The Planet Ceres, Ceres Dwarf Planet, Ceres Planet Astrology, Ceres in Astrology, Ceres Planet Astrology Meaning, Ceres and Its Importance to Astrology

Ceres Planet Astrology

The Planet Ceres, Ceres Dwarf Planet, Ceres Planet Astrology, Ceres in Astrology, Ceres Planet Astrology Meaning, Ceres and Its Importance to Astrology

The Planet Ceres, Ceres Planet Astrology

We have yet to discover the real job of Ceres in our natal chart, being one of the dwarf planets circling the Sun, like Pluto. While there have been ideas to make it a modern ruler of Virgo, its female impact has not been decided just yet, and it needs extensive and detailed astrological research to point out its role with clarity. Being the smallest of all dwarf planets, it has never been seen in Astrology as much as you would presume, and it still has quite a ways to go till we genuinely get in touch with the meanings its status in the natal chart speaks of. First, we should think about it as a motherly, earthly figure, a female thing that provides goods of our hard work and makes us work much harder in modesty so that we can feed the hungry mouths of those around us.

Mythology and the Rule of Virgo

Ceres was the Roman goddess of grain, agriculture crops, fertility, and motherly relationships in mythology. The main festival for Ceres was held in April and has been known as Cerealia, reminding us of our daily routine regulated by the indication of Virgo at a seemingly insignificant wordplay that points to its potential rule.

Legislation of Ceres determined the course of legal, civilized life, and offenses against harvest and fields were considered crimes against others. If we try to find one more link with the indication of Virgo, we will observe that it is one of those rare human righteous and intelligent signs. It’s often connected to Astraea, the goddess of innocence and purity that gave on humans when they became “broken” and “tainted,” leaving the earthly planet to measure Souls from the afterworld (symbolically speaking of the transition of Virgo to the indication of Libra). It is no wonder that Virgo always seeks purity, cleanliness, and celibacy, always turning to the human, intelligent, feminine role we take within. Opposing the magic of Pisces, Ceres could be considered one of the symbolic rulers of Virgo once more if we believe that ancient legislation of Ceres forbade the magic charming of field plants and invoked the death penalty for the illegal removal of area boundaries.

The fascinating fact, however, hides in the symbolism of its counterpart in Greek mythology — Demeter. Demeter was the mother of Persephone, a missing daughter that links to the function of Venus. Strangely, the autumn of Venus in the sign of Virgo has not connected the indication to Ceres, even though it’s pretty evident that it complies with the simple archetype of this dwarf world, or at least its counterpart in Greek mythology.

Ceres in Astrology

If we observe Ceres’s position in our graph, we’ll find it standing for fertility and approaches to provide for our physical presence. If a personal planet or our Ascendant gets in touch with it, it will show a substantial female role significant in our lives, as a practical nature that helps us put food on the dining table. With sufficient width and if Ceres is set in the indications of Jupiter’s principle or connected with Jupiter itself, we’ll see it guide how towards humanitarian work, fulfilling bodily demands of those less fortunate, showing a propensity to save kids, lives of those who have lost everything, and our whole humankind out of convictions that move beyond the individual.

Ceres is the best sacrifice, taking the energy of all gifts made in the title of the crop, and as you can imagine — that is a high number of lives. When the second house cusp, its ruler, Venus, or the Moon is in touch with Ceres, vegetarianism is an excellent choice to circle the power of lifestyles taken once. The significance of an individual in these cases often transcends the demand for meat intake. Though these individuals may not empathize with animals being killed due to overly rationalizing their roles, their entire psychological body will vibrate with more clarity once they cleanse and set free from the energy of the kill.

The most unfortunate role of Ceres in our graph manifests through a reduction of a daughter or a younger sister to the “Underworld,” to a “bad guy” (just as Persephone fell in love with the devil himself), spending a lifetime in look for the beauty it represented. The hidden nature of Venus and its collapse will be hard to grasp, and satisfaction will be difficult to reach in this life, as a carrot we chase daily, to discover it in the deepest underworld and everything we ever feared. This symbolism speaks of Ceres “maleficent” having to face us with our shadows and deepest fears, the loss of love and beauty in our lives, just so we could blossom and set ourselves free, embracing all taboos and dark sides to our character.

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The Planet Ceres, Ceres Dwarf Planet, Ceres Planet Astrology, Ceres in Astrology, Ceres Planet Astrology Meaning, Ceres and Its Importance to Astrology