9 Planets And Their Characteristics In Astrology, Planets In Astrology, Characteristics Of Planets In Astrology, What Are The 9 Planets And Their Characteristics, Planets In Vedic Astrology

9 Planets And Their Characteristics In Astrology

9 Planets And Their Characteristics In Astrology, Planets In Astrology, Characteristics Of Planets In Astrology, What Are The 9 Planets And Their Characteristics, Planets In Vedic Astrology

9 Planets And Their Characteristics In Astrology 

Planets in Astrology play a critical part in functioning individual lives. There are nine planets clarified in Astronomy, whereas Vedic Astrology informs about seven main planets. Therefore, astrology Planets possess the significance to impact life. Our Solar System is a gravitationally bound system comprising Sun and other items (Planets, Asteroids, etc.. ) that revolve around sunlight. The Solar System includes planets, articles, and the Asteroid Belt located in the Planet Mars and the Planet Jupiter. These planets and objects change to “The Planet Earth” negatively or positively.
When we say “planets” in astrology, we frequently don’t mean ONLY planets, but distinct celestial bodies in our Solar System. The Sun and the Moon signify two lights in everybody’s natal chart, using a more significant influence than any earth on every one of us. They aren’t planets in any way; however a superstars and the planet’s satellite. We should not overlook the effect of several asteroids and stunt planets, particularly now that Pluto is downgraded into a dwarf planet status and rules the indication of Scorpio. It’s been mentioned that Ceres similarly shows attributes of this indication of Virgo, but it has not yet been set in future comprehensive astrological analysis.

The position of every celestial body in a horoscope is a simple projection of its current position in the distance to the ecliptic. Having been said, we will always need to remember that evidence of the zodiac isn’t realistic. They aren’t characterized by constellations and signify fanciful pieces of the ecliptic belt, beginning from the stage of the vernal equinox — the start of spring — a location where the Earth’s celestial equator intersects the ecliptic.
Besides the Sun, the Moon, and the rest of the bodies in the Solar System, we frequently utilize Lunar Nodes within our interpretations as powerful significators of karmic events and the development of a person’s soul. Nodes are not material. They’re described as things in the Moon (Lunar Nodes) trajectories along with the planets (Planetary Nodes) in which they intersect the ecliptic.

The Planets

To genuinely know how each planet ought to be translated in almost any astrological reading, we must observe every of these as a particular individual with negative and positive traits, sides we don’t comprehend, and the ones that serve us well or make us feel exhilarated. Though all these planets and the lights within our fundamental interpretations talk of unique items, colors, or amounts, we know them best via a connection we cultivate together on an unconscious level. Each heavenly body has a story to follow along with a personality to be portrayed by, and also a sense it warms up inside of us when we consider someone out of our own life represented by that thing in our natal chart.
Among those philosophical approaches, it’s said that no person would exist when there were not any connections in our own lives, as there would be no one to testify to our presence. When we had no links, a sample that defines what’s — could be gone. We’re all pretty much determined by our customs, and the whole zodiac circle is made from oppositions we must solve within this life. Planets appear to grasp complete characters and personalities to utilize the overall knowledge to spell out our internal states and connections.

Each planet rules a signal or two at the zodiacal circle, and all planets have been best described as concentrated energies of these signs they govern. We’ll see them as humans additionally colored by the signals they’re put in. Also, their dignities will talk of the capacity to develop roots in a specific place and provide their very best to enhance our own lives.
To genuinely understand astrology, you’ll need to locate a way to genuinely know everybody that shows up in your life, whatever the problem in your relationship. In this manner, every planet will be well known in your chart, and you’ll eventually be in peace with the earth and prepared to talk about your knowledge with other men and women. If you’re still in conflicts or have difficulty forgiving somebody in your life, consider your customers as partners in work, as equals who’ll give as far as they can get. Every astrological appointment is a lesson for the two parties involved, and you should not overlook the effect this planet sitting before you has in your life.

Planets In Astrology And How They Impact Life On Earth?

As we’ve already clarified, the title of seven giant planets and two nodes of this Moon. We follow the “Geocentric System” in Astrology, in which it’s supposed that the significant planets revolve around the Earth or, we could declare, Earth is accepted as a center. Now let us know how these planets provide an impact on our entire life astrologically:-

Sun Planet

The planet “Sun” is popularly called the “King” of the Celestial Cabinet. It’s the hottest planet of all. It signifies the Government or Authoritative Place in society. It symbolizes our “Spirit” and “Father.” It gives energy to each of the planets. It illuminates the entire planet through its brightness. It rules over the “Leo” signal and exalts in “Aries” The Sun is approximately 93 million miles from Earth. It is the biggest of the nine astrological planets.
The administrative head of government is represented by Sun. The Sun gives us resilience and vitality. He controls the life-breath and makes it decisive and determined. You must have seen people in your lives with incredible self-confidence, full of energy, always high-minded, and highly ambitious. In Sanskrit, Sun or Surya is a man and king of nine astrological planets. It’s the only cause of this planet’s existence. It provides us with light and life. Early in the morning, we get up and practice the Surya Namaskar to receive the blessings of Lord Sun’s energy and vitality. On the other hand, the native may be too forceful, lordly, dominant, positively arrogant, and if the Sun is unfavorable in Kundli extravagant. It may also cause heart disorders and loss of position or appreciation due to impulsivity.

Moon Planet

It’s regarded as an essential planet among all as it signifies the “Mind” of someone. It’s also called “Queen” of the Celestial Cabinet. It means private businesses or “Personal Government.” It symbolizes our “Mother” in astrology. If Moon is directly opposite the Sun in the Birth Chart, it creates a fantastic Yoga since the Sun’s beams illuminate the power of this planet Moon. Moon simplifies into the “Cancer” signal and has exalted in “Taurus.’
Moon is the only planet that revolves around the earth among nine astrological planets. There are about 238,000 miles of distance between the Earth and the Moon. The Moon rules life on Earth. Moon is also the mother because, in nature, she is feminine; she is also timid for us. Moon rules impregnation, childbirth, and a person’s childhood. The affected Moon causes distress and does not allow proper growth at the time of birth. It has decisive importance due to its proximity to the Earth and the speed of its motion. It governs liquid products, fresh water, milk, food, fish, drinks, nursing, and women’s brewery. Moons influence the brain, as it is too close to the Earth, is very powerful. Moon-ruling people tend to be sensitive, emotional, and domesticated, with a love for home. If Moon is not good in the chart, indigenous people can be too easy to go, eating, drinking, or pleasure can be relished. A person under the control of Moon, nurses, cooks, cakes, food makers, gardeners, fluids, stewards, employees, etc.

Mars Planet

It’s a Commander In Chief or Soldier of Celestial Cabinet. It reveals our fighting aggression and ability. It supplies us guts to handle any circumstance. It’s consistently in “Hurry” and prepared to battle. It shows the “fast respond” or “activeness” of someone. It’s a karaka planet of younger co-born, police, military, surgeons. It rules over “Aries” and “Scorpio” and has exalted in “Capricorn.”
Mars is a god of war and hunting in astrology, smaller than the earth among the nine astrological planets. Mars is known to be the Earth’s son, and he is known as Bhumi-Putra. He is the governor of conflict and ruin. The ambitions, wishes, senses, and animal instincts of man are controlled by Mar. When Mars is strong, it gives tremendous confidence, fights nature, muscle strength, organizational capability, and ambition in each area. Afflicted Mars makes the indigenous man short, arguing, and struggling. Mars is also the brother and real estate chief governor. As a planet of action, Mars people do well in business or business if the planet is placed correctly on the map.

Mercury Planet

This planet reflects the standard of “Prince.” Mercury is a planet that suggests the legitimate skill or calculative ability of somebody. It copes with Mathematics, and in addition, it supplies the understanding of “Astrology.” It’s hugely nearer to the Sun. It’s likewise a “Messenger of God” and deals with all our communicative abilities. It symbolizes our sisters and day-to-day actions and expressions. It rules within “Gemini” and “Virgo” signals in Astrology and has been exalted in the Virgo signal.
Mercury, Sun’s closest, is also called “God’s messengers.” It’s usually portrayed in astrology as the youngest planet; so, Mercurials look generally young. In the company or aspect of favorable planets, Mercury is generally doing well. It is treated as combustion that loses all of its ability within 8 1⁄2 degrees of the sun. Mercury governs the sense of understanding, interpretation, and speech. He is a traveler, teacher, speaker, writer, publisher of literature, etc. Mercury makes good orators, writers, journalists, teachers, and accountants, usually occupations that require logical, imaginative, and intellectual minds. These are organized and orderly people.

Jupiter Planet

It’s that the “King’s Minister” from the Celestial Cabinet. It signifies the Wisdom of Someone. Additionally, it reflects the “Gurus” or “Teachers” operating into our own lives. It symbolizes the “Husband” in the female’s graph. It’s a spiritual and many benefic planets. It reflects the kids and family of someone. It rules on “Sagittarius” and “Pisces” and has exalted in “Cancer” Zodiac indication of Astrology.
Jupiter may be essential for women because it plays a crucial role in marriage, and it is the main husband. Jupiter has a solid political and administrative characteristics, and Jupiter is strong to almost all successful politicians. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and knowledge; therefore, Jupiter is responsible for specific professions that demand a particular stream of knowledge. Jupiter is influenced by financial consultants, bankers, politicians, lawyers, medics, priests, magistrates, teachers, and astrologers. Places are also the competence of Jupiter, such as banks, courts, universities, etc. They fall under these professions.

Venus Planet

Here is the planet which everybody seeks for, and it acts as a “Princess” from the Celestial Cabinet. Venus suggests Love, Romance, attractiveness, and any connections in your life. In addition, it reflects the spouse, girlfriend, or some other woman in Men’s Birth Chart. It’s Karaka planet for union also. Finally, it reflects the financial price or financing of somebody. It rules over “Taurus” and “Libra” and has exalted in “Pisces” hint of this Zodiac.
Venus is astrologically the brightest planet. Venus is a feminine planet, the deity of all planetary comforts, and the chief marriage governor in the men’s charts. Venus-ruled men and women are remarkably social and friendly. Venus creates insufficient domestic circumstances, anxiety in love, and trouble through finances with friends when suffering. Venus governs the vehicles.

Saturn Planet

It’s” Servant” of this Celestial Cabinet. It symbolizes the public or masses. It’s the planet that’s famous for its judgment. It judges you based on a Karma performed during present birth and supplies you marks so. It is a slow planet and requires some time to supply you with results. It reveals the “Patience” of someone. It’s about delaying the matters. It gets exalted in “Libra” and debilitated in “Aries.” It rules over Capricorn and Aquarius signs of the Zodiac Belt. Saturn has an average of 2 1/2 years in a warning. For longevity, Saturn is the head governor. It’s called ‘lame’ Saturn. West astrology sees the meaning of obscurity, secrecy, loss, and misfortune. Saturn dominates most of the work-related occupations. Saturn, like Mars, is also one of the land and property significators.
Ironically, all Saturn’s so-called evils lead to a better life, but after some lessons have been learned. Using limitations, delays, opponents, and saving you will make you humble, patient, seeker, and believer. Whenever the data comes, it sends you in introspection mode. Saturn is seen to benefit those born in Venus signs, while evil is to be seen by those born in Mercury’s signs. He is also good, if in his sign, or if he takes the signs of Jupiter or exalted.

Rahu Shadow Planet

Legend has it that Amrita came out with many stuff after shooting the ocean (Samudra Manthan). There was a conflict of distribution between the Devas and Asuras. Lord Vishnu did the trick and succeeded in consuming it entirely by Devas. Yet one Asura, who knew that Lord cut it in two pieces, was also hidden in the queue and consumed little Amrita, a head part called “Rahu,” and the rest of the body part called “Ketu.” They always stand opposite each other in a horoscope.
Even though it’s not a planet, it’s essentially a North node of a planet Moon. It’s also called “Chhaya Grah” in Vedic Astrology. It’s just Head of the Demon. Rahu is interested in the “Worldly Fame.” It always runs following materialistic things. It’s often called “Shanivrat Rahu,” so it acts like a planet “Saturn.” It is a metaphysical planet, so it always needs more and more rather than be happy with something at each element of someone’s life. It’s supposed to have exalted in “Taurus/Gemini” and debilitated in “Scorpio/Sagittarius.” There’s no particular indication for Rahu since it acts like the signal or planet it sits on.

Ketu Shadow Planet

Ketu is also a malefic, shadowy planet always opposite Rahu. Ketu means liberation, or Moksha, mysterious knowledge, mystical knowledge, and spiritual efforts. The unpredictable and sudden results can be achieved by Rahu and Ketu alike. You could be made a magician, astrologer, or physician by Ketu. Kev is Venus’ friend, Rahu, Saturn’s friend, Sun, and Moon’s enemy.
It’s not a World; It Is Often Called South Node of planet Moon. It is a tail of Demon. It’s likewise a”Chhaya Grah” such as Rahu. It does not have an interest in planetary fame and needs. It’s just opposite to Rahu. It is a spiritual planet that hunts only for enlightenment. It’s about parting from worldly things. It is a headless planet. Just Ketu is the planet considered for Moksha in this life. It reflects our previous lifetime karmas, Sanchit Karma, etc. It’s thought that Ketu acts like Planet “Mars.” So it gets exalted in “Scorpio/Sagittarius” and debilitated in “Taurus/Gemini.”
Thus, Planets in Astrology are significant that you be aware of the outcomes of any action. It reveals the way life on the planet has been controlled through the Divine. Objects current on the planet are impacting other people, and consequently, our earth can also be gaining that powerful energy from such masses. Therefore, an Astrologer should analyze and study carefully these planets put in one’s horoscope to supply the ideal prediction.

9 Planets And Their Characteristics In Astrology, Planets In Astrology, Characteristics Of Planets In Astrology, What Are The 9 Planets And Their Characteristics, Planets In Vedic Astrology

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