Planet Moon, Moon In Astrology, Benefits Of Strong Moon In Astrology, Strong Moon Benefits, Strong Moon In Horoscope, Weak Moon In Astrology, Moon Astrology

Moon In Astrology

Planet Moon, Moon In Astrology, Benefits Of Strong Moon In Astrology, Strong Moon Benefits, Strong Moon In Horoscope, Weak Moon In Astrology, Moon Astrology

Planet Moon In Astrology

Planet Moon in Astrology plays a very pivotal and prominent part in Astrology. Astronomically, Moon is not a planet, but it is considered as one in Vedic Astrology. It is the second luminary after Sun. It is the nearest satellite of mother planet Earth and finishes its one turning within 28 days approx. It’s the sole world revolving around Earth. If Sun is a generator of electricity, Moon will probably be the conductor of the same power. One-half part of the Moon receives light from Sun and gets illuminated at one time. By and large, Moon shines through the reflected light of the Sun.

When we observe the place of the Moon, we must be aware that as the fastest moving body in relative motion to our position on Earth, it signifies the most personal of entities we have within our graph. That is why Eastern Astrology considers it the leading entity in every interpretation, for it’s our life as well as our entire inner emotional world. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer and represents our peaceful understanding and support, our ability to evoke things we want to live through and pull in the interchange of love to our psychological world. Suppose a person is genuinely recognized and encouraged by their loved ones. In that case, this will be seen through beneficent aspects and the powerful dignity of the Moon, as the lack of support, empathy and recognition will be viewed through its challenges.

Planet Moon

The Moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite and the entity closest to our homeworld. Its closeness makes it easy to grasp, and most of our energetic and healing work should start from the Moon’s challenges. From the geocentric system we use so often, Earth cannot be observed in a natal chart, along with the Moon is the one bringing us closest to home. Although it’s the smallest of all celestial bodies we’ll encounter, it’s the most significant gravitational impact, causing tides and motion of water all around us. We constantly see the moon’s same face because its turning coincides with the planet’s rotation, which led to the term “dark side of the Moon” that talks of the concealed part of its character we don’t ever get to see. When complete, it can light our way, and when considering things from this perspective, its primary role appears to reflect the light of the Sun.

The lack of atmosphere creates the Moon vulnerable to impacts of space debris and meteors, while it also makes its surface free from wind and other surface-altering conditions. This also leads to a stable image that rarely changes in time, which is why footprints from the first assignment to conquer the Moon are still available. Considering this fact, along with the Moon’s symbolic role to maintain all our Soul’s memories, the significance of this celestial body itself and the symbolism it speaks of is impeccable. We can see that it is sensitive to outer influences while at the same time seemingly incapable of change, which is interesting when we think about the simple fact that its fall is put in Scorpio, the sign of change itself.

Moon in Astrology

The Moon represents our subconscious universe, emotions, heart, and the love we can feel in this life. It’s the support of our loved ones, and in the practical sense and our interpretations, we will see it as a feminine parallel to the Sun. If the Sun is a husband, then the Moon will be the wife, and they will remain at a touch of committing light and responding to it until the end of the period, from our perspective on Earth. In general, this is the spot of reactivity most of us carry within. If we see a troubled Moon, responses to outer experiences will probably be improper, profound beyond our recognition or ability to metabolize, hurtful, or even at the best struggle of all – merely overlooking. A world without emotion seems to be the most significant punishment for our lifetimes, as we seek protection in shutting our hearts, unable to cope with our surroundings’ needs.

This place that profoundly moves us brings happiness, and childish joy into our lives also talks of this flow of energy in our heart chakra. All problems it may encounter through dignity and aspects represent family problems that burden our lives and genetic inheritance, making us sad or disturbing our emotions. On the flip side, positive aspects and a robust Moon set in Taurus or Cancer frequently speak of healthy reactivity and emotion we easily recognize and integrate into our lives and relationships. The power of our Moon makes us able to muster things we need and love in our lives. We can recognize our feelings and act accordingly, accepting them embracing our soft side while dealing with daily matters through passive, positive existence and ease.


The Moon reflects our mom and our home, the feeling of belonging and support. It’s a dim light in the nighttime, a manifestation of leading entities, just as far as it reflects all people in our nation and our surroundings, our fertility, motherhood, and talks of us in the youngest age until we learned to walk and speak. The strength of the Moon is constructed at the most sensitive phase of development when we are tiny babies who cannot fulfill physical demands on our own, helpless and dependent on other people. To decide on a solid basis in someone’s psychological world, trust and support must be demonstrated at this vulnerable time. Understanding those needs defines the experience we will give and receive as adults.

The Moon represents all of our thoughts, the home we grew up in, in addition to the house we tend to make with all of its warmth and coziness, or lack of it. As bread, food on the table, wash water, and our personal life, it’s the most romantic point we’ve got in our chart. Even though it can be void, of course, burnt by many influences, in battle with Mars and Pluto, it will always tend to reach the point of emotional balance and peace we seek. The only thing we can do to assist our Moon is to stay open enough to take our soul and our emotions just as they are.

Planet Moon, Moon In Astrology, Benefits Of Strong Moon In Astrology, Strong Moon Benefits, Strong Moon In Horoscope, Weak Moon In Astrology, Moon Astrology

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