Pisces Dates, Pisces Zodiac Sign, Pisces Traits, Pisces Woman, Pisces Man, Pisces Zodiac Horoscope Dates, Pisces Sign Dates, Pisces In Astrology, Pisces Characteristics, Personality, Compatibility, and Symbol

Pisces In Astrology

Pisces Dates, Pisces Zodiac Sign, Pisces Traits, Pisces Woman, Pisces Man, Pisces Zodiac Horoscope Dates, Pisces Sign Dates, Pisces In Astrology, Pisces Characteristics, Personality, Compatibility, and Symbol

Pisces Zodiac Sign Dates Characteristics Personality Compatibility Symbol

1- Pisces Zodiac Sign Date – February 19–March 20
2- Zodiac Sign – Pisces (Fish)
3- Pisces Zodiac Sign Symbol – The Fish
4- Pisces Zodiac Sign Ruling Planet – Jupiter And Neptune
5- Pisces Zodiac Sign Detriment – Virgo
6- Pisces Zodiac Sign Lucky Gemstone – Topaz, Pearl, And Coral
7- Pisces Zodiac Sign Lucky Color – Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue, And Saffron
8- Pisces Zodiac Sign Lucky Days – Tuesday, Thursday, And Sunday
9- Pisces Zodiac Sign Lucky Metal – Gold, Silver, Brass
10- Pisces Zodiac Sign Strengths – Kind, Elegant, Artistic, And Intuitive
11- Pisces Zodiac Sign Weaknesses – Unhappy, Avoiding Reality, Over-confident And Sensitive
12- Pisces Best Compatibility For Marriage – Best – Taurus, Cancer, Virgo And Scorpio, Good – Capricorn And Pisces
13- Pisces Zodiac Sign Business Partner – Cancer
14- Pisces Zodiac Sign Best Guide – Scorpio
15- Pisces Zodiac Sign Lucky Alphabet – H, N, Y, D, And C
16- Pisces Zodiac Sign Eventful Years – 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, And 70
17- Pisces Zodiac Sign Career, Best Profession – Medical Related Fields, Water-Related Jobs, Teaching, Priests, Consultancy Jobs, Media Related Fields, Sailors, Defense, Politics, Fishery, And Shipping.
18- Zodiac Sign Numerology (3) – Ambitious, Religious, Very Communicative, Always Ready For Any Situation, Charitable, Generous
19- Pisces Zodiac Sign Modality (Mutable Quality) – Adaptability, Flexibility, Resourcefulness
20- Pisces Zodiac Sign In One Word – Wise
21- Pisces Zodiac Sign Lucky Numbers – 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24
22- Pisces Zodiac Sign Motto – Compassionate
23- Pisces Zodiac Sign House – 12th House
House Title – House Of Sacrifice
House Interpretation – Privacy, Refuge, Seclusion, And Retreating, Clandestiny, Revelation, Intuition, Extremities, Abundance, But Also Addictions, Luck, Miracles, Releasing, Relinquishing Healing, Forgiveness, Peacefulness, Finality, Completion, Conclusion.
24- Pisces Zodiac Sign Compatibility
Auspicious – Cancer, Scorpio, And Pisces People
Successful – Taurus, Virgo, And Capricorn People
Suitable – Gemini, Libra, And Aquarius People
Not Favorable – Aries, Leo, And Sagittarius People
25- Pisces Zodiac Sign Element ( Water Element ) – Characteristic Of Fickleness, Uncertainty, And Intelligence
Superior Compatibility Element – Water Element ( Cancer, Scorpio, And Pisces ) And Earth Element ( Taurus, Virgo, And Capricorn )
Friend Element – Air Element ( Gemini, Libra, And Aquarius )
Less Compatibility Element – Fire Element ( Aries, Leo, And Sagittarius )
26- Pisces Zodiac Likes – Being Lonely, Sleeping, Songs, Love, Visual, Swimming Pool, Religious Topics.
27- Pisces Zodiac Dislikes – Know-It-All, Being Criticized, The Past is Coming Back to Haunt, The Cruelty of Any Sort.
28- Pisces Zodiac Sign Tarot Card – The Moon

Pisces Traits and Overview

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac indication, and it’s also the last indication from the zodiacal cycle. Consequently, this hint brings together a number of the qualities of the eleven indications which come before it. Pisces, however, are happiest, keeping several of these qualities under wraps. These folks are selfless, spiritual, and very focused on their inner journey.
They also put great weight on what they’re feeling. Yes, feelings define the Pisces zodiac sign, and it is not unusual for them to handle their burdens (and joys) and those others. The instinct of this Pisces-born is highly evolved. Many men and women associate Pisces with dreams and secrets, and it’s a fair association since those born under this sign feel comfortable in an imaginary world.

Pisces Personality

Pisces’ personality traits derive from their own receptive, female, or yin qualities, making this sign oriented toward contemplation and involvement with inner consciousness. Alive in either a Pisces lady or Pisces guy, those born with the Fishes as their climbing, sun, or moon signal have a mysterious, intuitive, and transcendental lively in the heart of their character, an echo of their seasonal awakening in late winter.
As a mutable sign, Pisces holds elastic, fluid, and shape-shifting attributes. Therefore, people who indicate the 2 Fishes prominent in their charts are sensitive seekers who can deliver soulful, healing energy to their communities and relationships.
Pisces are highly favorable, so they frequently find themselves at a business of quite different individuals. In addition, Pisces are selfless; they’re always keen to assist others without expecting to find anything back.
Pisces is a Water sign, and this particular zodiac sign is characterized by compassion and voiced psychological capacity. Their ruling planet is Neptune. Therefore Pisces are more intuitive than others also have an artistic ability. Neptune is linked to audio, so Pisces shows music tastes in the first phases of life. They’re generous, compassionate and incredibly faithful, and affectionate.

Individuals born under the Pisces signal have an intuitive grasp of the life span and attain the most effective psychological connection with other beings. Pisces-born is famous for their wisdom, but under the influence of Uranus, Pisces occasionally can choose the part of a martyr to capture the attention. Pisces are not judgmental and always forgiving. They’re also proven to be tolerant of all of the zodiac signs.

Pisces Love And Romance

Deep in their hearts, Pisces-born is incorrigible romantics. They’re incredibly loyal, tender, and unconditionally generous to their spouses. Pisces are enthusiastic lovers that have a desire to feel a real relationship with their partners. Short-term connections and experiences aren’t peculiar to this particular zodiac sign. In relationships and love, they’re loyal and extremely caring.

Pisces Friends And Family

Gentle and affectionate, Pisces may be the most incredible friends that can exist. They frequently put the needs of the buddies facing their demands. They’re faithful, dedicated, compassionate, and if there’s some difficulty in your family or among friends, they’ll do their very best to solve it. Deeply intuitive, Pisces can feel if something isn’t right before it occurs. Pisces are expressive, and they won’t be afraid to share their feelings with their people. They expect other people to be receptive to them as they are. Communicating with loved ones is quite essential for them too.

Pisces Career And Money

Intuitive and frequently dreamy, Pisces feel better in a situation where their creative abilities will come to the fore, much better when it is for charity. Jobs matching Pisces are lawyer, architect, vet, artist, social worker, and game programmer.
Inspired by the requirement to create changes in the lifestyles of the others, they are prepared to assist even if this means going beyond the bounds. This zodiac sign is compassionate, hard-working, devoted, and dependable. Pisces-born can be good at resolving issues.

For the most part, Pisces do not give cash too much consideration. They’re often more focused on their visions and goals, but they will attempt to make enough cash to attain their objectives. Within this region, there may be either side of the Pisces – on the one hand; they will devote lots of money with a minimal idea, while on the other hand, they can be very stingy. However, in the long run, there’ll always be enough cash to get a regular life.

How To Entice The Pisces Man

Romance principles the entire world of the Pisces guys. The guy born under the Pisces astrology sign lives to please and enjoy. So the very best way to seduce a Pisces man would be to open him up entirely.
A number of the very best Pisces traits are his sensitivity, empathy, and kindness. He’s a gentle person who will determine what you need and serve it up as frequently as you can.
He’s always looking for ways to assist others and understands just what you need almost before you’re doing it. His desire to please leaves him vulnerable to lies and manipulation. He’ll use his crazy creativity to please you. The Pisces man likes to laugh, so if he sees you amusing and easy to be about, you’re on a fantastic way to seduce him.
He appears calm outside, but you’ll discover a different individual on the interior since the Pisces man struggles between powerful feelings. Invite him to start up and release those feelings. Among the top Pisces, features are the ability to listen to other people’s emotions. Consequently, if you’re dating a Pisces person, you can anticipate an emotionally satisfying relationship.

How To Entice The Pisces Woman

Pisces girls are referred to as type, imaginative, compassionate, selfless, and exceptionally sensitive people. If you want to entice the lady born under the Pisces zodiac signs, you need to be intimate and get a fantastic sense of humor. It’s also essential to be a tremendous listener.
The Pisces personality is compassionate and filled with unconditional love. As soon as you’ve caught her attention, she’ll be quick to start your choice. However, sex using the Pisces lady will be volatile, and you won’t ever be pleased with her from the bedroom.

The girl born under the Pisces celebrity sign enjoys lively talks about religious matters and the supernatural. She’s intuitive and will immediately find out if everything you are searching for is just gender. She wishes to be treated with respect, and you’ll never have the ability to seduce her fully through the first couple of dates. However, if you are sincere and open up to her, she’ll instantly feel more connected to you personally.
The Pisces woman is quite sensitive by nature; therefore, she isn’t quick to forget and forgive. If her heart were injured before, she would have had trouble opening herself back up to the idea of a new romantic relationship.

Pisces Compatibility With Other Signs

Pisces and Aries 
Aries is your zodiac’s very first hint; Pisces is final. You are the Alpha and the Omega, the sunrise and the sunset. You are as far apart and as close together as two hints can get. Even though your gaps are immense, you have a vast expanse of substance from which to style your connection. Your polar spots can make you a fantastic match. Aries likes to be loved and spoiled, and generous Pisces will provide everything in the name of love. In Pisces’ worshipful gaze, Aries feels boundless and brilliant, and his insecurities melt off. This is very important to its sensitive Ram, whose” injured soldier” the Pisces nurse cures archetype. Aries is free to follow his natural hunting instincts; Pisces adopts a feast from his conquests.
The threat: You have vivid imaginations, but the boat can veer off track with two dreamers in the helm of the love. Aries is a take-charge pioneer but requires a powerful second partner. Bravado and optimism do not come easy to insecure Pisces, who drop to feigned helplessness under duress. Moody charms are typical to your signals, and digging out staggered from psychological ditches can be challenging. You will require a council of advisers to assist you in handling aspects of everyday life–accountants, attorneys, therapists, coaches. Aries can be inherently competitive, in which Pisces is lively or passive-aggressive. You will want to adapt your communication styles to be noticed.

Pisces and Taurus 
This is a beautiful match of 2 pleasure-driven sensualists. Taurus is dominated by the lovely planet Venus, and enchanting Neptune dominates Pisces. You love gourmet food, wine, and lifestyle, and you also make a creative bunch with complex flair. You never run out of items to talk about, while it’s the newest New Yorker piece, art concept, or the vague band both of you adore. From the sack, the sensual Bull is pleased to enact any dream that Pisces’ boundless imagination conjures–and there’ll be lots of. Domestic bliss is ensured, along with your fussy decorating fashions will fit perfectly, much to your snobbish delight. You will have to control your energy with one another for the long run, or you could lapse into a master-and-servant lively.
Passive-aggressive Pisces has to be assertive, and strong Taurus should unwind his domineering ways. Occasionally, Pisces’ secretive charms may lead to fissures in the base, arousing suspicion in possessive Taurus. Even if what Pisces is concealing is irrelevant, the action itself destabilizes the connection. Emotional abuse infuriates the Bull, which favors everything above board, and must be blindsided. But, Pisces can not always verbalize his complicated feelings as fast as Taurus needs. An excessive amount of forcefulness can intimidate the tender Fish, sending him swimming to unreachable depths.

Pisces and Gemini 
You are both double signs: Gemini is the Twins, and Pisces is represented by two freshwater swimming in different directions. You are pop psychology’s poster kids for commitment-phobia. Are you in, or are you out? It is based upon the day, the disposition, the cosmic orientation. This is not any way to conduct a connection –but wait patiently. Following is a golden opportunity to peer to love’s looking glass and watch your very own dark Id mirrored back. Yes, even your psyches and hang-ups are as eccentric as Alice’s rabbit-hole fall into Wonderland. Pisces, you indeed can be needy, mentally exhausting, and manipulative, as Gemini states.
Gemini, you’re capable of becoming a double-talking, evasive ice-tyrant using a heart such as polished marble. And…so what? If you’re able to have your shadowy sides–that all of us have–you can also distribute tremendous light. You have to negotiate your gaps with straightforward honesty, however. Pisces is a psychological Water signal; Gemini is an intellectual Air signal. Gemini drowns in Pisces ‘ undertow if you don’t balance the proportions, and the zodiac’s Mermaid suffocates from breathing too much oxygen. Gemini should try to connect emotionally, and Pisces will have to lighten up. Perennial dissatisfaction can be a killer. Do not say you need something, then refuse to become joyful when your spouse provides it. Gratitude is a romantic action: it takes you to admit your spouse can reach you, a vulnerable location. The best way to save your connection: “Thank you” and “You are right.”

Pisces and Cancer 
You are a set of softies beneath all of it, even if the entire world sees a tough Crab shell or even a rough, smoky Fish. Alone with every other, your harmonious Water signals are as tender as could be. Yet, you’re both compassionate and nurturing, soothing each other with sustenance and sensitivity. There is nothing a stick of butter cookies made from scratch or even a tremendous after-dinner cordial from the flame can not resolve. Romantic and sensual, you like to pipe classical audio through the audio system, light the candelabras and whip up a gourmet feast side-by-side. Hours of foreplay and kissing will follow. But, though your connection is a refuge, it may become a fishbowl that restricts your development. You consume each other’s changing moods, such as a sponge, so escape this aquarium-for-two.
With your refined sensibilities, you are excellent patrons of the arts, visiting museums, gallery openings, concerts, and dance performances. Fling open your doors for dinner parties that guarantee an artistic friend, an esteemed poet, or even a relative’s good thing. This suits your nurturing instincts, also invites fresh energy into your space. You need to both understand when to let go of grudges, as it’s possible to be passive-aggressive and perform with the victim as soon as your feelings are hurt. Slammed doors, sulking, and brooding should cease. Do not excuse poor behavior with psychobabble, possibly (e.g., “When you said that, it reminds me of my mom could not love”). Grow up, will you? If you have been unkind, just say “I am sorry” and provide a very long hug. The power of touch could cure anything involving you, also.

Pisces and Leo 
Your hints are highly distinct, but you can finally gel into an enduring relationship. Pisces is a flowy, sensitive Water signal which requires a critical partner. Confident Leo, a Fire sign, is a natural leader, excited to rule out the connection. Since Pisces takes more time to articulate his requirements, Leo could wrongly presume he has the upper hand, which Pisces is pleased to follow along. Not too fast. On your ways, you wear your hearts on your sleeve, but you want to listen to each other sensitive areas. You are incredibly romantic, along the tender fire between you is great at first. But you might strike a dry spell as it is time to get amorous.
Secretive Pisces feels vulnerable when his spirit is vulnerable and might lash out at Leo in a subconscious response to Lion’s power –for instance, criticizing Leo’s look, weight, or intellect. These cruel barbs are, in reality, only a projection of Pisces’ very own self-doubt; however, they dip a thorn from Lion’s paw no less. Pisces has to work through the dull knots of his insecurities, which lay deep into his mind. Leo is a powerhouse who will run the show with his eyes shut, but he will step aside and provide the Fish his opportunity to shine. Shy Pisces is real creative power, but gaudy Leo could eclipse his fantastic creativity and keen intuition. Work through this. Luxurious is a weakness to your signals, and you also love to gratify. You might have to take classes on money management collectively or group up to make a fortune; you don’t need to think about doing it.

Pisces and Virgo 
Virgo and Pisces are just two of the most effective healers from the zodiac. Virgo is an Earth sign, peer and clinical, always there with a sensible answer along with a supporting hand. Water-sign Pisces has psychological compassion, the capacity to empathize and consume other people’s pain. You are reverse signs: Virgo is your physician; Pisces is your nurse. It is possible to teach each other a whole lot, doing much good on Earth on the way. Virgo is your zodiac’s giver, doing acts of selfless service (Mother Theresa is a Virgo). But it is difficult for Virgo to get because he perspectives “neediness” as a weakness. Input Pisces, ruler of the zodiac’s receptive twelfth home. The Fish knows how to surrender boundaries and permit people’s power to flow inside. Pisces educates Virgo that accepting love is a generous and selfless act. It unlocks the door for many others to be their best selves, to detect their electricity.
Sometimes, Pisces’ dynamic character can overwhelm Virgo, leaving him ungrounded. You need doses of isolation to reconnect with your spirits. Writing, playing music (especially classical compositions or Gregorian chants), creativity, and painting cure you. This connection also brings out of your religious sides. Meditation, Meditation, and metaphysical research can open up unique psychic stations. These clinics also stop unhealthy habits, which your easily-stressed signals may embrace as a way of self-medicating. Look out for secretive trends, which you have as a consequence of both perfectionism and insecurity. Communicate publicly, or air your “black” skeletons into a confidante; otherwise, you will beat yourself up, causing space in the connection.

Pisces and Libra 
Drifting to a dappled dreamscape of your imagination, your innermost souls entwine against astrological chances. Libra is an Air sign, and Pisces is a Water sign; collectively, you can stir a gentle sea breeze or drown in your sexual tsunami. But the love is well worth it. Like every fantastic bodice-ripper, there is fire, intrigue, and mystique to spice up a narrative. You can get lost for days at a decadent meal, a stunning sonata, every other’s luminous eyes.
Even though the cynics gag, they secretly envy your enchanted, oxytocin-addled bliss. Living in a dream is enjoyable to your signals, and satisfaction eclipses all structures and bounds. Still another Sancerre, an hour –it could be justified in the name of joy. So it is when reality steps because things get hairy. After waking noon on your umpteenth limb-and-linen tangle, you recall that pesky criticism, your full Inbox, the unopened mail. Oops. Hungover and completely unequipped to take care of the beat, you lash out at each other. Without external touch and duties to anchor, you can descend to depths of moodiness, indulgence, and even melancholy. Balance–that the Libra catchphrase–should be practiced.

Pisces and Scorpio 
You are both “spiritual beings having a human experience,” Locating an equally sensitive, divinely connected soulmate feels like coming home. Scorpio and Pisces are harmonious artists who adore music, drama, and love. Just like a lighthouse for two boats adrift on the psychological high seas, your connection is an anchor and a harbor. But it is not immune to the turbulence due to your cold, Water signal natures. Emotional withdrawal is a self-protective action you have both honed through time, but this strategy simplifies when employed against every other.
The secret is learning how to catch a lousy mood once it begins, then processing the feelings rather than lashing out. When the righteous anger and injured egos kick, you are like two runaway trains with a war of submission and domination. Scorpio control tussles with Pisces guilt, Scorpio withholding wrestles Pisces evasion, etc. However, you want the same thing: a spouse who ignites absolute, unshakeable confidence using a money-back guarantee. Everything you will need to learn is the way to give it until you receive it. To adapt the expression, be the change you wish to see on your spouse. It’ll keep you together for lifetimes.

Pisces and Sagittarius 
What happens if the most sensitive, tender-hearted signal (Pisces) links up using the most insensitive, tactless sign (Sagittarius)? Disaster, if you don’t manage each other with intense caution. Romantic Pisces is a Water sign that wants deep psychological bonding, while individual Sag is a Fire sign who feels smothered by a lot of their touchy-feelies. You will have to balance your distinctive traits and package them out in measured doses. Your communication styles do not work together naturally. Sagittarius is fair to a fault, dishing the unvarnished truth and heavy-handed advice (usually unsolicited), then whistling while Pisces weeps.
Indirect Pisces prefer to flee Katmandu than confront battle, but standing up to Sagittarius takes it. Pisces is more likely to passive-aggressive approaches; nonetheless, subtle clues and signs will sail directly over Sag’s mind, although the Archer’s arrow of fact spears the Fish’s heart. So what should you have in common? You are both skittish about devotion –especially, the frightening idea of being “trapped” Since Pisces rules dream and Sagittarius principles experience, it’s possible to neatly escape the daily drudge collectively –until reality comes crashing down. However, life is tinged with magic when you are together, and also, the bedroom stays a beautiful space of heavenly communion for you.

Pisces and Capricorn 
You may look like an odd game on the outside-envision a Harvard MBA at Armani relationship a paint-splattered artist at Oshkosh. However, your signals pair nicely, even if you don’t wish to acknowledge it. With classic good looks and an actual character, Capricorn fits neatly into the computer system. Pisces is a flowy Fish that excels in playing with the artsy rebel, the indie darling, the cute jumble.
In contrast, Capricorn seems organized and controlled–but looks deceive. Even though Pisces might delight in coloring outside the neat lines Capricorn draws, the real surprise is that Capricorn is the giant nut behind closed doors. Capricorn has a dominant, even cruel series that may play out from the bedroom (not the submissive Pisces doth protest). Leather, whips, and kinky pleasure –it is all fair game. You love to seek out lesser-known music, wine, and artwork and pride yourself on cultivating preferences. Collectively, you can traverse the tony uptown spaces into the lowbrow dives, discovering cultural stone where you go. Your varied strengths can cause you to get great company partners, also. Open a gallery, together with Pisces as curator and Capricorn as a financial backer.

Pisces and Aquarius 
Old and new come together in an intriguing mix. Pisces is a historical velvet boudoir with dripping candles and fainting couches; Aquarius is a contemporary, steel-and-glass structure warmed by solar panel systems. However, this odd game can work if it is constructed around a shared trigger or fire. You are both die-hard humanitarians, and if you share a frequent vision, you will remain together for life.
Pisces is a Water sign, more psychological and complicated than Aquarius. Unlike myth, Aquarius is an Air sign (not Water), even though it’s represented by the water-bearer holding an urn. The milder Aquarian signature lifts Pisces from this muddy, rectal swamp, while enchanting Pisces adds tassels and cut to Aquarius’ chilly, clinical truth. You morbidly fear being trapped in a dull, traditional devotion. But, as you can never really figure out each other, the appeal remains powerful. Just a tiny puzzle will keep you interested; however, overly much (ahem, Pisces) will produce the relationship way too much work for Aquarius.

Pisces and Pisces 
You adore each other; you adore each other not. Pisces is denoted by two fish swimming in different directions–one toward safety, the alternative to independence. Such tender lure is a fellow Fish who is equal portions commitment-phobe and serial monogamist! As partners in mind, you’re playing nursemaid, Shiatsu-ist, and sous chef to another, doting till it hurts. Then, naturally, comes the fantastic Escape–closeness overload strikes; however, you are feeling overly “guilty” to request a night away from gazing into one another’s eyes as some angsty singer-songwriter pipes throughout the iPod. Instead, you fly to a passive-aggressive dread, turning each other vis a vis that a fantastic self-flogging. “It is not you, it is me,” you telephone over your shoulder as the door opens behind you (read: “I am too gutless to need better foreplay”). “I am such an awful person–you deserve,” Pisces laments (translation: “You suck”). The actual problem is not your chemistry; it is that you are both so damn grim. Communication is your 101 basis of a lasting connection. If you continue walking on eggshells, you will wind up resentful, depressed (anger turned inward), or finally bursting with rage. With the ideal prescriptions, a fantastic therapist, and perhaps a couples’ karate class (think: the socially-sanctioned chop into his waist that you have been dying to provide ), you can swim together just like lively small minnows forever.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Conclusion 

A mutable sign, Pisces effortlessly adjusts to their environment. These visionary fish possess unmatched access to the collective mind by using their clairvoyance and making extraordinary musicians and creatives. Kind and gentle, they are invigorated by everyday experiences of songs and love.

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