Taurus Dates, Taurus Zodiac Sign, Taurus Traits, Taurus Woman, Taurus Man, Taurus Zodiac Horoscope Dates, Taurus Sign Dates, Taurus In Astrology, Taurus Characteristics, Personality, Compatibility, and Symbol

Taurus In Astrology

Taurus Dates, Taurus Zodiac Sign, Taurus Traits, Taurus Woman, Taurus Man, Taurus Zodiac Horoscope Dates, Taurus Sign Dates, Taurus In Astrology, Taurus Characteristics, Personality, Compatibility, and Symbol

Taurus Zodiac Sign Dates Characteristics Personality Compatibility Symbol

1- Taurus Zodiac Sign Date – April 20–May 20
2- Zodiac Sign – Taurus (Bull)
3- Taurus Zodiac Sign Symbol – The Bull
4- Taurus Zodiac Sign Ruling Planet – Venus
5- Taurus Zodiac Sign Detriment – Scorpio
6- Taurus Zodiac Sign Lucky Gemstone – Diamond, Amber, Opal, And Turquoise
7- Taurus Zodiac Sign Lucky Color – Green, White, Pink, And Cream
8- Taurus Zodiac Sign Lucky Days – Wednesday And Friday
9- Taurus Zodiac Sign Lucky Metal – Silver
10- Taurus Zodiac Sign Strengths – Reliable, Patient, Practical, And Hardworking
11- Taurus Zodiac Sign Weaknesses – Stubborn, Overprotective, Incontinent, And Lazy
12- Taurus Best Compatibility For Marriage – Best – Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio And Capricorn, Good – Taurus
13- Taurus Zodiac Sign Business Partner – Virgo
14- Taurus Zodiac Sign Best Guide – Capricorn
15- Taurus Zodiac Sign Lucky Alphabet – P, J, G, K, And H
16- Taurus Zodiac Sign Eventful Years – 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69, 78, And 87
17- Taurus Zodiac Sign Career, Best Profession – Musicians, Bankers, Tailors, Insurance, Agents, Dairy Farmers, Painters, And Farmers.
18- Zodiac Sign Numerology (2) – Calm Nature, Mentally Strong, Skilled In His Work, Helpful Nature, Emotional
19- Taurus Zodiac Sign Modality (Fixed Quality) – Resistance To Change, Great Willpower, Inflexible
20- Taurus Zodiac Sign In One Word – Responsible
21- Taurus Zodiac Sign Lucky Numbers – 2, 6, 9, 12, 24
22- Taurus Zodiac Sign Motto – Devoted
23- Taurus Zodiac Sign House – 2nd House
House Title – House Of Value
House Interpretation – Material And Immaterial Things Of Certain Value, Money, Possessions, And Acquisitions, Cultivation, Substance, Self- Worth.
24- Taurus Zodiac Sign Compatibility
Auspicious – Taurus, Virgo, And Capricorn People
Successful – Cancer, Scorpio, And Pisces People
Suitable – Aries, Leo, And Sagittarius People
Not Favorable – Gemini, Libra, And Aquarius People
25- Taurus Zodiac Sign Element ( Earth Element ) – Materiality Loving And Complete Worldly, Reality
Superior Compatibility Element – Earth Element ( Taurus, Virgo, And Capricorn ) And Water Element ( Cancer, Scorpio, And Pisces )
Friend Element – Fire Element ( Aries, Leo, And Sagittarius )
Less Compatibility Element – Air Element ( Gemini, Libra, And Aquarius )
26- Taurus Zodiac Likes – Gardening, Cooking, Music, Love, Higher Quality Garments, Working With Palms.
27- Taurus Zodiac Dislikes – Sudden Changes, Complications, Insecurity of Any Sort, Artificial Fabrics.
28- Taurus Zodiac Sign Tarot Card – The Hierophant

Taurus Traits and Overview

Taurus, the second indication of the zodiac and the ruler of this second home, is about reward. Unlike the Aries love of the sport, the typical Taurus character loves the benefits of this game. Think physical pleasures and material goods, for those born under this sign revel in delicious excess. This zodiac sign can be tactile, loving a tender, even sensual, touch.
Taurus zodiac sign loves relaxation and enjoys being surrounded by lovely, soothing things. Along these lines, they also prefer a fantastic meal and an excellent wine. Whether it’s the arts or art of their own making (yes, these people are artistic too ), the wonderful life in all its guises is heaven on Earth to the Taurus-born.

Taurus Personality

Ruled by Venus, Taurus’ archetypal traits derive from the receptive, female, or yin attributes, making this signal oriented toward contemplation and involvement with internal consciousness. Alive in either a Taurus girl or Taurus person, those born with the indication of the Bull because of their climbing, sun, or moon signal possesses a constant, patient, and ample energy at the heart of their character, like the bounty of Spring, have been living in their spirits.
As a stationary sign, Taurus’ character traits hold the qualities of being a sustainer. Because of this, people who indicate the Bull prominent in their graphs are inclined to be excellent at devoting themselves to observe relationships and projects.

Taureans can be considered the “contractors” of the zodiac because Venus rules Venus; these natives intentionally function generating and easing material prosperity and all that’s beautiful, nourishing, or gratifying in life.
Practical and well-grounded, Taurus is the indication which harvests the fruits of labor. They feel the need always to be surrounded with beauty and love, turned into the content world, hedonism, and bodily delights. Individuals born with their Sun in Taurus are sensual and tactile, considering the taste and touch the most crucial of all perceptions. Stable and conservative, this is among the most reliable signs of the zodiac, prepared to survive and follow their decisions until they get to the purpose of personal gratification.

Taurus is an Earth sign, like Virgo and Capricorn, also can view things from a grounded, realistic and practical outlook. They find it easy to earn money and keep on same jobs for many years or till they’re finished. We frequently see as stubbornness could be translated as dedication, and also, their ability to finish tasks whatever it requires is uncanny. This makes them exceptional workers, great long-term buddies, and spouses, always there for people they love. But, on the other hand, the earthly notice occasionally makes them conservative or materialistic, together with views of the world based on their love of money and riches.

The ruler of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love, fascination, attractiveness, pride, imagination, and gratitude. This tender character will create Taurus a superb cook, gardener, buff, and artist. They’re faithful and do not like abrupt changes, criticism, or the pursuit of guilt folks tend to be vulnerable to, being marginally dependable on others and emotions they appear to be not able to forego. However, regardless of their possible psychological challenge, these folks can deliver a sensible voice of reason in any disorderly and unhealthy scenario.

Taurus -the Wandering Bull: The person who betrayed their very best buddy, goddess Hera himself, is an unfortunate being who needs to roam the Earth to find independence. But, like something was constantly putting them behind their back, reminding them of joy which once was, pushing and stripping forward, they shut up in their worlds, both separated and lonely from their heart. To find love, a Taurus must travel the planet, change perspective or make a change in their whole belief system and their system of values.

Taurus Love And Romance

One always must be ready to have the patience to get a Taurus enthusiast. They are sensual, touch, smell, and most of the pleasurable senses being essential. Still, they also require time to make a secure environment and unwind in their sexual experiences. When they produce enough familiarity with a loved one, they become somewhat gooey, occasionally even impoverished, and need to keep their feelings in check, holding to practical reasoning while embracing change and initiative of the spouse in any way.

Long-term relationships frequently choose individuals from the same social environment who can reply to their intellectual demands and the expectations of loved ones and intimate friends. Holding on to traditional values and the practical side to life can indicate that seldom selects a spouse who will not meet basic upbringing expectations, frequently showing and getting attention by gifts and things. But, on the other hand, should they adhere to the ethical code too stiffly and deny all taboos and adventuresome approaches, they might wind up swimming in anger and frustration issues that they do not understand how to solve, frequently manifesting through the individual standing before them. As a result, Taurus compatibility with different signs can be challenging.

Taurus Friends And Loved Ones

Friends – Individuals born in this sign are faithful and always eager to give a hand of friendship, even though they may be shut for the outside world till they build hope for new social connections that they create. Many of the companies start in youth with a propensity to last them a lifetime. As soon as they make a clear romantic relationship with a different individual, they’ll do whatever they can to cultivate the relationship and allow it to be operational even in difficult times.

Family – Home and things of the household are essential to each Taurus. This is somebody who loves children and enjoys time with those who adore them, respecting family patterns, habits, and current in most events and parties. They’ll delight in hosting home parties for loved ones, members, and friends and do not mind cooking a meal to get a room filled with people if they have pleasure in return.

Taurus Career And Money

Taurus agents usually love cash and will work hard to make it. They’re dependable, hardworking, patient, and comprehensive, as workers or somebody in a place of power. When focused on a particular job, they will firmly adhere to it, regardless of what happens in the world about them. Stability is the trick to know their functioning routine. The hunt for material pleasures and benefits is a genuine requirement to construct their sense of worth and reach a satisfying lavish yet functional means of life. Their occupation is seen as a way to make it feasible.

Taurus is a Sun signal nicely organized with their financing, and all their invoices will be paid without delay. They look after their retirement, taking responsibility and saving a little cash for a rainy afternoon, able to make because of a very small and a very major salary just the same. Jobs that match them are farming, banking, artwork, and anything which entails culinary abilities.

The Way to Entice The Taurus Man

If you’re in search of a powerful, faithful, and generous person, Taurus is the individual who you’re searching for. He’s trustworthy, tender, and patient when in love, constantly searching for a returned emotion. He won’t select subtle hinds and suggestive looks from people who flirt with him slightly slow on the uptake, like waiting for somebody to ask them out. He dislikes artificiality of any sort and is worth conversations full of factual statements, particularly when it comes to praise and appreciation declarations.

A Taurus man requires time to construct confidence, and anybody on a chase because of his heart should select the time making it. As a man of hardly any words, he’ll appear impossible to permeate at times, as nothing could touch him. An invitation to get a tasty home-cooked meal is almost always a safe bet when the relationship with this guy and picking a cozy and comfortable location instead of hot or contemporary. Turned to the character and ordinary believing, he’ll see sex as a tool that comes when the timing is correct, rarely puts some pressure on his spouse, and feels as though it’s something to be appreciated, not so much something to crave. A component of his static personality is the possible inability to forgive betrayal, and he wants to feel genuinely safe to settle down with a single partner permanently.

The Way to Entice The Taurus Woman

If you would like to seduce a lady born with her Sun in Taurus, then you’ll have to appeal to her sense of love. Taurus girls wish to be courted and gradually seduced, even if they’ve decided to put in a relationship with somebody. They want things to move progressively and seldom jump right into a sexual relationship quickly without thinking long and hard about her options.

A Taurus girl yearns for true love and safety. It’s highly improbable that she’ll give to her wants and instincts fast, and if a person wants to get her heart, they might need to devote a good deal of energy and time to the sport of winning over, making her feel comfortable. After falling in love, she becomes hot, romantic, loyal, and close, standing with her spouse for so long as he is dedicated to her. She has an eye for beautiful things and enjoys the simplicity of nice stuff in existence. The method to approach her is via enjoyable shared minutes, respect for privacy, excellent food, and a gentle touch. This girl does not want to feel rushed when relationship and wants to get her time. After feeling comfortable and protected with somebody, she’ll happily and immediately give her heart without holding back.

Taurus Compatibility With Other Sings

Taurus – Aries

The Taurus-Aries couple may take time to get used to one another, but they are a wonderful couple as soon as they get comfy. Just don’t forget, Taurus, that although you would like to shield Aries, they won’t stand for anybody seeking to restrain them. Aries can not live with no action and experience. Taurus is like a beacon of comfort and stability they will always go back to.

Taurus – Taurus

The Taurus-Taurus couple is just one of the most potent pairings in astrology… when they could agree to place any power battles aside and work together. Taurus would like to be the boss of their turf, and it is difficult for them to talk about the throne. There will surely be a few confrontations and head-butting initially, but if these two eventually develop into a combined front, nothing may endanger them or their land.

Taurus – Gemini

The Taurus-Gemini few are likely to need to understand how to show love in a way that the other knows. Taurus craves physical signature, while Gemini requires intellectual stimulation. Yet another challenge is Gemini’s flightiness — Taurus expects undying loyalty, and even though Gemini is loyal, they can not help flirting. Finally, Taurus develops trust problems, and Gemini gets tired of feeling like they’re being stored in a gilded cage. Both of these will need to earn a lot of compromises whether it is going to work out.

Taurus – Cancer

Both of these are incredibly well-suited for one another. Cancer enjoys nothing better than feeling protected and safe in your home; also, Taurus enjoys someone who puts so much personal worth in their bodily treasures. Practical Taurus may need to learn to open up a bit because of Cancer’s psychological and instinctive strategy. By the identical token, Cancer will need to understand that not everything entails multiple layers of sense sometimes; everything you see on the surface is all there is about it.

Taurus – Leo

The Taurus-Leo pair will immediately find themselves at a contest, as both consider these as “King” or “Queen.” So expect a lot of stubborn stand-offs and refusals to undermine even a tiny bit.
If anything saves this connection, it’ll be their shared love of beauty, art, and imagination. But, unfortunately, they might never develop the kind of gentle familiarity that we associate with love. Still, there is a lot of mutual respect, and it is possible they could build something great together.

Taurus – Virgo

On the outside, this bunch sounds somewhat bland and dull. However, if both of these can open enough when they are alone, the Taurus-Virgo couple could enjoy one of their hottest, most fulfilling relationships anybody can ask for.
Peace-loving and faithful, they are highly harmonious emotionally and physically — if they can be bothered to pursue it. However, when two Earth signals get together, the difficulty is they don’t tend to be somewhat good at discussing feelings. Virgo is on particularly shaky ground; therefore, Taurus will get to take the lead.

Taurus – Libra

The planet Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, and these signs exhibit various sides of the world’s romantic energy. This will not guarantee they will be happy together for long, however.
Watch, Libra loves everybody, constantly tripping Taurus’ jealous series. Both these signs tend to be somewhat insecure, so too, so they will continuously be questioning themselves, each other, and their connection. The Taurus-Libra few are most likely to drift apart until they drive each other mad.

Taurus – Scorpio

For just two signs which put such a high value on loyalty, the Taurus-Scorpio couple has a great deal to learn if it comes to trusting each other. Scorpio does not trust anybody initially. And if they suspect, they may begin acting suspiciously, putting off Taurus’ red flags, and they then begin to behave strangely; on the other hand, if they could get past this awkward phase and be comfortable with one another, their intimate relationship is guaranteed to become mythical.

Taurus – Sagittarius

The Taurus-Sagittarius love is a good deal of fun… for just a little while; however, it is difficult to remain together for an extended when Taurus can not comprehend why Sagittarius will not sit still and concentrate. Sagittarius is indeed quickly bored by Taurus’ predictable pattern. They have a great deal to offer each other initially and will likely stay fantastic friends during their lives, but there is not much to hold them together in a committed relationship.

Taurus – Capricorn

The Taurus-Capricorn couple may not have the ability to meet each other sexually or emotionally. However, if it comes to getting things done, they can still construct an empire together. As a result, these two make good business partners. Romance? Not much.
However, the chance is there if they are both prepared to take some psychological risks and inform each other what they desire. Both of these signs are loyal and devoted, and probably to try their very best to make another happy, if they understand what has to be carried out.

Taurus – Aquarius

Let us be honest: there’s not a great deal of common ground here. Taurus likes to place boundaries and adhere to a pattern, while Aquarius’ very nature is due to change and insanity. Taurus is materialistic, grounded, and possessive; Aquarius appreciates thoughts and can not endure getting tied down. They could have the ability to enjoy each other’s physical attractiveness and intellectual viewpoints, but within the long term? They are just very likely to confuse each other over anything else.

Taurus – Pisces

The honesty and heartfelt emotional connection the Taurus-Pisces couple appreciates is touching. Taurus helps maintain Pisces’ feet on the floor, and Pisces reveals to Taurus how amazing it is to stick the head in the clouds now and then.
Pisces’ creativity is an inspiration for Taurus, who loves being privy to those key fantasies. The only challenge here’s Pisces’ changing character, but when Taurus will roll with these modifications, and when Pisces can honor Taurus’ have to understand what’s happening; both of these are most likely to discuss a long, remarkable life together.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Conclusion 

The Earth signal collective are functional, stoic, determined, ambitious, worldly. Taurus is famed because of their stubbornness; however, there is more to them than… they are a little dark horse. Ruled by the planet Venus, they discuss her attributes of beauty, artistry, hedonism, and a love of luxury and relaxation.

Taurus Dates, Taurus Zodiac Sign, Taurus Traits, Taurus Woman, Taurus Man, Taurus Zodiac Horoscope Dates, Taurus Sign Dates, Taurus In Astrology, Taurus Characteristics, Personality, Compatibility, and Symbol

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