decoration Shop, Furniture Shop
● Best Direction for Career: South, Southeast, Southwest
Dogs are good at doing ordinary yet noble, simple yet valuable work. They can always be diligent, conscientious, devoted, make the best efforts, and win respect and high opinion. People born in Dog years treat others with sincerity, and they are treated kindly by superiors and subordinates. It doesn’t mean every Dog can make a successful career. Due to their diligence and hard work, however, they get more chances to succeed. Dogs are capable of military work and can be great teachers, lawyers, judges, doctors, or leaders in the transportation sector, or support and launch campaigns from a pacifist perspective. In times of crisis, Dog people can endure hardships tenaciously without complaining. Many sages and wise men in the world are born in Dog years.
● Suitable Jobs for Dog: advisors, priests, psychologists, teachers, lawyers, judges, leaders of the transportation industry, politicians, philosophers, doctors, nurses, writers, medical staff, actors, referees, interviewers, etc.
● Work Partners for Dog
→ Best Working Partners: Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse
→ Good Working Partners: Monkey and Rooster (The three should work together)
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Snake
→ Bad Working Partners: Sheep, Rat, and Dragon
● Best Age to Start a Business for Dog: Age 20 – 40
● Best Career Field for Dog: Iron and steel industry
● Best Business to Do: Home Decoration Shop, Furniture Shop
● Best Direction for Career: South, Southeast, Southwest

Suitable And Ideal Jobs, Unsuitable Work For Dog

Suitable And Ideal Jobs
Judicial Work

Born to be loyal, chivalrous, and sympathetic, Dogs are natural attorneys without a title who observe people with a judging attitude. Therefore, they fit for the judicial work like a referee, attorney, and interviewer.
Backstage Work
With alert eyes and minds, Dog people are sensitive and judgmental from birth and can capture some useful information from daily life and make use of it. Additionally, they are not so ambitious and can take any job they like, whether making money or not. Therefore, the backstage work is very suitable for them.
Competitive Jobs
Dogs tend to work things out in a straightforward way. But, in direct contact with people, Dogs can give their talents into full play. So they are suitable for those jobs with certain competitiveness.
Healing Work
People born in Dog years tend to bury their ambition deep in their hearts and do what they like. Compassionate, perceptive, and capable of self-disciplining, they fit to be consultants, priests, psychologists, etc.
Retail Business
Dog people are well-rounded, skilled in managing interpersonal relationships and public relations, and talented in foreign affairs. Also, they boast good organizing ability, and sophisticated tricks thus can resolve disputes skillfully even without much knowledge. In addition, dogs have certain skills in handling staff issues and dealing with customers. Meanwhile, they will be quite capable if they choose to run a neighborhood business.
Best Field: Steel Industry
The steel industry is too masculine for many people due to their limited knowledge about the field. The industry requires grin and bear, which is exactly a quality of Dogs. Sometimes, they are confused in life because they hate complicated things other than a simple and stable life. From this perspective, Dogs are very suitable for the steel industry without too many changes. Also, the industry needs no infighting but steely temperament and perseverance, which Dogs feature. Besides, they can give vent to their strength in this industry.
Best Business To Do: Home Decoration & Furniture Store
Dog people have good knowledge about taste, romance, and comfort. For them, home means comfort and warmth. So when it comes to home decoration, no one is better than them in terms of vision and appreciation. Because of their unique taste, the goods they stock are popular with customers.
Unsuitable Work For Dog
Counting on their intelligence, Dogs are changeable and find it hard to stay still for a whole day. As a result, people under the Dog sign are not suitable for indoor work, which is monotonous and boring, as they may go crazy. The challenging jobs suit them better.

Famous Dog Year People

  • Donald Trump –  born on June 14, 1946, a Fire Dog
  • Madonna – born on August 16, 1958, an Earth Dog
  • Michael Jackson – born on August 29, 1958, an Earth Dog
  • Justin Bieber –  born on March 1, 1994, a Wood Dog

Health and lifestyle

Dogs are healthy overall, but the status of their health often has drastic changes. Though they seem resilient, it actually hides the symptoms that they may have. The smallest colds can put them in bed for days. Be wary of influenza and other contagious diseases during the summer and autumn seasons.
They should pay attention to their digestive system during their youth. Their biggest enemy is their unhealthy diet. Once in the workforce, Dogs will constantly be busy. The stress will lead to headaches and migraines. In extreme cases, it can even lead to hysteria. To create a strong base, Dogs should begin the habit of exercising early on. Taking breaks as needed and relaxing activities such as yoga are recommended.

Dog’s Personality by Blood Types

  • Blood Type O: With high self-esteem, they are competitive in work and love the idea of freedom. Outstanding work abilities and good tempers make them achieve a lot.
  • Blood Type A: They are faithful and genuine but may not be very eloquent. It makes their popularity among friends but also brings some troubles at work.
  • Blood Type B: Persistence and justice are defining characteristics. They always try to achieve success by their own efforts and abhor evils as deadly foes.
  • Blood Type AB: With high self-control and prudence in their nature, they always obtain bosses’ recognition, but they are prone to be less communicative in life.

Personality by Five Elements: Which Type of ‘Dog’ Are You?
Based on 5 basic elements, people born in different years of Dog show diverse traits and horoscopes. But, first, see what kind of Dog you are.

  • Wood Dog – 1934, 1994 Honest, reliable, considerate, having a strong feeling for justice.
  • Fire Dog – 1946, 2006 Kind-hearted, cautious, working in a down-to-earth way.
  • Earth Dog – 1958, 2018 Persistent, meticulously attentive, with good fortune in wealth.
  • Metal Dog – 1910, 1970 Conservative, accommodating, a strong sense of self-respect.
  • Water Dog – 1922, 1982 Foresighted, responsible, but some self-centered.

Dog Destiny By Birth Date

  1. Dog people born on the 1st day of the month are honest, tolerant, chivalrous, sympathetic, and blessed with good fortune.
  2. Dog people born on the 2nd day of a month are gentle and honest, accumulate virtues, and seldom rely on relatives.
  3. Dog people born on the 3rd day are smart, generous, impatient, and blessed with good luck for wealth and prioritize justice over beauty.
  4. Dog people born on the 4th day usually have poor luck and get limited wealth in youth but will gain fame and wealth and enjoy success once promoted by the benefactors.
  5. Dog people born on the 5th day are impatient and usually fall sick from overwork; if they can keep calm, they will have good luck.
  6. Dog people born on the 6th day are intelligent and virtuous, and they can become world-renowned; good wives support males while females marry good men and keep the house well.
  7. Dog people born on the 7th day could enjoy health, wealth, and rank throughout life.
  8. Dog people born on the 8th day are clever, vigorous, resolute, decisive, independent, and more likely to succeed.
  9. Dog people born on the 9th day get limited wealth and profit despite the hard work in youth but have better luck and make more achievements after middle age.
  10. Dog people born on the 10th day are quick-witted, vigorous, adaptable, and independent.
  11. Dog people born on the 11th day are frank, outspoken, eloquent, and vain, will marry and settle down once persistent enough.
  12. Dog people born on the 12th day usually have poor luck in youth and steady luck in middle age. Therefore, they could benefit from children and enjoy a blessed life.
  13. Dog people born on the 13th day enjoy average luck in youth. Their capacity cannot be fully played unless they meet a judge of talents. Nevertheless, they are eager to do well in everything and stand on their own feet.
  14. Dog people born on the 14th day usually get limited support from parents and relatives. They have better luck in middle age and could build up from nothing.
  15. Dog people born on the 15th day are intelligent, studious, and versatile. They could earn their own livings and start from scratch.
  16. Dog people born on the 16th day are talented in the study. However, they are born to be officials and can get success step by step.
  17. Dog people born in the 17th day are clever and quick-witted, powerful and influential. They are never short of money and can succeed.
  18. Dog people born on the 18th day are straightforward, hardhearted, impatient, and more likely to fail despite all-out efforts.
  19. Dog people born in the 19th day are kind, honest, and generous. Therefore, they could often get help from others and get success easily.
  20. Dog people born in the 20th day are outspoken, softhearted, upright, and sociable. They usually enjoy blessings in later years.
  21. Dog people born in the 21st day are agile-minded, resourceful, eloquent, talented in leadership, and can achieve something great.
  22. Dog people born on the 22nd day are born to be officials. They are self-willed, hot-tempered, and don’t like to follow the advice of others. However, they can achieve something great.
  23. Dog people born on the 23rd day are bright. They are suitable to start a business and keep away from politics. They usually could enjoy wealth and rank in life.
  24. Dog people born on the 24th day are smart, talented, tend to be scholars, accomplish goals and bring fame to family.
  25. Dog people born on the 25th day usually experience twists and turns in youth and enjoy better luck in later years.
  26. Dog people born on the 26th day are born under a fortunate star. Gentle and respected, they could get good wives and filial children.
  27. Dog people born on the 27th day usually experience hardships in youth but have better luck, achieve success, and win recognition after middle age. As a result, they could enjoy happy married life.
  28. Dog people born on the 28th day are clever, wise, and sensible, tend to get power and position, make a great fortune, and be respected by others.
  29. Dog people born on the 29th day are learned, brilliant, self-motivated, yet self-willed, distrust others, and thus couldn’t get along well.
  30. Dog people born on the 30th day enjoy more joys, fewer sorrows, good marriage and career, good wealth, and family property.
  31. Dog Born on the 31st day of a month -They can gain fame and wealth in their lifetime but may encounter some physical problems, so be careful and keep working out. The luck in early life is just so so but good in late life.

Dog – Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Dog: January, March, August, September, December

  1. Dog Born in January –People with Chinese zodiac Dogs born in January are honest. They can get help and care from their parents and live a carefree life. Their lifetime is also safe without big dangers. However, as they are too honest, it is difficult for them to develop a career. A steady and comfortable job may be more suitable for them.
  2. Dog Born in February –Their life may be full of both happiness and sadness. They are brave but too self-concerned and often bully others for pleasure. They may have lots of troubles during their lifetime, but with help from others, they can live a safe life in general.
  3. Dog Born in March –People born in March in the Chinese year can live a happy life. They are clever, talented, and have an inquiring mind, based on which they may find a good source of income. Moreover, they may get lots of help from friends and achieve great success in their careers.
  4. Dog Born in April –They are gentle and faithful. They do not have big life goals and are easy to be content with their current living conditions. Although the ancestors left little for them, they can live a peaceful and carefree life under their parents’ care and with help from kin.
  5. Dog Born in May –Dog people born in May are tough and never do harmful things to others. In early life, their career develops slowly but can support the family; in middle ages, the good luck comes, and their career begins to develop fast, and wealth rolls in; their late-life is glorious, but they can hardly rely on their kids.
  6. Dog Born in June –People with the birth month in June in the Dog are ambitious and talented, but lacking good luck, it is hard for them to realize their goals early. But, then, good luck falls on them in the middle ages, and they may obtain fame and fortune since then. However, they may have a quick tongue and never bother to hide what they think, which may make people around unhappy.
  7. Dog Born in July –This group of people is pure and neither too tough nor too weak. They may live a hard early life, and their careers may not be settled down until they are 35 or 36 years old. However, the career develops fast in their 40’s, gets steady in the ’50s, and prosper in their late life.
  8. Born in August with a Chinese zodiac dog born in August, people may live a happy and glorious life. They are clever, capable, and talented. With the help from the last generations and others, their career may develop fast, bringing them lots of wealth. However, they may offend others impulsively, leading to a subtle influence on their career.
  9. Dog Born in September –They are decisive, wise, and talented and have big life goals. With efficient help from others, they can get a high position in work. But as they are too tough or stubborn to a certain extent, they may make some big mistakes in work. But, as a whole, they can live a rich life.
  10. Dog Born in October –Dog people born in this month are honest, talented, and hard-working. However, with no help from brothers, sisters, and otherkin and lack of good luck and good chances, their career may go through several ups and downs. It may be not until their late-life that good luck falls on them, and their life starts to prosper.
  11. Dog Born in November –They are grumpy, straightforward, talented, broad-minded, and not afraid of evil persons and things. Without supportive brothers and sisters, they need to rely on themselves to make a living. However, they are not very good at gathering money, and their life may encounter several ups and downs.
  12. Dog Born in December –They are born blessed. With the help from the last generations and friends, they can live a rich life even if they do not work hard. However, they are not a lazy person and would like to make efforts to have their own career, in which they can succeed in their 40’s and make lots of money.

How to Build Relationship with Dogs

Most Dogs are not good at expressing themselves, which sometimes makes it difficult for others to feel their passion. So if you are too hasty and aggressive, they may not feel so comfortable. On the other hand, dogs tend to be more thoughtful when being in a relationship, so it is suggested to create a romantic environment and carefully arrange your date when getting along with Dogs. Also, remember to be genuine as Dogs hate all the cheats and betrayals.

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