Planet Mercury, Mercury In Astrology, Mercury Astrology, Mercury Meaning Astrology, Astrology Mercury, Astrology Of Mercury, Mercury Planet Astrology

Mercury In Astrology

Planet Mercury, Mercury In Astrology, Mercury Astrology, Mercury Meaning Astrology, Astrology Mercury, Astrology Of Mercury, Mercury Planet Astrology

Planet Mercury In Astrology

Planet Mercury in Astrology plays a very prominent role in Astrology. It represents our communicative ability. Mercury is a messenger and acts like a prince for the celestial cupboard. It provides our ideas to others. Mercury is a dualistic planet. It is very close to the planet Sun.
Its orbit lies between Sun and mom planet Earth. Mercury and Our Mother planet Earth both rotate around Sun at different speeds. Mercury rotates inside of the circle, followed by Earth. It cannot be distinguished quite quickly throughout the naked eyes. It revolves around Sun in 88 days, whereas Earth revolves around the Sun in approx 365 days.

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, and therefore, it’s a special connection to it. It is the messenger of gods. A deity that conveys information from one level of existence to the other, from 1 person to another, also learns practically to incorporate knowledge into regular decisions. The part of Mercury is very significant, although it’s little and often observed as this little trickster that can take one way or another, standing for our very own inner split characters. Mercury represents how we think, and its position in element and home show how we conclude, pointing towards thoughts that preoccupy our entire existence. As a ruler of the two Gemini and Virgo, it appears to have a job to connect our mental simple – the area of ideas, and the practical, Earthly side to our human nature that speaks of our physiology, working habits, and regular.

Planet Mercury

Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar system and can be found closest to the Sun. Though this could make us assume it is also the warmest of all planets, this isn’t the case, and Venus, with its thick atmosphere, took over this heated role. Mercury will take the light of the Sun, circle around it at incredible speed, making a full circle three times per one revolution of the Earth. It follows that three years on Mercury match into one year on the planet, and it is the most important reason why its retrograde movement happens around three times each year from the geocentric system we observe. From our standpoint, Mercury seems to go forward only to return now and then, somewhat hasty and turned into wondering, while making many human errors on the way. The speed of its movement led ancient civilizations to feel it was two different stars — one of which appeared in the early hours, and another that seemed in the evening.

Mercury in Astrology

In Astrology, Mercury is viewed as our manner of thinking and communicating. It is a planet of advice and a place where our mind goes in this life. When emphasized in one’s chart, it often speaks of a special relationship to a sibling, a brother, because its rule of Gemini always emphasizes the story of brotherly love and its challenges. It is a stage of verbal comprehension and self-expression, helping us find a means of explaining our inner truth to the outside world. This is a world of full consciousness, with a regular close-up perspective of the Sun, and as this shows our ability to make logical decisions, choices that we have analyzed well and chose to make based on our brain and the quantity of light we have in our own lives.


The way we speak, walk and think hides in Mercury, but past its primary roles, we need to bear in mind that it always has two sides to the story. Regardless of our natal place, Mercury’s biggest strength and weakness lie in its duplicity. It’ll make us turn to many different sides in search of answers, and is set, for example, in the seventh house, it is going to show a propensity to search for love in two different partners at precisely the same time. Multifunctional and organized by pure mental power, Mercury is a planet of all that we came on this Planet to say and do, symbolizing our humanity in its core, in addition to our awareness and capacity to not stand in 1 place even for another.

As a master of motion, it is in charge of driving, walking, and transportation. A wanderer in its center can be a lonesome ranger that never stops, except when something needs its rational attention and a fixing hand. It stands for reason and words we select and reveals our ideas, quality, and speed and our genius or preoccupation with things far from motive. On an objective level, Mercury reflects our hands and our ability to use them, in addition to our dark and light ideas, colored by the words we choose to listen to from other people.

The best challenge of our little trickster appears to be hiding at the element of Water and the indication of Pisces. It’s the indication of Mercury’s detriment, for there is no clarity in Pisces and faith appears to be this distant illusion that logical Mercury has a hard time accepting. A skeptic and a reasonable little analyst find its best task to approve emotion until able to relate to it, putting our ego trends in check. If we separate from the heart, Mercury will become shallow, direct to the inability to communicate to other people on a deeper level, and make us incapable of absorbing new knowledge which inspires and truly excites us. To maintain the energy flowing, we will need to move, talk without fear of judgment, and remain in touch with our loving care.

Planet Mercury, Mercury In Astrology, Mercury Astrology, Mercury Meaning Astrology, Astrology Mercury, Astrology Of Mercury, Mercury Planet Astrology