Chinese Zodiac Hour, Chinese Zodiac Month, Chinese Zodiac Signs Dates, Chinese Zodiac Time, Tai Sui, Ben Ming Nian, What Is Fan Tai Sui, Chinese Zodiac Hour Meaning, Chinese Zodiac Hour Animal, Chinese Zodiac Month Animal, Chinese Zodiac Month Day Hour

Chinese Zodiac Hour, Month, Dates, Time

Chinese Zodiac Hour, Chinese Zodiac Month, Chinese Zodiac Signs Dates, Chinese Zodiac Time, Tai Sui, Ben Ming Nian, What Is Fan Tai Sui, Chinese Zodiac Hour Meaning, Chinese Zodiac Hour Animal, Chinese Zodiac Month Animal, Chinese Zodiac Month Day Hour

Chinese Zodiac Time, Chinese Zodiac Hour Calculator

Chinese Zodiac Time
People divided a day and night into 12 time periods in ancient China, equaling to the present 2 hours. They also gave each time period a zodiac sign, named Chinese zodiac time.
Chinese Zodiac Hour Calculator
Time, Chinese Zodiac Hour, Zodiac Sign
1- 23:00 – 01:00 , Zi Shi , Rat
2- 01:00 – 03:00 , Chou Shi , Ox
3- 03:00 – 05:00 , Yin Shi , Tiger
4- 05:00 – 07:00 , Mao Shi , Rabbit
5- 07:00 – 09:00 , Chen Shi , Dragon
6- 09:00 – 11:00 , Si Shi , Snake
7- 11:00 – 13:00 , Wu Shi , Horse
8- 13:00 – 15:00 , Wei Shi , Sheep
9- 15:00 – 17:00 , Shen Shi , Monkey
10- 17:00 – 19:00 , You Shi , Rooster
11- 19:00 – 21:00 , Xu Shi , Dog
12- 21:00 – 23:00 , Hai Shi , Pig

Chinese Zodiac Hour Meaning

1- Zi Shi – Rats are foraging – Zi Shi starts at 11 p.m. and ends at 1 a.m. It means the last moment of a day and refers to the beginning of a new day. Zi Shi is with Chinese zodiac Rat sign as rats are usually active for foraging at midnight.
2- Chou Shi – Oxes are chewing the cud – Chou Shi is from 1 to 3 a.m. It is the dark period before dawn, and the oxes begin to chew the cud at this time. Therefore, Chou Shi belongs to the zodiac Ox.
3- Yin Shi – Tigers are active to capture prey –Yin Shi refers to 3 to 5 a.m. upon the dawn moment. Tigers wake up and capture prey at this point, so this time period is given the Tiger sign.
4- Mao Shi – Jade Rabbit is working with herbal medicines – The 2-hour period between 5 and 7 a.m. is Mao Shi. Although the sun is rising, the moon can still be seen in the sky. In the Chinese fairy tale, Jade Rabbit inside the Moon Palace is still working with herbal medicines. In this case, Mao Shi is related to the zodiac Rabbit.
5- Chen Shi – Dragons will bring rainwater – During Chen Shi from 7 to 9 a.m., the sunlight gets brighter, and the temperature gets higher. The mythical creature dragons bring rainwater to people; this gives Chen Shi the zodiac Dragon.
6- Si Shi – Snakes are leaving their holes – Snake acquires Si Shi – 9 – 11 a.m., as they usually leave their holes for absorbing power from the warm sunshine in this comfortable time.
7- Wu Shi – Horses are energetic – 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. is Wu Shi. Horses are on behalf of Wu Shi as they are still sthenic while the others are tired and taking noon break.
8- Wei Shi – Sheep are pasturing – Sheep zodiac possesses 1 to 3 p.m. named Wei Shi. The heat will disappear in the early afternoon, and it is a good time for goats to pasture.
9- Shen Shi – Monkeys are crowing –Shen Shi is three to five o’clock in the afternoon. Monkeys are active and begin to grow by this time. Hence, the Chinese zodiac hour Shen Shi is with the Monkey sign.
10- You Shi – Roosters are returning to dens –You Shi – 5 to 7 p.m. represents the moment of night falls. Rooster among the twelve Chinese zodiac signs as roosters always goes back to their homes from 17:00 to 19:00.
11- Xu Shi – Dogs are on guard –From 7 to 9 p.m. of Xu Shi in the evening, it’s dark outside, and dogs start to do their job of gate guarding.
12- Hai Shi – Pigs are sleeping – Hai Shi is the ending hour from 9 to 11 p.m; in a day. All is quiet, and pigs are in a deep sleep, so they have Hai Shi.

Chinese Zodiac Month 

Ancient Chinese people also gave each of the 12 months a zodiac sign based on their relevance.
Lunar Month, Zodiac Sign Chinese, Zodiac Month Meaning
1- January Tiger – Tigers are haunting through mountain forests for foraging.
2- February Rabbit – Rabbits are active and kicking on the verdant grass.
3- March Dragon – Dragons appear in the air, and thunder brings people to spring rain.
4- April Snake – In warm April, Snakes are awake from hibernation.
5- May Horse – Horses run and crow happily in the grassy lawn.
6- June Sheep – Sheep are happily eating grass all over the mountains and plains.
7- July Monkey – Monkeys constantly roar in the thick jungle.
8- August Rooster – In the middle of autumn, people cook chicken and drink wine for reveling.
9- September Dog – Dogs are required for guarding in the harvest time.
10- October Pig – Pigs are getting plumper and pumpers in October.
11- November Rat – In the snow season, Rats start to steal food at night.
12- December Ox – Ox returns to cowsheds to avoid cold wind.

Ben Ming Nian (Zodiac Year of Birth)

What and when is Ben Ming Nian? – Ben Ming Nian is the Chinese Zodiac Birth Year, which refers to years sharing the same Chinese zodiac sign with one’s birth year. 12 zodiac animal years are regarded as a cycle in the Chinese lunar calendar, so every 12 years, people will encounter their Ben Ming Nian. In other words, when people are at the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, and even 84, they are actually experiencing their Chinese zodiac birth year. One person may go through seven to eight zodiac years in a lifetime.
It is a Chinese zodiac Bad Luck Year.
In folklore, it is a prevalent superstition that people’s zodiac year of birth is unlucky, so it is also called Threshold Years, which means a year with many obstacles in life. So why is Ben Ming Nian considered ominous? It is said that starting from the Chinese New Year of one’s year of birth, people will offend ‘Tai Sui,’ a mysterious power or celestial body that could control people’s fortune. Impacted by this power, people will suffer either exultation or misery during that year.
What Does Ben Ming Nian Bring to People?
Generally speaking, there are just more and greater changes in the Chinese zodiac year of birth than in other years. As a result, people are likely to suffer misfortune and adversity such as disease, financial loss, extramarital affairs, and disputes with others. However, Ben Ming Nian is not always ominous, for people are also offered challenges and opportunities. If they can take advantage of them, they will make great accomplishments. A change to one’s fate to ensure the predomination of good fortune requires both efforts and a firm belief.

Notices for Zodiac Year of Birth

To cope with the big rise and fall in one’s Ben Ming Nian, it is unwise to make moves in career and life. In the first place, they should avoid starting a new business or making a large-amount investment in case of any economic loss. Traveling far would also incur potential dangers. Moving house and getting married in one’s Ben Ming Nian are all considered ominous. It is quite necessary to keep themselves modest and in low profile, or else their relationships with people around would break up. In the meantime, they should keep themselves out of anything to do with their unlucky numbers, colors, or directions. For unlucky signs, you can find detailed info on each Chinese zodiac animal page.

How to Avoid Good Luck in One’s Ben Ming Nian?

Although crises surround people in their Ben Ming Nian, there are effective ways to diminish the negative impacts.
1- Dressing in Red
The most popular way to avoid miserable events is to wear red underwear, a red waist belt, and red socks, suppressing the evil spirits. In case of being set up by bad guys, people can also get a pair of red shoe-pads, trample everything dishonorable.
However, this stuff must be purchased by families or friends. If the one buys those items themselves, the function will be greatly reduced. Due to Chinese people’s special affection for red, thus redness has become the token of festivities, success, bravery, rightness, and prosperity.
2- Wearing Talismans
Talismans like the jade bracelet and crystal necklace are also useful to defend personal safety. Jade, crystal, and gold possess psychic power, which helps to appeal to good luck. If these accessories were designed in Pixiu image, it would be much more auspicious. Pixiu is a mythical creature who can bring people wealth and suppress evil.
3- Blood Donation
It is said that people are more likely to suffer physical injuries in their zodiac year of birth. Therefore, apart from avoiding high-risk outdoor activities, they could choose to make a blood donation to avoid misfortunes.
4- Enshrining the God, Tai Sui
As Tai Sui controls the fortune of the whole year, it would be better to go to temples to worship the god. Hence, their career will be prospered, and their life will also be smooth.

Tai Sui

Tai Sui is short for Tai Sui God. According to Chinese astrology, there are altogether 60 Tai Sui, and they are in charge of humans’ fortune in turn once every 60 years. In that year, the on-duty Tai Sui, also named Liu Nian Tai Sui, is regarded as the guardian God for everything, including health, wealth, career, and marriage.
Every person has their own God of Taisui, called the person’s Ben Ming Tai Sui. This can influence the person’s whole life in various fields.

What is Fan Tai Sui?,  Zodiac Fan Tai Sui, Feng Shui Fan Tai Sui

Fan Tai Sui refers to offending the God of Tai Sui. For example, if you are not very smooth at work, having a bad relationship, or suffering from a poor physical condition, it may be because you are in the condition of Fan Tai Sui. Therefore, you might have made some offense to God, and they refuse to bless you and condemn you with misfortunes.
Generally speaking, Fan Tai Sui is usually seen in two aspects: one in time aspect named Zodiac Fan Tai Sui, the other in space aspect called Feng Shui Fan Tai Sui.
Zodiac Fan Tai Sui
Zodiac Fan Tai Sui is that one’s Chinese zodiac conflicts with the Liu Nian Tai Sui. In this case, even if you have not done anything offending Taisui, you may not be blessed.
Feng Shui Fan Tai Sui
If the place where you sleep or work does not meet Liu Nian Tai Sui’s requirements or hamper the path of their work execution, it is Feng Shui Fan Tai Sui.
For instance, if the Liu Nian Tai Sui is located northwest, the opposite southeast affronts him. Therefore, to avert misfortune, it is not advisable to do construction works in both directions. For example, the door, bedroom, the head of bed, office, and the table should avoid being placed in the two orientations.

How to avoid Fan Tai Sui

1- Pray Tai Sui (Bai Tai Sui)
You can either go to the Taisui temple to pay respects to God or worship this guardian angel at home. Before doing it, please take a bath and put on clean clothes, and do not have meat and wines the preceding night.
2- When to Pray Tai Sui
One should pray Taisui at the beginning of a Chinese new year. The best date is January 8 in the Chinese lunar calendar. Those dates before January 15 are also fine.
3- How to Pray Tai Sui
If you visit a temple, you should prepare a package containing a paper with your name and date of birth to let the Tai Sui know which people should be blessed. Next, you should kowtow to all the 60 Gods, then the Liu Nian Tai Sui, and your Ben Ming Tai Sui at last. Then, finally, burn the package.
If praying at home, you can set a neat table with six kinds of fruits, Buddhist food and joss sticks, candles, and a paper package with your name and date of birth; paste a piece of red paper with the name and birth date of the Tai Sui on the wall behind the table; kneel and pray piously. When the sticks and candles burn in half, you can incinerate the paper package inside a basin in front.
4- Wearing Tai Sui Amulet
You can wear lucky amulets to change the situation of offending Tainui. The best Tai Sui amulet is Pi Xiu. In Chinese mythology, Pi Xiu is a fierce creature looking like an offwhite lion with a dragon head, horse body, and unicorn feet. Normally Pi Xiu amulet is made of jade or gold, and you can wear it for money drawing and bad luck eliminating. It also helps you pursue good fortune and avoid disasters.

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